How To Delete Amazon Registry: Step-by-Step Guide 2023

Hey there! So, you’ve got everything you need for your little one and now you’re wondering how to remove your baby registry from Amazon. Well, look no further because this article has got you covered!

Now that your baby has arrived and your friends and family have showered you with gifts from your registry, it’s totally normal to want to delete Amazon Registry and that’s exactly why you’re here, right? Well, you’re in luck because by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to remove your baby registry from Amazon.

You see, Amazon provides a feature called “baby registry” that allows users to create a page where they can receive and purchase baby gifts from their loved ones. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of creating and deleting a baby registry on Amazon.

So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the steps to bid farewell to your baby registry on Amazon.

What is the Amazon Baby Registry?

Creating an Amazon Baby Registry is a breeze! It’s a free online service that lets you compile a list of all the baby essentials you need and want. From diapers to strollers, car seats to clothes, you can add anything from Amazon to your registry.

Once you’ve made your list, you can easily share it with your loved ones so they can get you the perfect gifts. Plus, you can keep track of what’s been purchased and what’s still needed.

With a baby registry, you can be super specific about the brands and products you want, making it easier for your friends and family to know exactly what to get for your little one.

How Does Amazon Baby Registry Work?

How To Delete Amazon Registry

The Amazon baby registry is a convenient way for parents to compile a list of products and items they would love to receive as gifts. Once the list is completed, it can be easily shared with friends and family. You can check our step-by-step guide to making a baby registry on Amazon.

These gifts are typically given to the parents during the celebration of the baby’s arrival or baby shower. Whether it’s the arrival celebration or the baby shower, you can be confident that you will receive the products and brands you prefer.

One of the great advantages of using a baby registry is that it helps prevent duplicate gifts. Your friends and family can see which gifts have already been purchased and which ones are still available, ensuring that they don’t buy something you already have.

Setting up an Amazon baby registry is a breeze and eliminates the need to verbally communicate your gift preferences to your loved ones.

How To Delete Amazon Registry?

To delete your baby registry from Amazon, simply follow these steps:

1. Access Amazon through your preferred web browser.

manage list - How To Delete Amazon Registry

2. Sign in to your Amazon account.

3. Navigate to your profile and locate the Baby Registry settings.

choose list to delete - How To Delete Amazon Registry

4. Select the option to Delete.

delete list - How To Delete Amazon Registry

5. Amazon will prompt you to confirm the deletion. Click Yes to proceed.

confirm delete - How To Delete Amazon Registry

Please be aware that it may take up to an hour for the deleted listings to no longer appear on the search results page. Once an Amazon baby registry is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

How do I Hide My Amazon Baby Registry?

To keep your Amazon baby registry private, head to “Your Registry” and click on either “Edit is Public / Private” or “Manage Your Registry.” Then, select “Private” from the dropdown menu. This will make sure that only those with the invitation code can access your registry. If you change your mind about sharing, you can click “Share with Others” and retract any invitations.

If you want to take it a step further, you can create a group of contacts with different view and purchase privileges. Simply go to “Settings” on the “Your Registry” page, select “Manage Your Contact List,” and enter the names, emails, and access options for each contact. This way, you can let friends and family view your registry without worrying about them sharing it with others.

No matter if your registry is public or private, Amazon has a “Thank You List” to help you keep track of what’s been purchased. You’ll receive instant notifications when items are bought, so you can easily see what’s left to be purchased or who has already bought each item.

Can I See Who Viewed My Baby Registry on Amazon?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer a way to see who has viewed your baby registry. While it’s understandable that many people would like to know who’s been checking out their registry, Amazon has made it clear that this is not a feature they provide.

However, don’t worry! Amazon does offer a range of other helpful features and tools to assist you in managing and sharing your registry.

For instance, you can easily share your registry on social media platforms, send personalized emails to your friends and family, or even post it on popular message boards. On top of that, Amazon’s “Find and Buy” feature allows you to effortlessly locate and purchase items from your list.

Moreover, the website will keep you updated with useful reminders and notifications whenever items on your registry go on sale or become available.

If you’re still curious about who’s been checking out your registry, you can always reach out to the people you know and ask them directly if they’ve seen it. They might be more than happy to let you know, especially if they’re planning to buy something from your registry.

How Do I Get Notifications from my Amazon Wish List?

To receive notifications from your Amazon Wish List, it’s super simple. Just log in to your Amazon account and go to “Your Account.” In the Account section, you’ll find the option for “Your Wish Lists.” Choose the one that’s linked to your account.

Once you’re in your list, click on “Manage List” to access the settings. Here, you can enable email notifications for various things. You’ll get notified when a gift card is added, when a wish list item changes its price, or when a wish list item is added to your cart.

If you want, you can even set up reminders for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. And if you want someone else to be notified when an item is added to your wish list, you can do that too.

Oh, and don’t forget about price alerts! You can set them up for any items on your list. With these notifications in place, you’ll always be in the loop with everything on your Amazon Wish List.


Amazon is a diverse corporation that offers a wide range of products, including electronics, home appliances, furniture, and more. The company has established various policies and guidelines to govern the utilization of their services.

To delete your baby registry from Amazon, you can easily accomplish this task by adhering to the instructions outlined in this article. Furthermore, if you require any additional support in deleting your baby registry, you may also reach out to their customer service via telephone.

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