How to Check Amazon Promotional Credit – How It Works

Amazon is the fastest-growing and most influential eCommerce company out there. With billions of dollars in profits each year, it’s no wonder Amazon is considered the world’s most valuable brand. The reason for its loyal customer base lies in the brilliant promotional tactics and offers it provides. One of these strategic features is Amazon’s Promotional Balance.

But what exactly is the Promotional Balance? How to check Amazon promotional credit? It’s just the balance in your account that is associated with a specific promotional credit card plan. You can easily find this information on your account statement.

What is Amazon’s Promotional Balance?

How to Check Amazon Promotional Credit

Your Amazon account holds a valuable asset known as the Promotional Balance. This balance is made up of gift cards, promotional codes, and credits that you’ve accumulated over time. To access it, simply check your Amazon wallet. You’ll be pleased to know that this balance can be used to purchase most items, although some restrictions may apply to certain promotional codes. The best part? You can combine your Promotional Balance with both credit and debit cards for even greater purchasing power.

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How to Check Amazon Promotional Credit?

To check your Amazon credit balance, simply follow these steps:

1. Open the Amazon website on your Mac or PC and sign in to your Amazon account.

2. Look for the “Account & Lists” option in the top-right corner and click on it.

3. From the drop-down menu, select “Your Account.”

4. On the next page, you’ll find a variety of buttons. Locate and click on the one that says “Gift cards.”

Once you’ve done that, the following screen will display your current balance in Amazon credit.

How to Check Amazon Promotional Credit

How to Redeem an Amazon Promo Code?

Amazon and the third-party sellers on Amazon provide various promotional codes for products and discounts. Just like redeeming Amazon gift cards, you can easily use these promo codes.

Once you’ve added the eligible items to your shopping cart, simply follow the checkout process. During this process, an order review page will appear. On this page, you’ll find the option to apply your promo code. Just enter the code and enjoy fantastic discounts on your purchase.

In fact, many purchases allow you to apply both promo codes and gift cards simultaneously, giving you even more savings. However, please note that you cannot transfer the promo balance to another gift card.

You can also learn how long Amazon takes to refund with our helpful guide.

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

To redeem an Amazon gift card, simply follow these easy steps. First, log into your Amazon account and click on the “Gift Card” option. The prompts will guide you to enter the claim code, which can be found on the back of a physical gift card or in the email if it’s an e-gift card.

How to Check Amazon Promotional Credit

Once you’ve entered the claim code, Amazon will apply the balance to your promotional balance. It’s that simple! Now you can start shopping right away. If you ever want to check your remaining gift card balance or promotional balance, you can do so at any time.

Remember, if you want to save your gift card for later use, make sure to uncheck the box next to your gift card promotional balance during checkout. This way, the balance won’t automatically apply to your next eligible purchase.

And don’t worry if you forget to add your gift card to your promotional balance initially. You can still redeem it later by providing the claim code during checkout. Just go to the “Review Your Order” page and enter the gift card claim code in the “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes” section. This will add the gift card balance for you to confirm your purchase.

Do Amazon Digital Rewards Expire?

Please be aware that Amazon no-rush rewards have an expiration date, unlike gift card balances. It is crucial to utilize your no-rush rewards before they expire; otherwise, they will become unusable. As Amazon Prime usually offers free expedited shipping, it can be quite disappointing if you patiently wait for a no-rush order and then neglect to make use of your rewards.

Upon earning no-rush rewards, the shipping confirmation email for the corresponding order will provide you with the necessary information. This email will outline the items that can be purchased using your rewards and specify the expiration date for your no-rush reward credits.

Things to Be Aware of While Using Amazon Promotional Balance

Let’s go over some important stuff about Amazon’s Promotional Balance so you can make the most of it.

Amazon’s its own terms and conditions for promotional balance. I know, reading through all that fine print can be a drag, but it’s smart to check out what’s currently in effect.

How to Check Amazon Promotional Credit

Remember, you can only use your promotional balance on eligible items. So don’t apply it to things you might end up returning.

Amazon likes to use promotional credits to boost its own products. It’s a way for them to give a little extra push to what they’ve got in-house.

Here’s a heads up: once you’ve used your promotional balance on an item, you can’t get it back if you end up returning that item. So choose wisely!

Oh, and some promotional rewards have an expiration date. Once that time’s up, the credit becomes invalid. You can find all the details about when those rewards expire on the item’s detail page.


To make the most of the Amazon promotional balance, remember to redeem it before the expiry date. In order to qualify for this special offer, it’s important to carefully read and accept the terms and conditions. Please note that if any terms and conditions are violated, the offer and balance will become invalid, and you won’t be able to use it. Lastly, kindly note that the promotional balance offer is exclusively available for residents of the United States.

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