What is Amazon Courtesy Credit – How to Use It?

We may encounter delays, snags, and even ignored inconveniences when shopping on Amazon, but does Amazon actually offer a unique remedy for these annoying experiences? Amazon Courtesy Credit is a token of goodwill extended to customers who experience glitches or delays in their Amazon journey.

Using Amazon Courtesy Credit isn’t always simple, often leading to confusion about how and when to use it. This article is intended to help users delve into the intricacies of this feature and understand how to use it to your advantage.

What is Amazon Courtesy Credit?

What is Amazon Courtesy Credit

Amazon Courtesy Credit is a unique feature provided by Amazon to its users. Essentially, this credit is offered as a gesture of goodwill to alleviate any unpleasant experiences encountered by the users.

Moreover, these credits are also given as part of promotional campaigns and can be transferred to customers for various reasons. However, it is important to note that not all customers receive an email notification regarding the courtesy credit. Some users may only receive a notification stating “credit applied” after completing the checkout process.

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How Do I Get the Courtesy Credit?

There are three primary methods to receive a courtesy credit.

The first option is available to Amazon Prime customers who shop primarily in the Toys & Games category and purchase items from that category. During the checkout process, you may have the choice between Prime shipping, which delivers the items in two days or less for free, or regular shipping, which takes seven days or less and is also free. Occasionally, if you opt for regular shipping, Amazon may reward you with a $5 courtesy credit, although this is not guaranteed.

The second way to obtain a courtesy credit is if Amazon makes an error during the shipping process or fails to provide you with a credit that you were entitled to. Instead of refunding the extra shipping fees, Amazon will issue you a courtesy credit that can be used for a future purchase. Late deliveries or delays in order processing are other common reasons for receiving this credit.

The third method involves contacting Amazon’s customer service with a complaint about a purchased item. If the representative determines that Amazon was at fault, they may offer you a courtesy credit of $5, $10, or even more as an apology for the inconvenience or expense caused. However, it is important to note that demanding a courtesy credit is unlikely to be successful; it is at the discretion of the customer service representative to offer it.

How to Check Amazon’s Courtesy Balance?

What is Amazon Courtesy Credit

To check your Courtesy Credit balance, you can easily do so by visiting your account or the promotional balance tab. Although it may not always be visible, it will automatically be applied during checkout. Simply click on the credit balance link and select the button to view all of your Credit balance on your screen. If you do not see a category for Courtesy Credit, then you do not have any available.

How to Use Amazon Courtesy Credit?

Your Courtesy Credit can only be used on items that are sold and shipped by Amazon itself. Products that are sold and fulfilled by third-party sellers are not eligible for the Courtesy Credit. During checkout, your Courtesy Credit will automatically be deducted from any qualifying transaction.

How to Not Use Amazon Courtesy Credit?

According to Amazon US, you can change your payment method before confirming your order. At the top of the list of credit cards, there is a checkbox that is checked by default. It is unclear if this method applies to all countries or if it is specific to certain regions.

Who Can Claim a Courtesy Credit From Amazon?

What is Amazon Courtesy Credit

To claim a courtesy credit from Amazon, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a Prime member.
  • The item you purchased must be eligible for a return.
  • There must be an issue preventing you from returning the item.

Can I Receive Amazon Courtesy Credit on a Cancelled Order?

Unfortunately, you cannot receive Amazon courtesy credit for a canceled order as it is not considered a negative experience. However, you can still receive credit by choosing a slower delivery option or filing a complaint.

When Does Amazon Courtesy Credits Expire?

Amazon courtesy credits typically have an expiration date, which is mentioned in the email you receive when you are awarded the credit. However, some users have reported that their credits have expired without any notice. Once a credit expires, it cannot be used anymore, so make sure to use it before it expires.


Unexpected delays or errors can sometimes impact the shopping experience, but the introduction of Amazon Offers Credits brings a lot of convenience, and understanding the nuances of Amazon Offers Credits enables customers to navigate Amazon’s ecosystem more effectively. Whether it’s receiving those points, checking their balance, or applying them toward future purchases, this knowledge can put you in the driver’s seat. The next time you encounter a problem while shopping on Amazon, use gift points to your advantage and turn an unpleasant experience into a rewarding opportunity.

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