20 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell for Profitable Sales in 2023

If you’re eager to tap into the world of e-commerce and seeking lucrative niches to explore, you’re in the right place. As a product selector, I’ve conducted in-depth research into trending and profitable dropshipping products to sell, leveraging tools like AliExpress, Amazon, Google Trends, Kickstarter, and various others. I’m here to share my insights and help you identify promising opportunities for your dropshipping venture.

Let’s dive into a range of niches and 20 best dropshipping products that show strong market potential, along with strategies to optimize your online store’s presence:

20 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell

1. Shapewear

Shapewear - Best Dropshipping Products

By 2028, the shapewear market is projected to reach a staggering $5.8 billion. What makes shapewear an excellent choice is its versatility. It’s no longer just an undergarment; it has become everyday wear. Women can wear shapewear underneath regular clothes or even as standalone tops.

This versatile niche can be incorporated into a variety of retail businesses, from lingerie to women’s fashion. You can offer a diverse range of shapewear in different colors, styles, and sizes to meet the needs of a wide customer base.

2. Mobile Accessories

Mobile Accessories - Best Dropshipping Products

The mobile accessories market is booming, with a projected value of $284.06 billion by 2026. Over the years, phone cases, stands, screen protectors, repair kits, chargers, and headphones have consistently been top-selling products.

Utilizing dropshipping with the Oberlo plugin is an effective approach to explore this lucrative niche. The demand for mobile accessories continues to rise, and it is likely to remain a sustainable niche market.

Products like phone cases and stands, with their appealing designs, can be effectively promoted through visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. However, items like screen protectors, repair kits, and chargers may require SEO optimization to target specific keywords effectively.

If SEO is not your strong suit, consider cross-selling complementary products, such as offering iPhone chargers to customers who purchase iPhone cases. Customize your advertising campaigns based on the devices your customers use to maximize conversions.

3. Activewear

Activewear - Best Dropshipping Products

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry, and activewear is now part of everyday clothing. This niche offers a wide range of products, including activewear tops, leggings, sports bras, tanks, headbands, capri pants, and shoes, available in various styles and colors.

Activewear presents several growth opportunities. You can create a standalone store, incorporate it as a product line within the fashion niche, or promote it in various fitness-related sub-niche markets. The millennial women’s market is particularly attracted to activewear.

Leverage visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to build brand awareness. Collaborating with fitness influencers for product endorsements and lifestyle photography can be a powerful marketing strategy.

Consider influencer marketing to boost growth. Use Instagram search tools to find fitness influencers within this niche. These influencers can model your activewear and promote your brand to their audiences in exchange for a fee or commission.

4. Maternity Dresses

Maternity Dresses - Best Dropshipping Products

The maternity clothing industry is valued at billions of dollars, with an expected growth rate of 2.01% according to RP News Wire.

Maternity fashion stores, just like other standalone shops, perform well. However, consider expanding into other vertical products like baby items or informational products. You can also create and sell ebooks about pregnancy, develop and sell prenatal exercise videos or courses, or offer other digital products that complement your store.

To promote maternity brands, Facebook and Pinterest can be valuable channels for attracting the target audience. Pregnant women are usually diligent researchers, especially during their first pregnancy. Consider maintaining a blog within your store to offer advice to expectant mothers, covering topics related to pregnancy and even postpartum life.

Creating content for new moms will keep them engaged with your brand and make them return to your store when they’re expecting their second child.

Additionally, create content on Pinterest and redirect traffic to your blog. Utilize Facebook retargeting ads running at all times to convert blog readers into buyers while keeping the ad costs low.

5. Flame Lamps

Flame Lamps - Best Dropshipping Products

One noteworthy product showing exceptional growth in sales on Oberlo is flame lamps. As there are only a few stores selling this product, it has seen sales far above the average.

Flame lamps are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a product that hasn’t been widely noticed yet. However, selling just this product in your store might not yield the best results. It’s better to add this product to an existing store specializing in general products, home decor, or lighting.

Lamps are typically search-dependent products. They cater to impulse buyers who are easily attracted to their unique design. Facebook advertising could work wonders in promoting this product.

If you want to use the Shopify sort by best-selling feature, our guide may help you!

6. Minimalist Watches

Minimalist Watches - Best Dropshipping Products

The global wristwatch market will sell around 78.2 billion by 2026, and the sales keep increasing year after year.

According to Google Trends, the minimalist watch trend is on the rise. Other styles like men’s watches, women’s watches, and smartwatches also see consistent growth in search volume over time.

The peak season for watch sales is December, during the holiday season. Adding relevant accessories to your store during the summer could be an excellent strategy to increase your profits.

When promoting watches, consider using the two most popular platforms: Facebook and Instagram. Collaborate with influencers who can post lifestyle photos taken worldwide. Outdoor and luxury-style photos work exceptionally well on social media and often lead to higher engagement. You can also use the marketing materials created by these influencers to craft compelling ads.

7. Backpacks

Backpacks - Best Dropshipping Products

Handbags and wallets make up a niche market exceed a valuation of 35.4 billion dollars by 2031.

You can sell backpacks, handbags, men’s bags, wallets, and tote bags. These niche products can perform exceptionally well in a standalone store, and backpack sales generally peak in August, during back-to-school season. A strong back-to-school season can sometimes equal your yearly sales volume. Consider adding other accessories to your store, like sunglasses, which have proven to have consistent sales.

The backpack market can be positioned in various ways, focusing on travel, school, or fashion, catering to a diverse customer base. Women are the primary consumers of backpacks and handbags, so target them accordingly. For instance, if you sell children’s backpacks, target women who have kids.

8. Portable LED Projectors

Portable LED Projectors - Best Dropshipping Products

The portable projector industry is expected to be worth $4.97 Billion by 2023. Some mini projectors can attach to phones for easy carrying, making them convenient for salespeople and business professionals.

Portable projectors are versatile, making them suitable for various types of retail businesses. You can sell mini projectors, handheld projectors, high-lumen projectors, laser projectors, and more.

Portable projectors are known for their high profit margins. When dropshipping with the Oberlo plugin, the purchase cost ranges from $30 to $50, but you can sell them for $90 to $150.

Since portable projectors are search-based products, optimizing your website for search engines and keywords is crucial. Utilize keyword tools to identify popular search terms in this niche and optimize your collection and product pages accordingly.

Creating videos showcasing the product and explaining how it can be used is highly effective, particularly when marketing to potential buyers. Clearly communicate the target audience for the product type in your video. For example, if you’re advertising a business-focused projector, emphasize its suitability for professionals, salespeople, teachers, or families.

9. Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks - Best Dropshipping Products

Online store sales of sleep masks are continuously increasing. Sleep masks address a common problem: poor sleep quality.

Sleep masks block out excess light, allowing for a deeper and more restful sleep. Depending on your niche, you can complement your store with other related products. For example, if you have a travel gear store, you can sell sleep masks, earphones, and other travel-related accessories.

If your store focuses on beauty products, you can offer sleep masks along with skincare items. Sleep masks can be bundled with other related products for effective marketing. However, it’s not recommended to have a standalone store exclusively for sleep masks.

The primary categories of sleep mask consumers are light-sensitive sleepers, travelers, and beauty enthusiasts. Tailor your product promotions to address the specific needs of these different segments.

10. Makeup Brush Cleaners

Makeup Brush Cleaners - Best Dropshipping Products

Almost 39% of women clean their makeup brushes less than once a month. The major issues are the lack of awareness of the need to clean brushes and not knowing how to do it properly. Makeup brush cleaners have made the cleaning process more accessible, ensuring that women clean their brushes more consistently.

The beauty industry is an excellent space to introduce makeup brush cleaners. You can include this product as part of your makeup brush collection or create a separate category for it. After selling makeup brushes, you can upsell the brush cleaners to increase customers’ awareness of the importance of regular brush cleaning.

Video content plays a crucial role in promoting this product. Whether you collaborate with YouTube influencers to create instructional videos or run video ads on Facebook, explaining how to use the brush cleaner is essential to attract customers.

YouTube influencers can be compensated based on the number of customers they attract. Having influencers create tutorial videos in which they demonstrate how to use the cleaner can encourage viewers to try your product.

With Facebook ads, target women aged 18-34, as this demographic is more likely to be interested in makeup and skincare products.

11. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds - Best Dropshipping Products

The wireless earbuds market currently holds a 31% market share, and the growth is expected to continue. The retail market for earphones is projected to reach $15.8 billion by 2025. You can tap into this market by dropshipping wireless earbuds, and many suppliers on AliExpress offer free ePacket shipping, making it even more enticing. You can also check our dropshipping from AliExpress with our blog!

For those looking to build a brand, consider writing articles about the convenience of wireless earbuds. Creating videos showcasing people using earbuds during various activities like running, commuting, or simply taking them out of their bags without untangling wires can be a great promotional strategy.

12. Beard Care Oils

Beard Care Oils - Best Dropshipping Products

Beard care products, especially beard care oils, have generated nearly $6 billion in annual sales in the men’s grooming industry. The U.S. has seen a 15% growth in the number of men with beards since 2012, with the men’s cosmetics industry now valued at nearly $3.4 billion.

This booming industry presents ample opportunities. Dropshipping men’s grooming products and beard care oils, gradually building brand recognition, is a promising path. Visual comparisons of before and after beard care can provide customers with a clear visual testimony to the effectiveness of your products.

On social platforms, share carefully curated images of well-groomed beards to help customers visualize their desired style. Leveraging influencers who wear your beard care products in photos and share them with their audiences can be an effective marketing approach.

13. Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins - Best Dropshipping Products

Enamel pins have been a rising trend over the past two years, and this upward trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. These pins come in various styles and designs, such as emojis, food items, and more, catering to diverse customer interests.

Enamel pins allow customers to express their individuality through a unique form of fashion and are easily attachable to clothing, bags, and other accessories. Using the Oberlo plugin for dropshipping enamel pins can be a straightforward way to enter this market.

Given their visual appeal, Instagram is an ideal platform for marketing. Collaborating with influencers to have them wear your enamel pins and share photos with their audience can greatly boost brand visibility. Encourage customers to share photos of themselves wearing your pins, gaining organic traction through hashtags.

14. Hair Removal Tools

Hair Removal Tools - Best Dropshipping Products

Hair removal tools are predominantly favored by women. You can sell products like laser hair removal devices, electric shavers, and waxing kits. Establishing a dedicated store for hair removal products or incorporating them into an existing beauty store is a viable strategy.

Optimize search engine optimization (SEO) to promote hair removal products. Given the sensitive nature of this niche market, customers are likely to search for such products online. If your store also offers other beauty products, you can include hair removal products in email marketing campaigns.

15. Night Vision Surveillance Cameras

Night Vision Surveillance Cameras - Best Dropshipping Products

Night vision surveillance cameras are a hot commodity in the security industry. These cameras provide clear footage even in low light conditions, making them popular in both home and commercial settings.

Typically, SEO is the most effective approach for promoting security-related products. Users actively search for such products online. Achieving rankings for long-tail keywords in the security industry can significantly boost your success.

For such security products, having a detailed product manual that highlights the camera’s advantages in security is essential. Highlight how it can make users feel safe and secure.

16. False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes - Best Dropshipping Products

False eyelashes are a beloved beauty accessory that can enhance the appearance of eyelashes and make them look fuller. Thousands of different false eyelashes are available on AliExpress, demonstrating their popularity. With the potential for bulk orders, upselling to customers becomes a realistic strategy.

Google Trends also indicates a rising interest in false eyelashes. Optimizing SEO is essential to attract organic traffic to your online store. Creating Facebook ads, instructional videos on how to apply false eyelashes, and featuring stunning photos of customers who have successfully used your products on Instagram can boost engagement and shares.

Be sure to avoid using plain white background images for false eyelashes, as they might lack the visual impact necessary to drive impulse purchases.

17. Reborn Dolls

Reborn Dolls - Best Dropshipping Products

While most people associate dolls with children’s play, reborn dolls have become increasingly popular among collectors and enthusiasts. Dropshipping reborn dolls and cute doll clothing can be achieved using the Oberlo plugin.

The sale of doll clothing on AliExpress demonstrates its popularity with over 2,300 orders. Google Trends indicates that search traffic for dolls significantly increased in November and December, aligning with holiday shopping trends. Therefore, take advantage of seasonal promotions to maximize your earnings.

It’s important to note that the term “reborn baby” is trademarked, so avoid using it in your product listings or advertisements.

Leverage Google Ads with targeted keywords, market your products to parents with children, and collaborate with mom bloggers to feature your products in their holiday gift guides, gift idea blog posts, or product reviews.

18. Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth Whitening Products - Best Dropshipping Products

Who doesn’t desire a bright, dazzling smile? Teeth whitening products offer a solution to the problem of yellowing teeth, making them an appealing product category for potential customers.

Thousands of customers have already purchased teeth whitening products on AliExpress, confirming their demand. Whether it’s dropshipping teeth whitening kits, whitening strips, activated charcoal products, or whitening pens, this niche shows stable and long-term growth.

Utilize Instagram’s influencer marketing, as many influencers often share photos of themselves using teeth-whitening products. These visual testimonials provide social proof for your brand. Consider affiliate marketing with influencers who can drive conversions, even if it means sharing a commission.

Burst offers a plethora of smiling photos that can be used to create a teeth-whitening-focused store.

19. Inflatable Sofas

Inflatable Sofas - Best Dropshipping Products

Inflatable sofas have gained popularity as versatile furniture. They are portable and can be taken to the beach, camping trips, and other outdoor activities. They deflate into a compact bag for easy transport.

Dropshipping inflatable sofas is made simpler with the Oberlo plugin. Product ratings on AliExpress tend to be above 4.7, indicating good quality, and sales are expected to continue to rise.

Google Trends data shows that inflatable sofas are hottest in the summer, making it a timely product to offer. Use the Oberlo plugin to sell this product and consider creating videos featuring people relaxing on comfortable inflatable sofas, engaging in leisure activities while sitting on them, or demonstrating the sofa’s weight-bearing capacity.

Optimize product pages with relevant keywords and detailed descriptions. Affiliate marketing can also be beneficial in the long term.

20. Silicone Baking Molds

Silicone Baking Molds - Best Dropshipping Products

Silicone baking molds may be simple, but they have proven to be high-selling products. These molds are inexpensive, making them accessible to a wide audience, and they can be bundled for increased average order value.

The market for silicone molds has consistently grown. To promote baking molds, create engaging videos of unique cakes or desserts made using these molds and share them on YouTube. Alternatively, encourage customers to share photos of their own creations using the molds on Instagram.

Collaborating with influencers within the baking niche to have them showcase your products and share high-quality images is worth exploring.

Summary of Best Dropshipping Products

These are the 20 niche products we’ve compiled based on tools like AliExpress, Amazon, Google Trends, Kickstarter, and more, ideal for your dropshipping business. We hope they provide you with valuable product selection inspiration to help you start an e-commerce business effectively.

Product selection is a multidimensional process. It involves various aspects such as a product’s potential for social sharing, which can significantly impact its success. It’s also crucial to consider whether the product you’re researching has already been widely saturated in the market. If a product has been extensively exploited, it might not be the best choice for your business. Are you looking for Amazon Influencers Storefronts? Our guide can help you!

Therefore, product selection is a complex, multifaceted task that requires a comprehensive evaluation. This article serves as an introduction to the various dimensions to consider when making your choice. For a more in-depth understanding of how to select the perfect niche product, keep an eye out for our future content. We’ll explore additional aspects and strategies to help you identify the right products for your dropshipping venture.

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