How Do You Add a Collaborator to Shopify with Simple Steps?

Never give your agency your login information for your platforms. When you do this, a great deal of things can go wrong, from password loss to unauthorized access to information. The vast majority of platforms today offer ways to add users or collaborators who can be removed after services are complete and who have limited capabilities, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for your online operations.

If you’re using Shopify for your e-commerce needs, it’s essential to understand how to add a Collaborator to Shopify without compromising your sensitive login credentials. This process involves using a collaborator request code, and you can learn how to locate or turn it on or off in your store with our detailed instructions and accompanying screenshots. This way, you can grant access to trusted individuals or agencies while maintaining the security and integrity of your Shopify store.

What’s the Shopify Collaborator Request (Access) Code?

Owners of stores have the option to grant collaborators access to their stores. This is frequently the only method available to app developers (like us) for resolving issues with app compatibility. The collaborator can log in to your store and access particular sections, such as Apps, Themes, and Products, by sharing access.

You have two options when it comes to sharing the access:

  • Either anyone can send you an access request which you will receive in your email for approval, or
  • Only someone who knows your 4-digit code.
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Add a Collaborator to Shopify: Set Up Shopify Collaborator Access

On your Shopify site, anyone can by default request access in order to collaborate. How can I check my settings?

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Users and Permissions.
  3. Here you’ll find a Collaborators section. By default, anyone can submit a request for a collaborator. You can also set a request code as a choice if you’d like to restrict who requests collaborator access.

All there is to it is that! Your Shopify Store is set up to accept collaborator requests from your agency, which may be working on content, themes, layout, product information, or even integrations.

Where to Find Shopify’s Collaborator Request (Access) Code

To find the 4-digit access code, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your Shopify store admin > Settings > Users and permissions
  2. Scroll down to the section Collaborators, and there’s your code
  3. Copy the code using the icon and share it with the desired person

No need to be concerned; sharing the code does not grant access by default. It only allows someone to send you the request, which you still need to approve.

How to Enable Or Disable Shopify’s Collaborator Request (access) Code

If you, for some reason, want to enable or disable the collaborator request code, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your Shopify store admin > Settings > Users and permissions
  2. Scroll down to the section Collaborators and choose between “Anyone can send a collaborator request” and “Only people with a collaborator request code can send a collaborator request”

We recommend enabling this option as it provides more security to your store. You can also refresh the code from time to time by clicking on the “Generate new code” link, which makes the previous codes invalid.

Talking about store security, stay tuned for our next article in which we will share the tips and best practices for securing your store.

How to Remove a Collaborator from Shopify?

  • Log in to Shopify: Begin by visiting the Shopify website and logging in to your account.
  • Access Settings: Once logged in, navigate to the bottom left corner of your Shopify Admin panel and click on “Settings.”
  • Choose Plan and Permissions: Within the Settings menu, select “Plan and permissions.”
  • Locate the Collaborator: Scroll down the page until you reach the “Collaborators” section.
  • Edit Collaborator: Identify the specific collaborator whose access you wish to remove, and click on their name.
  • Remove Access: Within the collaborator’s details, you’ll find an option labeled “Remove access.” Click on this option.
  • Confirm Removal: A confirmation dialog will appear on the screen. Confirm your intent to remove their access.
  • Confirmation Email (if applicable): In some cases, if the collaborator is a partner or developer, they may receive an email notification regarding the access removal. This serves as an additional confirmation step.

After successfully completing these steps, the collaborator will no longer have access to your Shopify store.

Please bear in mind the following important points:

  • Owner’s Exclusive Right: Only the owner of the Shopify store or someone with full administrative access can remove collaborators.
  • Communication (Optional): It’s advisable to communicate with the collaborator before removing their access, especially if it’s due to a change in the working relationship.
  • Impact on Collaborator: Removing a collaborator will revoke their access to your store’s admin panel, so be certain that you no longer require their assistance.

Always exercise caution when removing collaborators to avoid any unintended disruptions in your Shopify store’s operations.

Is It Safe to Give Access to Your Shopify Account?

Rather than setting up Staff Accounts for them, it is safer to grant access to outside marketing teams. In addition to preventing any confusion with login information, collaborators have less control over the account settings. To ensure that your Shopify store is fully optimized, marketing teams may request access to your account, but they won’t have the ability to make significant changes to crucial components of your account.

This approach helps you maintain the security of your store while allowing the best Shopify stores to benefit from the expertise of external marketing teams.

How to Add a Collaborator on Shopify: FAQs

What are Collaborators in Shopify?

Collaborators in Shopify are essentially Shopify Partners who have access to your shop. They function similarly to staff members but provide additional capabilities. Your shop admin can revoke collaborator access through their Partner Dashboard. It’s important to note that the worker limit for your store doesn’t include collaborators.

How do I Give Someone Access to Shopify?

ranting someone access to your Shopify store is a straightforward process. You can provide access by sending them an email request. If they accept the invitation, they can collaborate with you. Follow these steps to add a collaborator on Shopify:
Step 1: Access Settings > Users and Permissions > Collaborators.
Step 2: Look for a banner displaying the requester’s name and a button to review the request. On the request review screen, you can verify:
1. The associated email address of the account.
2. Approved access for Administration, Online Store, Apps, and General.
Step 3: Click to accept or reject the request.

How Do I Require a Collaborator Request Code for Access?

To request a collaborator access code for someone, follow these steps:
Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Users and Permissions > Collaborator.
Step 2: Choose to Enable this feature.
Step 3: Copy collaborator request codes, which consist of 4-digit numbers generated automatically when this feature is activated.

How Do I Approve Collaborator Access in Shopify?

To approve collaborator access in Shopify, follow these steps:
Step 1: Click the “Approve Request” button in the email you receive to accept the request.
Step 2: Once approved, the person will be added to your store as a partner.
Step 3: If necessary, modify the collaborator’s permissions by going to Shopify Admin > Settings > Account.

Can I Decide Which Apps and Tools a Collaborator Can Use?

Yes, you have control over the apps and tools that a collaborator can use. When you grant collaborators access, you can assign them the same rights as staff members. Collaborators who wish to use specific apps will see the option to request access to them.

Final Words

Understanding how to add a collaborator on Shopify can significantly improve your workflow and business growth. When collaborating with a Shopify partner, it’s essential to be well-informed about how to grant and revoke access, as well as the specific permissions you’re granting to protect your business and website.

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