AliExpress Shipment Cancelled: What to Know

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario for many AliExpress shoppers—you eagerly place an order, only to receive a notification that your AliExpress shipment cancelled. The frustration and confusion that follow can be disheartening. If you’ve ever wondered why AliExpress shipments get cancelled and what steps you can take to prevent or resolve this issue, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind AliExpress shipment cancellations and provide you with insights and strategies to navigate this challenge effectively. Let’s unravel the mystery behind AliExpress shipment cancellations together.

What Does It Mean When My Order Is Cancelled by a Seller?

When you encounter the term “Shipment Cancelled” or “Closed” in your AliExpress order tracking, it signifies that the seller has canceled your order. This results in a refund being issued within 20 working days, with potential penalties for the seller.

Unfortunately, this also means your order will not be processed and shipped as initially planned, requiring you to either reorder the product from the same or another seller.

Why Does This Happen?

AliExpress Shipment Cancelled

Order cancellations on AliExpress can occur for various reasons, some of which may not always be disclosed to buyers. Below, we’ll explore the most common causes of order cancellations.

  1. Seller’s Decision to Cancel Order:
    • Sellers may cancel orders if items are out of stock or discontinued.
    • Payment issues, such as delayed payments, can lead to order cancellations.
  2. Over the Processing Time Limit:
    • AliExpress sellers have a specified order processing time, and if they fail to ship within this period, the system may automatically cancel the order.
  3. Security Issues:
    • Security problems like using invalid coupons or providing incomplete information can trigger order cancellations.
    • Mismatched payment details or multiple orders with different payment information may also result in cancellations.
  4. Customs Issues:
    • Customs authorities in the seller’s country may reject orders if there are issues with declared items or if they suspect counterfeit, restricted, or illegal goods.
  5. Wrong Tracking Number:
    • Sometimes, an incorrect tracking number or rare system errors can display the order as canceled when it’s not.

Steps to Resolve AliExpress Shipment Cancelled Issues

AliExpress Shipment Cancelled

Contact the Seller

When you receive a cancellation notice from a seller on AliExpress, the first step is to establish direct communication with the seller. Here’s a more detailed approach:

  1. Log into your AliExpress account and navigate to the “My Orders” section.
  2. Locate the specific order that was canceled and click on it to access the order details.
  3. Within the order details, find the “Contact Seller” button and click on it.
  4. Craft a polite and concise message to the seller inquiring about the reason for the order cancellation. Be sure to include the order number for reference.
  5. While communicating with the seller, you can also use this opportunity to rectify any issues, such as incorrect tracking numbers or address details. If the seller provided the wrong tracking number, kindly request the correct one.
  6. After sending your message, patiently await a response from the seller. It may take some time for them to address your concerns.
AliExpress Shipment Cancelled

Open a Dispute

If your efforts to resolve the issue directly with the seller are unsuccessful, the next step is to escalate the matter by opening a dispute. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to go about it:

  1. Log into your AliExpress account.
  2. Go to the order that was canceled and click on it to access the order details.
  3. Within the order details, locate and click on the “Open Dispute” option to initiate a case.
  4. Carefully follow the prompts to provide detailed information about the dispute, including the reasons for your dissatisfaction and the desired resolution.
  5. Include any evidence or screenshots that support your claim. This might include screenshots of your communication with the seller and any discrepancies in the order.
  6. Be clear about your expectations, whether it’s a refund, a replacement, or another resolution.
  7. After submitting your dispute, AliExpress will review the case and work towards a resolution. Be prepared to cooperate with AliExpress during this process by providing any requested information.
AliExpress Shipment Cancelled

File a Complaint

Filing a complaint with AliExpress should be considered a last resort, typically reserved for more serious issues, such as suspected counterfeit goods or fraudulent behavior by the seller. Here’s how to do it:

  • Log into your AliExpress account.
  • Navigate to the “Help Center” or “Customer Support” section.
  • Find the option to “File a Complaint” or a similar link related to reporting seller misconduct.
  • Provide detailed information about the issue, including the order number, the seller’s details, and a thorough explanation of why you believe a complaint is warranted.
  • Include any evidence, such as images or messages, that substantiates your claim of seller misconduct.
  • AliExpress will investigate the matter, and if necessary, take appropriate actions to protect the integrity of their platform.

Tips to Avoid Order Cancellations: Preventing order cancellations should be your goal to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience on AliExpress. Follow these best practices:

AliExpress Shipment Cancelled
  1. Check Seller’s Credibility:
    • Prioritize sellers with high ratings and positive reviews for reliability.
    • Avoid sellers with poor ratings and histories of unresponsiveness or cancellations.
  2. Select a Reliable Shipping Method:
    • Choose a shipping method that offers tracking to stay updated on your order’s status.
    • Reliable carriers can handle orders during peak seasons without exceeding processing times.
  3. Read Product Descriptions Carefully:
    • Carefully read product descriptions to identify counterfeit or restricted items.
    • Ensure that the product is genuine and compliant with customs regulations.
  4. Monitor Processing Time:
    • Keep an eye on the seller’s processing time and contact them if it’s nearing expiration.
  5. Double Check User & Shipping Details:
    • Verify that your shipping details are accurate and up-to-date on your AliExpress account.
    • Avoid using certain coupons, like ‘new user coupons,’ multiple times, as it may lead to cancellations.


AliExpress Shipment Cancelled

In conclusion, while encountering a cancelled shipment on AliExpress can be disappointing, it’s crucial to remember that solutions are available. By understanding the common reasons for cancellations and following the proactive steps outlined in this article, you can minimize the chances of facing this issue and ensure a smoother shopping experience. AliExpress offers a wide range of products from around the world, and with the right knowledge, you can successfully navigate any challenges that may arise along the way. So, don’t be discouraged by a cancelled shipment; instead, use these insights to shop with confidence on AliExpress. Happy shopping!

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