AliExpress Shipping Time – Does Aliexpress Ship Fast?

AliExpress helps us get our favorite products at our fingertips when shopping. Navigating this digital marketplace becomes a breeze thanks to its user-friendly interface and well-organized categories. So what is the shipping time and speed of AliExpress?

In this article, we’ll demystify AliExpress shipping, dissect processing cycles, explore delivery times, and reveal the factors that influence how quickly your coveted items arrive at your doorstep.

How Does AliExpress Shipping Work?


AliExpress is an online platform that functions similarly to other generalist stores that sell products online. The website is user-friendly and offers a wide range of products that are categorized into multiple groups. This makes it easier for users to explore the platform and find what they are looking for. Additionally, each category is further divided into subcategories, which makes the search process quicker and more intuitive.

Once users find the product they are interested in, they can click on it to view a detailed description card that provides information about the product. The sellers also provide photos of the product, along with an explanation of its features and price. If users like the product, they can add it to their cart and proceed to payment. One of the best things about AliExpress is the ease of payment it offers. Users can pay through any electronic payment method, including PayPal and Western Union.

Overall, AliExpress is not just a platform where users can find anything they need, but it is also a user-friendly platform that makes the purchasing process easy and convenient.

How Long Does AliExpress Shipping Time Take?


One of the most popular questions people search online is how long it takes for AliExpress to ship their orders. This is known as the processing period, and on average, it usually takes about three to five days for the seller to prepare and send out the item for shipping. However, if you have a customized order, the processing time might be longer.

But here’s the thing, once your order is shipped, don’t expect it to magically appear on your doorstep right away. Why? Well, besides the shipping time at AliExpress, you also need to consider the delivery time it takes for the courier company to bring the item to you.

The delivery time mentioned for each product you purchase from AliExpress is usually around 15-20 days. However, keep in mind that this time frame is for normal circumstances. If you happen to order something during or close to the holiday season, your delivery time may be extended. AliExpress offers two types of shipment methods to choose from.

AliExpress Standard Shipping:

AliExpress Standard Shipping provides a delivery time of 12-20 working days, which is the standard option for shipping.

AliExpress Premium Shipping:

AliExpress Premium Shipping is available for select products and offers a faster and more dependable delivery service. This means that users can receive their items much quicker when they choose this shipping method.

Factors that Affect AliExpress Shipping Time

AliExpress is undoubtedly one of the most extensive online marketplaces that never seems to stop working. Nevertheless, have you ever pondered why it takes so long for your orders to arrive, despite the store’s continuous efforts to pack and ship them?

There are several reasons why this occurs. Although AliExpress is one of the world’s largest marketplaces, it cannot always eliminate unforeseen circumstances or obstacles. Here are some of the factors that influence AliExpress Shipping Time; let’s take a closer look at them!

1. Chinese New Year

One main reason why your package might experience a delay is if you placed your order during the Chinese New Year. This festive occasion is widely celebrated in China and lasts for approximately two weeks. During this time, many warehouses, companies, and factories are closed so that their workers can fully enjoy the festivities. As a result, shipments cannot be sent out and experience a delay.

2. Type of Shipment

Another reason why your parcel may be delayed is due to the type of shipment you have chosen. AliExpress provides various options for sending out their products, including air, ground, or sea transportation.

Shipping by sea usually takes the longest time because water vessels are slower and, even under normal weather conditions, can take months to reach you.


3. Customs

Customs procedures are often overlooked as a reason for extended shipping times on AliExpress. When a seller sends an item from a different country to your country of origin, it is subject to inspection by customs officers. This inspection process can take weeks or even months, leading to delays in delivery.

4. Seller Delays

Sometimes, the delay in shipment is solely due to the seller. This could be because the product you ordered is out of stock or the seller is not actively operating on the platform during that period. Therefore, it is important to consider the seller’s activity and the availability of the product before making a purchase on this online platform.

AliExpress Shipping Time to US

Online shopping is a popular trend in the United States, which is one of the largest countries in the world. Due to the fast-paced lifestyle, people are always looking for convenient ways to make purchases.

If you’re in the United States and looking to shop on AliExpress, you’ll be happy to know that they offer continuous shipment to the US. However, the delivery time can be a bit unpredictable.

The demand for online shopping in the United States has increased significantly, and AliExpress is one of the popular choices for shoppers. But, it’s important to note that the shipping time can vary due to unforeseen circumstances and holidays.

How Do You Track an AliExpress Package?

Keeping track of your AliExpress orders is a breeze with package tracking. However, if you want a tracking code for your purchases, make sure to choose a shipping method that offers online tracking.

To track your orders on AliExpress, simply log into your AliExpress profile by visiting ‘My AliExpress’ and clicking on ‘My Orders.’

Once you’re logged in, just click on the Order Number and choose ‘Track Package.’ The tracking number will then be displayed on your screen.

You’ll receive two email notifications – one when your order has been shipped and another when it has arrived. Just copy the tracking number and paste it into a tracking site to stay updated.

Which AliExpress Shipping Method is Best?


Although free shipping may take longer than expedited shipping, it can still be a good option if your order is small enough. However, if you’re ordering from multiple sellers, it’s best to combine them into one big order to save on shipping costs.

When it comes to shipping goods internationally, there are different options available such as ground, airmail, and sea. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to choose the one that suits your shipment’s needs. For instance, airmail is perfect for smaller packages, while ground is better for larger ones.

If you need to send something urgently, expedited shipping via airmail is the way to go. But if you’re not in a rush, standard shipping is a cheaper alternative that may take a bit longer. Regardless of the shipping method you choose, it’s always a good idea to compare prices and services to get the best deal.


AliExpress serves not only as an e-commerce marketplace but also as a fast shopping experience. The AliExpress shipping journey is filled with anticipation and excitement, and you already know about AliExpress shipping times by understanding processing cycles, the complexities of delivery, and the myriad of factors that affect package time variations. As you embark on your next AliExpress shopping spree, with an in-depth understanding of shipping dynamics, may your purchases arrive promptly, enhancing the joy of unboxing and uncovering your selections from this digital marketplace!

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