How Do I Add A New Video To My Shopify Homepage?

This post will show you the importance of adding videos in your Shopify store pages and the detailed instructions for inserting your videos more quickly.

Since more and more businesses use online platforms to reach a larger customer base, increase sales, and boost revenue, the online business sector has grown more competitive. Because so many rival companies are selling the same goods, each company must compete with them. They should therefore give their stores’ aesthetics and visual appeal more consideration.

Including video in a retailer’s product page is one of the best strategies. By doing this, they can establish a positive first impression of their brand with consumers and increase engagement, trust, and brand reputation. Additionally, they might even improve the entire shopping experience, differentiating them from their rivals.

Why You Should Consider Adding Videos to Your Shopify Homepage?

Don’t discount using video even though it’s possibly one of the most underappreciated strategies for boosting e-commerce sales. Not using video on Shopify pages appears to ignore human nature, especially in directly competitive industries. Let’s look for opportunities to improve using this helpful but straightforward method if you find that your company consistently serves the same number of customers.

When looking to buy something online, 48% of Amazon customers immediately head to the marketplaces that have videos on their product pages. Furthermore, 96% of customers prefer to buy goods from stores that have videos because watching them helps them decide what to buy. What’s more, one survey made by RetailDive has found that the most important reason leading customers to choose to purchase in a brick-and-mortar store instead of online stores is the ability to see, touch, and feel products.

Before purchasing a product, people want to carefully handle and examine it to see how it operates. To ensure that your customers are confident in their purchase decisions when it comes to online selling, creating those feelings is even more important. We don’t need to tell you that including video in your Shopify store is a great way to enhance your customers’ online shopping experience.

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The advantages of adding videos to your store are as follows. Let’s find out now!

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Adding Videos in Shopify Product Pages Increases Conversions

As I previously stated, the secret to boosting sales in online stores is to demonstrate to customers how your products function. They are less detailed than video and static. Clients are compelled to use their imaginations, which makes it impossible for them to be certain about this solution.

In contrast, video acts as a virtual product demonstration that lets customers see every last detail of your products as well as the mechanism that makes them function. A video describing the product is said to increase sales by almost 75% among online shoppers.

As a result, adding a video to your Shopify product page will boost sales and conversions for your company. Videos are powerful, but product videos are even more so because you can give viewers as much information about the products in your offer as you possibly can.

Adding Videos in Shopify Product Pages Helps Persuade Customers to Buy Products More Quickly

What did you do when you needed a product? We typically conduct extensive research on this, yes? To find answers to the questions we have about these products, we also take the time to compare prices and scroll through search results for days. However, why should customers spend time in your store when they can purchase your competitors’ products, which make it simpler for them to complete their research?

Customers want information without wasting time, so let’s give it to them in the form of videos. They’ll be more likely to buy from you as a result. To provide information that is simple to digest, you should insert video into Shopify product pages rather than writing a lengthy description in the description box. In actuality, four times as many customers will watch a product video as read a lengthy product description.

Adding Videos in Shopify Product Pages Helps Decrease Ecommerce Return Possibility

If you are selling a product, you must constantly be concerned about the return issue. Online retailers typically find returns to be more than a headache when it comes to online shopping. As a matter of fact, only about 9% of purchases made in physical stores are returned, whereas at least 30% of online orders are.

It is as a result of consumers’ lack of product knowledge. The only way to address this problem is to include a video that lets customers watch the product in action, learn how it operates, and even see the value it offers.

The returns will undoubtedly decline if they are already happy with their decision. The value of including a video on a Shopify product page has been demonstrated by numerous companies. For instance, GlamCorner launched a targeted campaign using user-generated content, such as videos on their product pages, to lower returns. Since they saw a 50% reduction in returns, the outcomes were far above expectations.

How to Add Videos to Shopify Store’s Homepage?

Step 1: Upload Your MP4 Video to ShopifyFirstly

  • Sign in your account and go to your Shopify admin
  • Go to the Settings section
  • Click on the Files button
  • Click on the Upload Files button to upload the MP4 video that you have downloaded to your PC or created before
  • The video URL to use can be found here after the upload is complete. You should click inside and select the entire address to copy the address shown

Step 2: Create a New Section

  • Go back to your Shopify admin
  • Go to Online Store and click on Themes
  • Search for the theme you want to edit and click on the Actions button
  • Click on the Edit code button
  • In the Sections directory, click on Add a new section with the name index-avada-video
  • Let’s copy the following code for the content of this file now. To avoid confusion, substitute your video link from step 1 for the example link I provided.


<div class="section-avada-video">
  <video autoplay muted loop playsinline class="hurabg-video">
    <source src=">" type="video/mp4">
{% schema %}
"name": "Section name",
"settings": []
{% endschema %}
{% stylesheet %}
  right: 0;
  bottom: 0;
  width: 100%;
  height: auto;
{% endstylesheet %}
{% javascript %}
{% endjavascript %}
  • Click on the Save button to finish Step 2+

Step 3: Include the New Section to Home Page

  • Go to the Templates directory
  • Click on “index.liquid”
  • Now it’s time for you to include the new section anywhere you expect to display the video on your Shopify home page

{% section 'index-avada-video' %}

  • Click on the Save button and your MP4 videos have been added to your Shopify’s home page

How to Add a Background Video on Shopify?

You are now aware of how to include videos on the homepage of a Shopify store. What about adding a background video to Shopify or uploading videos from other sources?

Videos from Youtube

You’ll receive an URL after you upload your video to YouTube. Copy the entire link provided by YouTube. You can use this link on your Shopify store. It will look like or And after that, copy this link to your clipboard.


Similar to this, you will receive a link to your video when you upload it to Vimeo. To be used on your Shopify store, this link is created. It will look like Put this link on your clipboard by copying it. Vimeo does not function as autoplay on mobile, in contrast to Youtube, which is supported on both computer and mobile platforms.

After knowing how to upload videos to your Shopify page, let’s look at the guide to add your background video to a section.

There is no increase in difficulty with the instruction. Here are what you need to do:

  • Go to your Shopify store
  • Navigate to Customize Theme section
  • Click on the section representing your choice of theme
  • Paste the copied link into the Background video link area

You can now see how your video is set up and whether it will automatically play.

But the background you’ve chosen won’t have any sounds; it will be silent. What does it matter if retailers want to add sound to their videos? Luckily, there is still a way to handle this issue by:

  • Paste the same link of the video into your section’s Button link field
  • Text should be added to entice customers to watch the video. The text is located at the Button text field

Customers who click on it will be able to hear the sound and watch the video in a full video player. When you upload a video to your section, we advise you to complete those simple steps to add sound to the background video because they are straightforward. It’s because background videos are created to encourage customers to look at the brand and form a favorable first impression. Playing a complete video with sound for them once you have their attention will be more successful than one with just imagery.


In conclusion, using videos effectively is a great way to engage customers, lower cart abandonment, boost conversions and revenue, and improve brand reputation over the long term. The same products that you offer to potential customers are being sold by a lot of online merchants. When a seller gives customers thorough product information in a manner that is simple to understand, customers are more likely to choose them.

To see a rise in sales and a fall in returns, add videos to your Shopify product page. We hope that this article will be useful to you as you create an online business. Please let us know in the comments section below if we missed anything. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Visit our website for additional engaging content and share it.


How to Add a Video to Shopify Homepage Without Youtube

Install EmbedVideo from the Shopify App Store first before using it to add a video to your homepage. Then, go to Click on “Add Video” under Online Store > EmbedVideo. Enter the URL of the video you want to embed, and then choose whether you want it to appear in a popup or inline.

How to Add Mp4 Video to Shopify

You can upload and embed MP4 videos on your product pages using the Shopify video player, a built-in feature. To use the Shopify video player, simply upload your MP4 video file to the “Files” section of your Shopify admin, then copy and paste the video’s URL into the “Video URL” field on your product page.

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