ColourPop Review 2023 – Is It Suitable for You?

Today I would like to share with you the California Love Palette in our ColourPop review, which is mainly orange-brown and resembles the sunshine and enthusiasm of California! The colors inside are relatively every day, so it won’t be too embarrassing to apply on puffy eyes, and the pigmentation is also good.

I believe there are not many people who don’t know about ColourPop. ColourPop’s eye shadows are really amazing. The colors are beautiful and highly pigmented. The key is that they are not expensive and come in many colors. Most of the glitters have a soft and glutinous mashed potato texture!

ColourPop California Love Palette Shades Overview:

This palette features 12 highly pigmented shades that cater to your every eyeshadow desire. From warm mattes to glitzy pops of glitter, it covers all the bases. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout shades:

  • Diego (Warm mid-tone gold)
  • Gnarly (Soft warm beige)
  • Sequoia (Vibrant yellow tangerine)
  • Gold Rush (Rusty terracotta w/ gold flecks)
  • El Capitan (Bronze, copper w/ pressed gold glitter)
  • Cahuenga (Vibrant copper)
  • The Bay (Neutral warm brown)
ColourPop California Love Palette Shades  - ColourPop reviews
ColourPop California Love Palette Shades
ColourPop California Love Palette Shades

ColourPop Review: Performance

When applied, most of the shades remain equally pigmented as they appear when swatched. Their performance with different brushes is impressive, but they shine best with a wet base. While a few shades, especially the deep ones, can be a bit challenging to blend, they are still workable.

The pressed glitters in this palette deliver stunning results, but they can be a bit tricky to remove from your face, so they may not be your go-to choice. The shimmers, while nice, might not be as shimmery as some would hope. Additionally, it’s essential to note that there can be some fallout in the pan and on your face, so take care during application. The good news is that most of these shades feel buttery soft, making the experience enjoyable.

ColourPop California Love Palette Shades
ColourPop California Love Palette Shades

Color Selection

The palette boasts an array of shades, making it an excellent addition to your collection. Notably, the pastel shades and cool-toned purples perform exceptionally well. However, it’s worth mentioning that one of the purple shades has a warm undertone, which can be a bit puzzling when combining it with the other four shades. Nonetheless, it’s manageable, and the rest of the colors are beautiful, making this palette perfect for creative looks and versatile makeup styles.

ColourPop reviews
ColourPop reviews


ColourPop’s California Love Eyeshadow Palette is a versatile addition to your makeup collection, offering an array of shades for creative and everyday looks. While it may have a few minor quirks, its stunning performance and beautiful colors make it a worthwhile investment for makeup enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a makeup newbie, this palette has something for everyone. And you can trust this brand because it’s one of the most successful Shopify makeup stores.

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