Why I Can’t See Products on Aliexpress – How to Fix

Every supplier periodically updates the products they sell in their stores, and inevitably, some products must be discontinued. What should you do if a customer ordered a top-selling item from AliExpress that was no longer offered on your supplier’s website through your dropshipping store? You can solve this issue with the aid of this guide.

Why I Can’t See Products on Aliexpress?

You can still access Aliexpress if you don’t have the time to fix the Firefox problem because Opera is available.

You’ll get cutting-edge security features, social media app integrations, customization tools like a speed dial or pinboards to access your most frequently visited websites, and more with this stylish browser.

Due to some of the following factors, the Firefox Aliexpress search feature may occasionally stop working:

  • Due to data history and cookies
  • Interference by an add-on or an ad-blocker
  • Due to theme settings
  • If the Hardware acceleration enabled
  • When the userChrome.css is turned on
  • A problem with the Aliexpress website

How To Find Products On Aliexpress

Even though having so many options is fantastic, it can also be overwhelming. Want to find products on AliExpress that will sell well? For information on how to identify and validate winning products for your store, look at the steps below.

1. Check out AliExpress’s Best Sellers

The homepage of AliExpress usually features some of its top-selling items if you’re looking for some ideas to start your product search. Its “Official Ranking” page, which lists the top listings in each of its 13 categories, is also highlighted.

Visit the category most closely related to your eCommerce niche to get a general idea of what’s hot right now.

2. Filter Your AliExpress Search Results

Go to the category or subcategory that most closely relates to your business for more in-depth research. Search for a relevant keyword instead or another option.

You can use filters to reduce your options because thousands of products will probably appear. Without filters, searching for products on AliExpress will take much longer!

3. Criteria to Watch out for on AliExpress

Now you can look through the filtered results to find something that will work for your store. You can be confident that the top items have a strong commercial appeal because you sorted them by order numbers.


How Can I Get Firefox’s Aliexpress Search To Function Properly?

1. Clear Cache and Cookies

  • Launch Firefox, click on the lines at the top right, and click on Settings. Firefox settings
    Select Privacy & Security from the left-hand menu on the preferences screen.
  • Now, go to the right, and under Cookies and Site Data, click on Clear Data. Firefox Cookies and Site Data
  • Select Cookies, Site Data, and Cache web content in the Clear Data pop-up window that appears after that.
  • Press Clear to confirm the removal.
  • Restart Firefox after deleting the cookies and cache to see if the Aliexpress search has resumed working. Read more to delete

2. Start Firefox in Safe Mode

  • Firefox should be opened. Select Help. firefox print preview not working from the menu (three lines) in the top right corner.
  • Next, click on Troubleshoot mode. Firefox troubleshoot mode
  • A confirmation prompt will appear right now. Click on Restart again to start Firefox in the Safe
  • Mode without extensions, themes, and custom settings. Confirm restart
  • If searching on AliExpress in Safe Mode is successful, an extension might be the root of the problem in normal mode. To solve the problem, locate that extension and turn it off.

3. Remove the Ad-blocker

  • In the top right corner of the Firefox browser, click the three parallel lines.
  • Next, click on Add-ons and themes in the menu. Firefox add ons and themes
  • Find the ad blocker on the add-ons page, and select Remove by clicking the three dots next to it.

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Why Isn’t Aliexpress’s Image Search Functional?

On tablets and smartphones, Aliexpress’s app offers a feature called image search. If you try to look for the camera button on a website in Firefox, it won’t be there because this function is typically not available for your desktop or laptop.

The Aliexpress search by image feature does not function on your PC primarily due to this. To look up products using the saved images, you can install an extension like Aliexpress Search by Image or a similar add-on.

Make sure to check for updates and install the most recent version of them if the issue is not brought on by an extension. In order to determine whether the Aliexpress search issue is caused by an extension, you can also open a private window as an alternative to Safe Mode.


It’s impossible to predict which goods will sell like hotcakes. There are many factors that can affect sales, including your eCommerce marketing plan and your store’s reputation. However, heeding these recommendations can assist you in determining and validating which goods are most likely to appeal to your target market.

These checks can help you validate your intuition about the potential of a particular AliExpress product. You’re probably onto a winner if the signs are good!

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