Alo Yoga Review – What You Should Know Before Buying?

When perusing any style feed or clothing website, it won’t be long before you are inundated with numerous choices for activewear. Alo Yoga, however, stands out by providing clothing that not only performs well in the gym but also exudes a fashionable appeal. The question remains: does this brand truly live up to its reputation?

To shed light on this matter, I personally tested a few pieces from Alo Yoga. Through this Alo Yoga review, I aim to provide you with an honest assessment of this athletic-wear brand and determine whether it is worth considering for your shopping needs.

Pros & Con of Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga Review


  • Alo Yoga offers meticulously tailored and flattering fits, enhancing the overall appearance of their garments.
  • They boast an extensive selection of stylish color options, allowing for versatile pairing possibilities.
  • The inclusion of small yet functional details in their designs enhances the performance of their clothing.
  • The utilization of unique performance fabrics ensures optimal stretch without compromising on style.


  • It is important to note that Alo Yoga’s clothing does not come at a low price point. This brand caters to individuals seeking fashion-forward, high-quality activewear.

Alo Yoga Review: What Is Alo Yoga?

Alo Yoga Review

Alo Yoga, a Los Angeles-based activewear brand, is all about providing stylish looks that perform exceptionally well in the studio. While their dedication lies in yoga, any garment that can withstand a session of hot yoga will undoubtedly excel in a HIIT circuit too.

Their approach to designing clothes is nothing short of luxurious, catering not only to yogis who teach at their headquarters but also to hype beasts and street fashion enthusiasts who effortlessly rock their looks with Balenciaga high tops.

What sets Alo apart from other athletic brands is that every collection they create starts with fashion, as they proudly state on their website. This unique perspective makes them stand out in the sports-centric market. It’s no wonder their looks are frequently adorned by celebrities. With a wide range of styles and colorways, Alo Yoga offers a fashion-forward aesthetic that is sure to impress, and it’s also one of the best Shopify Apparel stores.

Things to Consider Before Buying Clothing from Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga Review

Alo Yoga is a brand that stands out in the world of fashion and activewear. These days, it’s hard to have a conversation about fashion or building a wardrobe without mentioning activewear. With the rise of countless brands promising stylish clothes that perform well in the gym, Alo Yoga has found its place.

However, it’s important to consider the price when shopping from Alo Yoga. As a fashion-focused brand, their prices tend to be higher compared to brands that are solely designed for gym or sports activities.

If you’re looking for something to quickly change into for a workout and then go about your day, you might find more affordable options elsewhere. But if you’re seeking stylish outfits that can seamlessly transition from the gym to the streets, Alo Yoga offers some fantastic choices worth exploring.

Alo Leggings Review

When it comes to Yoga products, Alo has got you covered with their wide range of options for both men and women. However, their leggings are what they’re most famous for. It’s safe to say that any Alo yoga review should definitely include their Alo leggings.

Although they may be a bit pricey at around $100 per pair, I’ve come to realize that investing in a good pair of leggings can sometimes be worth it, especially if you wear them often. If you’re looking for another great brand, Beyond Yoga is definitely worth checking out.

What I love about Alo leggings is that they tick all the boxes for what I look for in a pair of leggings – unique designs, not see-through, super stretchy, and most importantly, comfortable. Trust me, Alo yoga pants are incredibly comfortable!

Alo Yoga Review

Unique Designs

Alo yoga offers a wide range of unique designs, catering to different tastes and preferences. With 298 different varieties of leggings, you’re bound to find something you love, whether you prefer a standard or eclectic style. Plus, most of their leggings come in various color options, giving you even more choices to express your personal style.

Matching Sets

If you’re like me and love a good matching set, you’re in luck with Alo. They have a plethora of options to pair with their leggings. From stylish tops to sports bras and sweatshirts, you can create the perfect coordinated look for your yoga sessions. Check out their newest matching sets here and elevate your workout wardrobe.

Alo Yoga Review

Buttery Soft

Prepare to experience the ultimate comfort with Alo yoga leggings. These leggings are unbelievably soft, and it’s hard to put into words just how smooth they feel against your skin. The best part is that their softness doesn’t fade after washing, so you can enjoy the same luxurious feel every time you wear them. Say goodbye to scratchy leggings and hello to buttery softness with Alo.

Not See-Through

The Alo leggings are not see-through, unlike most super soft leggings that feel nice but reveal everything underneath. Even the lighter colors of Alo leggings maintain their opacity.

They Stretch Around Bloating

These leggings have an incredible ability to stretch without causing discomfort or cutting off circulation, making them perfect for those dealing with bloating. They stretch so well that they could even be worn as maternity pants. It’s amazing how they manage to stretch without becoming see-through or painfully tight. Even when I eat a meal that causes bloating, I don’t have to worry about ripping my pants or feeling like I’m wearing a corset. The placement of the seams also adds to the comfort, as they don’t cut into my sides, even on the high-waisted leggings.

Alo Yoga Sizing

 When it comes to sizing, some Alo Yoga leggings tend to run long. While this may not be a major issue, it’s worth noting for those who are petite. For example, the 7/8 style will hit right at your ankle if you are petite or right above your ankle if you are tall. If you typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon, a size small in Alo would probably be the right fit for you.

Alo Yoga Review

Alo Yoga Size Chart

To ensure the perfect fit, consider ordering two sizes when purchasing from Alo Yoga’s website. Not only do they offer free 2 day shipping, but also free returns. This allows you to easily try on your leggings in different sizes or fits to find the one that suits you best. Trust me, I regret not doing this sooner! Additionally, Alo Yoga’s leggings are designed with the current high waist trend in mind. You can expect a variety of styles that sit just above the navel with a waistband of around four inches. Personally, I love this trend and hope it sticks around for a while!

How to Wash Alo Yoga Leggings?

Don’t worry about washing your Alo Yoga leggings! They can be easily washed in the washing machine just like any other clothes. Remember to separate your laundry by color, as usual. Here are a few tips to ensure your leggings stay in great condition:

1. Protect Your Leggings

Before washing, take some precautions to protect your Alo leggings. Turn them inside out to prevent any detailing or rips from snagging in the wash. If you have any concerns, use a small laundry bag to keep them safe.

2. Choose a Gentle Cycle

Add some active detergent to the washing machine and select a gentle, cool water cycle. Avoid using fabric conditioners if your leggings are made of synthetic materials. Conditioners may interfere with their sweat-proof properties.

3. Air Dry

Once the cycle is complete, remove your Alo Yoga leggings from the wash. Hang them up and let them air dry naturally. They should dry fairly quickly. Remember, never put these leggings in a dryer!

Conclusion: Is Alo Yoga Worth it?

When you start your yoga journey, it’s essential to have the right gear. Investing in quality products is important. Alo Yoga leggings are priced between £75 and £115, similar to Lululemon. While this may seem a bit expensive for the average buyer, it’s important to understand that these leggings are high-end and built to last. They are not only comfortable and flattering but also durable.

But that’s not all! Alo Yoga leggings are incredibly versatile. You can wear them to the gym or during a yoga session, of course. However, you can also wear them on your daily commute or even to brunch. They are suitable for various occasions.

Furthermore, it’s worth considering that you can dress up these leggings, just like you would with jeans, for almost any event. So, when you’re starting your yoga journey, make sure to invest in Alo Yoga leggings for a quality and versatile option.

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