Basepaws Review: What You Should Know About Cat DNA Test

Have you ever wondered about your cat’s breed? It’s natural to be curious, and now there’s an exciting way to find out! The Basepaws Breed + Health cat DNA test offers a deep dive into your cat’s genome, giving you the opportunity to discover exactly what’s in their DNA.

We recently tried this test and were thrilled with the results in our Basepaws review. Not only did it reveal our cats’ breed makeup, but it also provided us with a comprehensive breakdown of potential health risks. The level of detail was truly impressive, and it left us feeling confident in our decision to award it our Paw of Approval. If you’re eager to learn more about your furry friend’s genetic makeup, keep reading to find out what else we loved about this test.

What Is The Basepaws Cat DNA Test?

Basepaws Review

The amazing Basepaws Breed + Health kit is the perfect solution for cat owners who are curious about their feline friend’s ancestry. With this DNA test, you can uncover the mystery behind your cat’s breed or breeds. It’s like a genetic detective that reveals the secrets hidden in your cat’s genes!

But that’s not all – this kit goes above and beyond by providing a comprehensive health analysis. It’s like having a personal health report for your cat! You’ll discover if your furry companion is genetically predisposed to any diseases, giving you the opportunity to take proactive measures for their well-being. Plus, you’ll also learn about their risk of developing dental and oral diseases, ensuring you can provide the best care possible. The Basepaws Breed + Health kit is truly a game-changer for cat owners who want to understand their cat’s genetic makeup and take proactive steps toward their health and happiness.

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The Process of Collecting a DNA Sample

Basepaws Review

To collect a DNA sample from your cat, there are a few important steps to keep in mind. First, it’s crucial to make sure that your cat hasn’t eaten or had anything to drink for at least 30 minutes before collecting the sample. This ensures that the sample is not contaminated.

Next, you’ll use the swab provided by Basepaws to gently rub against the inside of your cat’s cheek for about 10 seconds. This allows for the collection of epithelial cells that contain genetic material. These cells are then carefully transferred onto a special card or tube provided by Basepaws. Once you’ve collected the sample, you can send it back to Basepaws for analysis.

By analyzing these samples, Basepaws can uncover various markers within your cat’s DNA that can provide valuable information about its ancestry and health traits. It’s an exciting way to learn more about your furry friend and gain insights into their genetic makeup.

Basepaws Review: How Does Basepaws Work?

Basepaws Review

When you choose Basepaws, you’re opting for a cat DNA test that is both simple and straightforward. The process begins with purchasing the kit, and from there, it’s smooth sailing. After buying the kit, you’ll need to sign up for your Basepaws account and activate it. Then, it’s time to collect your cat’s DNA sample using the supplies and instructions provided. Once you’ve done that, simply send the sample back to the lab and wait for the magic to happen.

While your cat’s DNA sample is being processed at the lab, a team of dedicated scientists will take care of it. They start by extracting and purifying the DNA, followed by sequencing and analyzing it using an algorithm. This algorithm compares your cat’s DNA to other known samples of cat DNA, including those from purebred cats. It’s important to note that as the database grows with more known samples, your results might shift over time. This is because the data will become more clustered for certain breeds, making it easier and more accurate to determine which breeds contributed to your cat’s unique makeup. Basepaws even offers continuous updates to your breed results for free, and you can also opt for health and traits reports for a nominal fee.

Can Basepaws Uncover Your Cat’s Secrets Too?

Basepaws Review

Basepaws is an excellent choice for most cat owners. Whether you’re interested in learning about your cat’s breed, genetic health risks, or planning for the future, Basepaws consistently ranks as one of the best cat DNA tests available. It provides valuable insights that can help you better understand your furry friend.

However, if you happen to be a cat breeder or own a purebred cat, you might want to explore other options as well. Orivet is a great alternative that offers parentage and lineage testing, giving you more specific information beyond what Basepaws provides. This can be particularly useful in certain situations. On the other hand, if your cat was adopted from a shelter, rescue, farmer, or any non-breeder source, Basepaws is likely your best choice.

If your cat experiences digestive, respiratory, or skin symptoms, it may be worth looking into 5Strands. This company specializes in detecting potential triggers for intolerance symptoms caused by food or the environment. They provide a comprehensive guide for an elimination diet, which can help you identify and manage your pet’s symptoms by making changes to their exposures.

Basepaws Review

In my personal experience, the Basepaws DNA test for cats provided me with a wealth of new insights about my own cat. I was surprised to discover that he has a genetic mutation that puts him at a higher risk for heart disease. However, the phone consultation with Basepaws gave me a lot of valuable information on how to keep him healthy. Additionally, it was really enjoyable to learn about my cat’s breed identification and his wild cat heritage. Basepaws truly offers a comprehensive and fascinating experience for cat owners.

How Accurate is Basepaws?

Keep in mind that when it comes to Basepaws DNA testing for cats, the information about genetic mutations related to health risks is expected to be extremely accurate. However, the accuracy of breed identifications may continue to evolve over the next few years. The good news is that Basepaws provides free updates, so you can always have the most accurate information available.

While DNA testing is now a routine process for scientists and the lab work is highly accurate, there are a couple of factors that can affect the quality of your sample. It’s important to ensure that your sample has enough high-quality DNA and that it is not contaminated. Following the directions in the test kit is crucial to obtaining accurate results. Additionally, the number of breeds that have contributed to your cat’s genetic signature can impact the accuracy of the predictions. Basepaws addresses this by grouping breeds into four categories, but keep in mind that the more breeds involved, the more challenging it becomes to predict each breed’s exact contribution.

As more cats are tested, the accuracy of the tests will continue to improve. It’s worth noting that breed IDs such as “polycat” may indicate lower confidence matches, which can be influenced by the factors mentioned above. Rest assured that Basepaws is dedicated to providing the best and most accurate information possible, and they are constantly working to enhance their testing capabilities.

Basepaws Review

What Can You Learn from Basepaws?

With Basepaws, you can gain valuable insights into your cat’s genetic composition and potential health risks. Their DNA testing for cats offers a wealth of information about your feline companion. You can discover your cat’s breed composition, by learning about the different breeds that contribute to its genetic makeup.

Additionally, the DNA test analyzes specific genetic markers associated with various health conditions, helping you identify potential predispositions to certain diseases or conditions. This enables proactive healthcare management for your cat’s well-being.

Furthermore, Basepaws allows you to explore your cat’s ancestral origins and trace back its lineage through ancestry analysis. You can also find out how closely related your domesticated cat is to wild felines such as tigers or leopards, giving you insight into their evolutionary history with the wild cat index. Moreover, by analyzing specific genes related to physical traits and behaviors, Basepaws offers insights into your cat’s unique characteristics and personality traits.

Basepaws Review

With Basepaws’ comprehensive DNA testing, you have access to valuable information on breed composition, health markers, ancestry analysis, wild cat index, and traits/personality. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions regarding your cat’s care and well-being based on scientific evidence.

Is The Basepaws Cat DNA Test Worth It?

It’s an amazing tool that can give you a lot of information about your furry friend’s genetics. With this test, you can learn about your cat’s breed and even his predisposition for certain medical and dental conditions. It’s like having a personalized report on your cat’s health!

Basepaws Review

By taking the Basepaws Breed + Health cat DNA test, you can get to know your cat even better. This knowledge can help you take better care of your feline friend and keep him happy and healthy. And the best part? It’s a lot of fun! Despite some minor downsides, our reviewers agreed that the DNA test was totally worth the cost. They would definitely recommend it to other pet parents who want to learn more about their cats. So why not give it a try and see what you can learn about your furry friend?


What Does the Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit Include?

The Basepaws cat DNA test kit includes everything you need to get started. It comes with a simple and painless cheek swab, along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to collect the sample. And to make things even more convenient, they provide a prepaid shipping label so you can send the sample back for analysis without any hassle.

How Does the Basepaws Cat DNA Test Work?

Once you’ve collected the cheek swab sample from your cat, you just send it back to Basepaws. They take care of the rest. They extract the DNA from the sample and analyze it to provide you with detailed reports about your cat’s breed and health. It’s a fascinating process that can give you valuable insights into your furry friend’s genetic makeup.

Can Basepaws Test Any Cat Breed?

Basepaws can test any cat breed! They have a comprehensive breed panel that covers over 99% of all recognized cat breeds. So no matter what kind of cat you have, you can trust Basepaws to provide accurate and reliable results. Whether your cat is a purebred or a mix, their DNA test can give you a deeper understanding of their unique genetic background.

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