How Do You Cancel Amazon Kids Plus Subscription?

Amazon Kids Plus, formerly known as Amazon FreeTime, is a fantastic program that gives your kids access to kid-friendly entertainment in a safe environment. After your kids outgrow the subscription, you should cancel Amazon Kids Plus Subscription to save some money. Amazon thankfully makes canceling your Amazon Kids Plus subscription simple, and you’ll even get a refund for any unused time. Examples of each step in the process can be found in the YouTube video up top and the image gallery below.

How Does Amazon Kids Plus Work?

Cancel Amazon Kids Plus Subscription

Amazon Kids+ is a paid subscription service that offers unlimited access to a wealth of content created just for kids, including books, videos, apps, audiobooks, and educational materials, all of which are organized into three age groups: 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Additionally, it offers parents a unique dashboard to manage the content that their child can access and view. There is no chance of a child using social media without your permission because parents can set screen time restrictions, filter out inappropriate content, and review activity that is recorded on the account.

In essence, it augments the free Amazon Kids service, which gives your tablet or phone a few basic kid-friendly controls like screen time restrictions, the ability to block websites, and the ability to send announcements to Echo devices, by adding a sizable library of content. The premium content is not available through this base service.

Some apps in the free service might have advertisements. However, Amazon Kids+ provides a completely ad-free experience. In-app purchases are disabled by default in the free service, whereas parents have more control over purchase authorization in the Amazon Kids+ membership. However, in both choices, parents can make profiles for up to four kids.

Even more is included in the subscription with Amazon Kids+ on Alexa, including access to more than 170 Audible books, premium skill apps like Numberblocks, and wake-up calls from some well-known fictional characters.

In addition, there is a free version called Amazon Kids on Alexa that adds some voice control capabilities and parental controls to Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus devices. However, just like Kids vs Kids+, this version completely lacks the premium paid content for kids.

Steps to Cancel Amazon Kids Plus Subscriptions

Knowing how to cancel the Amazon Kids+ service is essential if you ever find that you no longer require it, whether it’s because your child has reached the age where it’s no longer necessary or you just no longer want to pay for it.

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  1. Access Amazon using your web The Amazon home screen will be displayed when you arrive.
  2. Memberships and Subscriptions can be found under Your Account in the Members and Subscriptions section after clicking to expand the “Accounts and Lists” dropdown menu at the top of the screen. You’ll arrive at the Your Memberships and Subscriptions screen, where you can view a list of your active subscriptions.
  3. In the row next to Amazon Kids Plus, locate it, and then click “Cancel Subscription.” You will be prompted to select a justification for wanting to cancel your Amazon Kids Plus subscription on the Cancel Your Subscription screen.
  4. Select “Continue to Cancel” after selecting your reason for terminating your subscription.” Another screen will appear in an effort to persuade you to keep Amazon Kids Plus. Repeatedly select “Continue to Cancel.” Another screen is displayed in an attempt to persuade you not to cancel.
  5. Then select “Cancel My Subscription.” The screen displaying your Amazon Kids Plus status will show you as not currently subscribed, and a message will appear to confirm that your subscription has been canceled. Any portion of the content you have paid for but won’t use will be immediately returned to you, and your children will immediately lose access to it.

You won’t be charged for Amazon Kids+ after you confirm that you no longer want the service. If you still want to, you can let your kid use the free Amazon Kids content. Just keep in mind that anything your child interacted with while using Amazon Kids+ features won’t be available to them anymore.

If you also want to cancel Amazon Starz Subscription, our step-by-step guide can help you!

How to Cancel Amazon Kids Subscriptions on iPhone?

  • Step 1: Open the Amazon app on your iPhone
  • Step 2: Visit the Parents dashboard using your iPhone or the iPhone’s browser.
  • Step 3: Tap on Your subscription and membership
  • Step 4: Tap on cancel Amazon Kids Plus subscription and confirm canceling the subscription

That’s all there is to it. To cancel your subscription to Amazon Kids Plus on an iPhone, simply open your browser or use the Amazon app.

What Takes Place if You Stop Using Amazon FreeTime?

Amazon Kids+ subscriptions expire at the end of the current billing cycle when they are canceled. No further months will be billed to you, and no further advantages or features will be provided. You will be able to access all of your content up until the end of your billing cycle as long as your account is active.

So what happens after you stop receiving Amazon FreeTime? A good question to ask because you’ll want to know what’s still available and what isn’t.

Here’s the deal:

  • Following the completion of the processing, you will receive a complete refund for your most recent subscription.
  • Your subscription’s content won’t longer be available.
  • Following the purchase, you can still access any content you added to the child’s profile.

You’re no longer required to pay for Amazon FreeTime, hurrah. You are not required to abandon parental control, though. What it really means is that you’re now receptive to newer, simpler, and more affordable solutions.

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