How To Cancel Shopify Free Trial (2023 Guide)

The world is aware of Shopify as a reputable online shopping platform. Today, this platform is used by millions of business owners to manage their successful online operations. Shopify is the solution for business owners looking for a flexible platform to manage their online store. So how to cancel Shopify Free Trial is important if you’ve made up your mind to stop using Shopify, you can do it quickly. We’ve covered the cancellation process in great detail. 

What is a Shopify Free Trial?

When you first register, the Shopify Free Trial is immediately activated. Prior to the expiration of your free trial period, no subscription fees will be assessed.

If you choose not to sign up for any paid plan during the free trial, you can also cancel your Shopify account without taking any action.

What You Need To Know Before Canceling Your Shopify Free Trial

Initially, you should check to see that you have paid all Shopify and third-party app/service invoices and bills. Then you could pause your store or close the store. These app fees are not refundable by Shopify or other parties.

Your Shopify store will be saved for 30 days after it is closed, and all of its data and configurations will be kept in case you decide to change your mind later.

Additionally, keep in mind carefully evaluating Shopify alternatives to find the best option for your eStore. To help you choose wisely, look through our collection of in-depth comparison articles.

How To Cancel Shopify Free Trial

Step 1: Log In to Your Shopify Account

Log In to Your Shopify Account

Begin by logging into your Shopify store. Then, navigate to the “Settings” tab, and from there, select “Plan.” Finally, click on “Deactivate trial.”

Step 2: Confirm Your Cancellation

Shopify cares about your decision, so they’ll ask for confirmation. To proceed, click on the “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION AND DEACTIVATE STORE” button.

How to Cancel and Delete Your Shopify Account

Step 3: Share Your Reason

Tell Shopify why you’re choosing to cancel your free trial. You can select a reason from the provided drop-down menu. If none of the options match your situation, choose “Other” and describe your reason in the text box.

Step 4: Finalize Your Cancellation

You’re almost there! To complete the cancellation of your Shopify free trial, enter your valid credentials and click the “Deactivate now” button in red.

Keep in mind that once you cancel Shopify free trial, you won’t be able to access the benefits of the trial for the same store. If you wish to reopen your Shopify store, consider subscribing to a plan. Please note that Shopify typically provides refunds on a case-by-case basis, and it’s essential to settle any outstanding bills before terminating your account. Check the Benefits of Using Shopify for Your Business.

How To Cancel Your Shopify Free Trial2

Benefits Of Shopify Free Trial

Make Your Customized Digital Shop

With a free trial of Shopify, you can launch your own online store. The store can be altered to reflect the tone of your company and social media can be used to promote it.

Offers Free Domain Name

You can add your own domain name during the free trial to give your online store a distinctive look. You can avoid making your store’s domain a subdomain of Shopify thanks to this distinctive domain name. Customers are given a more professional impression by this distinctive domain.

Attach Your Products

You can add products for free to your Shopify Store during your free trial. Once you’ve added them, you can check to see if the customers can see these products.

Organize Your Products

Your various products can be arranged into various collections. This will make it simple for visitors to navigate your website and make purchases.

Select The Payment Methods

Shopify accepts a range of payment options. Choose the option with the lowest tax rate that best suits your needs.

Access To Third-Party Apps

You have access to third-party plugins and apps that make your store more visible. These add-ons and apps make it easier to manage your Shopify store by giving it extra functionality.

Can The Free Trial Of Shopify Be Stopped?

If you’re a free trial user and haven’t chosen a price plan yet, you can cancel your account without taking any action. Your store cannot be paused during the free trial. Or if you meant to ask How to make the Shopify store not live, we’ve already got you covered.

Shopify Is 90 Days Of Free Use

The Shopify 30-, 60-, or 90-day free trials are no longer available, according to the company. 2019 saw Shopify offer a number of free trial offers, including a 30-day trial as well as 21- and 60-day trials for exclusive partners. However, they no longer provide all of these protracted free trials.

In order to temporarily lessen the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced 90-day free trials in March. We are currently providing our customary 14-day free trial after this promotion’s expiration date of June 1. This was a statement made by Shopify in its official capacity.

Why Do We Need A Longer Trial Period?

Owners of online stores will likely recognize that 14 days isn’t nearly enough time to put a platform through its paces. In order to understand their payment terms, APIs, and other technical details, many e-commerce store owners who sign up for Shopify will spend a significant amount of time simply reading through the FAQs.

Last but not least, there are integrations. The e-commerce industry’s titan Shopify is known for being incredibly user-friendly. For instance, you’ll need a lengthy trial period to assess the differences in store performance if you’re switching from a self-hosted platform to Shopify.

One of the best features of the platform is probably the Shopify marketplace. To enhance the functionality of your store, you can install third-party applications on its backend.

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