How Does Airhood Find Unique Taste to Attract Customers?

Since its launch on January 14, 2022, AirHood has quickly become popular, with monthly revenue ranging from US$101,000 to US$200,000. What makes AirHood different? AirHood’s success story was born out of a challenge to clean cooking norms, sparked by a winning idea in 2019 and culminating in a global crowdfunding campaign.

Learn more about AirHood’s evolution, innovative technology and user-friendly design that redefines the kitchen experience. Embark on this journey with us: discover AirHood’s unique features, exclusive trio bundles and extended warranty. Join a community of home cooks, enthusiasts, and tech-savvy consumers to embrace the AirHood revolution.

What is Airhood?

AirHood is a groundbreaking brand that introduces the world’s first portable range hood, revolutionizing the way people approach clean cooking. Established on January 14, 2022, AirHood operates on the Shopify platform, with its headquarters located in Hong Kong, and a significant presence in the United States. The brand specializes in creating innovative solutions for kitchen spaces, offering a unique approach to ventilation without the need for complex installations.

The mission of AirHood is to make clean cooking accessible to everyone, regardless of kitchen size or layout. The brand challenges traditional norms with its inventive ideas and a commitment to redefining ‘clean cooking.’ AirHood’s flagship product, the portable range hood, is designed to reduce grease, smoke, cooking odors, and oil film formation, providing a fresh cooking experience anytime and anywhere.

Store Overview:


AirHood, the world’s first portable range hood, is making waves in the home and garden category with its innovative approach to clean cooking. Established on January 14, 2022, AirHood operates on the Shopify platform and is headquartered in Hung Hom, Hong Kong, with a significant presence in the United States. With an impressive monthly revenue ranging from $101k to $200k, AirHood has quickly become a go-to solution for those seeking a fresh cooking experience without the need for complex installations.

Exploring the Success Story of the Store

AirHood’s success story is rooted in its commitment to challenging the status quo of clean cooking. The journey began in 2019 with the discovery of the idea for a Portable Range Hood after winning an award showcase in a German newspaper. Designed by French innovator Maxime Augay, AirHood addresses the challenges of traditional extractor hoods, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. The brand officially launched in 2022 with a global crowdfunding campaign that garnered support from over 35 countries. Since then, AirHood has expanded its presence to retail channels in the US and EU, with further launches in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Kuwait in 2023.

Platform’s Developmental Evolution:

AirHood’s developmental evolution is a testament to its commitment to innovation. The platform’s journey includes the creation of the AirHood concept in 2020, patent and trademark applications in 2021, and the unveiling of the brand and logo. The web-store was launched in the US in the same year, showcasing at Electronica 2022 Munich. In 2023, AirHood expanded to retail channels, showcased at IFA Berlin, and launched on Amazon US and Germany.

Frameworks for Business Model:

AirHood’s business model revolves around providing accessible clean cooking solutions to all kitchen spaces. With a focus on innovation and user-friendly designs, AirHood’s products cater to a wide audience. The pricing strategy, with various product bundles and accessories, offers customers flexibility and choice.

Technology and Advancements:


The technology behind AirHood sets it apart in the market. The portable kitchen air cleaners, available in both wired and wireless options, showcase advancements in kitchen appliance manufacturing. The collaboration with Smart Product Concepts (SPC), a veteran with over 20 years of experience, ensures the successful realization of innovative concepts.

Designing the Website Interface and Layout:

AirHood’s website reflects its commitment to a clean and user-friendly experience. The well-organized layout allows customers to easily navigate through product categories, learn about the brand’s journey, and access essential information. The website serves as a digital storefront that effectively communicates AirHood’s vision.

Enriching User Experience and Service Offerings:

AirHood goes beyond providing products; it enriches the user experience with additional offerings like the AirHood CoverPlus, offering a 30-month total warranty for a nominal fee. The availability of extended warranties and accessory options enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Marketing and Brand Establishment:

AirHood’s marketing strategy focuses on creating a strong brand identity. The collaboration with French designer Maxime Augay and Director Markus Buck adds a personal touch to the brand, building trust and credibility. The global crowdfunding campaign and participation in industry events contribute to brand visibility.

Social Impact and the Road Ahead:

AirHood’s social impact lies in making clean cooking accessible to everyone. The expansion to various countries and partnerships reflects a commitment to a global audience. The brand’s presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest further amplifies its reach.

Additional Information & Highlights:

Special Features:

  • AirHood® Wireless and Wired Options: AirHood offers both wireless and wired portable kitchen air cleaners, providing flexibility to users based on their preferences and kitchen setup. This versatility ensures that customers can choose the option that best fits their lifestyle.
  • Exclusive Trio Sets: The AirHood® product line includes exclusive trio sets, such as the Wireless Fresh Trio and Wired Daily Trio, designed to meet specific cooking needs. These sets not only enhance user convenience but also offer cost savings compared to individual purchases.
  • AirHood® CoverPlus Extended Warranty: To further enhance customer confidence, AirHood provides the option of the CoverPlus extended warranty. For a nominal fee of $35, customers can extend their warranty to 30 months, ensuring long-term protection and peace of mind.
  • Base Boost and Additional Filters: AirHood® offers supplementary products like the Base Boost for enhanced performance. Additionally, customers can purchase specific filters, including Charcoal Filters and Oil Filters, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining a clean and healthy cooking environment.

Target Audience:

  • Home Cooks in Small Spaces: AirHood addresses the needs of individuals with limited kitchen space, providing a portable solution for effective ventilation without the need for complex installations.
  • Cooking Enthusiasts: Those who are passionate about cooking flavorful meals can benefit from AirHood’s products, ensuring a fresh cooking experience while experimenting with different cuisines.
  • Tech-Savvy Consumers: The incorporation of advanced technology in AirHood’s wireless and wired options appeals to tech-savvy consumers looking for modern, efficient kitchen solutions.
  • Environmentally Conscious Consumers: The commitment to clean cooking aligns with the preferences of environmentally conscious consumers seeking sustainable and eco-friendly home appliances.

Other Details:

  • AirHood Journey and Awards: The AirHood journey, starting with the discovery of the Portable Range Hood idea in 2019, showcases a commitment to innovation. The brand has received recognition, including winning the imm Cologne 2019’s “Pure Talent Contest – Living Kitchen Selection.”
  • Key Players in AirHood: French designer Maxime Augay, the creative mind behind AirHood, partnered with Smart Product Concepts (SPC), bringing over 20 years of experience in kitchen appliances manufacturing. Director Markus Buck, with a background in family entrepreneurship, contributes to the brand’s success.
  • Global Expansion and Partnerships: AirHood’s expansion to retail channels in the US, EU, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Kuwait signifies its global reach. The brand’s presence on Amazon and participation in events like IFA Berlin further solidify its position in the market.
  • Social Impact and Inclusivity: AirHood’s vision of making clean cooking accessible to everyone, regardless of kitchen size, reflects its commitment to inclusivity. The brand actively engages with its audience through social media platforms, fostering a community around clean and healthy cooking.


AirHood’s journey from concept to a globally recognized brand exemplifies its dedication to revolutionizing clean cooking. With innovative products, a user-friendly platform, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, AirHood stands as a beacon for those looking to start a successful online store. The brand’s impact goes beyond the kitchen, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a fresh and clean cooking experience.

Data from: StoreLibrary

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