How to Cancel an Order on AliExpress In 2023 – Simple Steps

There are several circumstances in which you might need to cancel an order when shopping on AliExpress. For instance, you might have chosen the incorrect product when making a purchase, selected the incorrect color, or the delivery took so long that you no longer require the item. You might worry about your money, get anxious, wonder if they’ll return, inquire about a refund, text a seller, or contact support in cases where someone else cancels the delivery. All of these scenarios that a buyer on AliExpress might encounter are covered in the article, along with advice on how to quickly and easily find a resolution.

Is It Safe To Use Aliexpress?

Although AliExpress is a reliable and secure shopping site, customer experiences can vary depending on the particular merchant. Customers might experience situations where their orders don’t meet their expectations for quality or where retailers fail to respond when they should and don’t send out their orders. Fortunately, AliExpress’s buyer protection policy will guarantee that you receive a complete refund in these situations. By reading customer reviews and only making purchases from merchants with a high positive feedback rating (90% or above) and a significant number of orders, you can also reduce your risk of doing business with dishonest merchants.

You can load money into a payment system called AliExpress Pocket to protect your information when making purchases if you’re concerned about using your credit card on AliExpress.

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Why Cancel an Order On Aliexpress

“Why place an order and then cancel it?”, “You failed to exercise sufficient thought.” – These are the first thoughts, but in fact, there are many reasons for canceling purchases:

  • The need for the product has disappeared
  • A buyer has found a more attractive offer
  • The seller takes a long time to send
  • A buyer made a mistake ordering the product
  • System error – orders were produced, and it turned out that two product results are expected to be dispatched at once
  • Erroneously entered delivery information – made a typo or a mistake in the city or name. One of the key factors affecting AliExpress delivery time is erroneously entered delivery information, such as making a typo or a mistake in the city or name
  • Accidentally paid for the wrong order

It’s a good thing that Aliexpress gives you the option to self-cancel the order through your individual account. You must have sufficient time to choose the item before the seller sends it, which is an exceptional condition.

How To Cancel An Aliexpress Order?

It’s easy to cancel an order through Aliexpress as long as it hasn’t shipped.

  • Enter your account and navigate to the “My orders” section.
  • If your payment has not been acknowledged and the order has not yet shipped, click “Cancel Order.”
  • There will be a small pop-up window. Confirm the request for cancellation in the pop-up dialog.
  • The transaction will be automatically terminated and the order won’t be shipped out if your supplier agrees to the request.
  • You will then get a notification via email that your order has been canceled.
  • In order to stop the supplier from shipping the order in the event that they fail to receive your request, you should also get in touch with them right away and inform them of the cancellation of the order.

You must get in touch with the seller if your payment has already been acknowledged or the order has been shipped in order to cancel it or get a refund.

Cancel an Order on AliExpress

Why Seller Did Not Accept My Cancellation Request

There is only one thing left for a buyer to do: bargain with the seller. it is highly recommended to contact the seller as soon as possible if you have any problems. Give the seller instructions not to ship it. But if they’ve already sent the item, filing a complaint is the only appropriate course of action.

Keep in mind that sellers on AliExpress make every effort to send orders as quickly as possible so that you receive your goods as soon as possible. Therefore, exercise caution when making purchases.

You will have a pertinent question once your order has been shipped and you realize that you no longer require it. how do cancel the Aliexpress order after shipping?

It’s a slightly different question, but the response is the same: text the seller.

What Should I Do If A Seller Won’t Give Me A Refund?

It could happen that the supplier won’t take the order back at times. Possibly shipping the order or simply not wanting to lose that sale are the two reasons given.

If the seller has already shipped the item, as in the first case, you have sent your request too late to still be able to cancel the order. However, you can confirm that by requesting the package’s tracking number within 5 business days. What they are telling you is true if they can make it available to you.

In the second case, if the supplier hasn’t actually shipped the order but simply doesn’t want to lose the sale, they won’t be able to give you a tracking number. After that, you can file a complaint and request a refund. If the package is shipped after the day you filed the dispute, Aliexpress will step in and track all the information, and you will receive a refund.

Why You Want To Cancel The Order?

Please be sure you’re being reasonable and clear with yourself about why you want to cancel the order before moving on to the next step, which is how to do it.

Because the customers are dissatisfied with the merchandise they receive, refund requests from Aliexpress sellers are not uncommon. However, I’ve heard of incidents where customers asked for refunds even though the item was shipped out in excellent condition. In order to satisfy the customer and avoid a negative review, the seller must then agree to a partial refund.

So, take order cancellation into consideration. The provider will be more than happy to cancel the order for you if your customers decide to change their minds a few seconds after placing it. However, if your customers decide to cancel the order after a few days and the product has already been shipped out, kindly advise them against doing so because the provider will be unable to accept the shipment back.

If you want to delete Your AliExpress account, welcome to check our Delete Your AliExpress Account guide.


It’s not hard to cancel an order on Aliexpress, but your customer needs to send their cancellation request at the right time. If not, you won’t be able to cancel the order, and even if you refund the customers, the items will still be shipped to them.

Hope this article can provide you necessary information on how to Cancel an Order on AliExpress. Please leave a comment below if you have any more questions about this subject.

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