How To Embed Rumble Videos: Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to embed Rumble video content into different WordPress editors such as Elementor, Gutenberg, or Classic Editor? This article is intended to serve as a practical how-to guide for WordPress users looking to seamlessly incorporate Rumble video content into their website.

The purpose of this piece stems from the growing popularity of Rumble as a video-sharing platform and the growing need for website owners to diversify their content through video material.

How To Collect Rumble Video URL?

The initial step in embedding Rumble videos involves acquiring the essential Rumble video URL. Upon finding the desired Rumble video, users can effortlessly obtain the URL by clicking on the ‘Embed’ button. This action prompts the copying of the ‘Embed IFRAME URL’ link, which forms the cornerstone for embedding Rumble videos into a WordPress site through different editors.

How To Embed Rumble Video Using Elementor?

For enthusiasts utilizing Elementor as their editing platform, EmbedPress simplifies the process of embedding Rumble videos seamlessly.

Step 1: Insert The EmbedPress Element

Upon accessing the Elementor editing panel, users locate the EmbedPress element within the widget panel. With a simple drag-and-drop action, the EmbedPress element is effortlessly placed onto the desired page.

Step 2: Place the Rumble Video URL within the ‘Content Settings’

Subsequently, users paste the acquired Rumble video URL into the designated ‘Content Settings’ input field. This action allows for a real-time preview of the embedded Rumble link, facilitating the customization of the embedded content style.

Step 3: Customize the Embedded Content Style

By navigating to the ‘Style’ tab, users can finely tailor the appearance of the embedded Rumble video to suit their website’s design. From adjusting the aspect ratio to modifying dimensions, background colors, and employing CSS filters, users can seamlessly integrate the video content. Upon completion, hitting the ‘Publish’ button finalizes the embedding process.

How To Embed Rumble Posts Using Gutenberg?

For users relying on Gutenberg, EmbedPress provides a straightforward avenue for embedding Rumble videos seamlessly.

Step 1: Search For The EmbedPress Block

Within the Gutenberg editor, users add the EmbedPress block by clicking the ‘+’ icon and searching for EmbedPress.

Step 2: Insert the Rumble Post’s URL into the EmbedPress Block

Once the EmbedPress block is inserted, users paste the previously acquired Rumble URL into the provided input field. A simple click on the ‘Embed’ button alongside the URL completes the embedding process efficiently.

How To Embed Rumble Video Using Classic Editor?

For users comfortable with the Classic Editor, embedding Rumble videos is a swift and simple process.

Within the Classic Editor, creating a new page and pasting the Rumble video URL instantly showcases the embedded content preview. This method enables users to visualize how the embedded Rumble posts will appear on the live WordPress website.


EmbedPress is a versatile and valuable resource that makes it easy to integrate Rumble videos into WordPress across various editing platforms. By mastering the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide, users can become proficient in enhancing their website content seamlessly. EmbedPress enables users to easily integrate engaging Rumble video content, allowing them to boost their online presence and effectively engage their audience across different WordPress editorial environments.

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