FluentPet Reviews 2024: Speaking the Language of Pet

The FluentPet pet smart button is revolutionizing the way we communicate with our furry friends. Designed for dogs, cats, birds, and even horses, this innovative tool allows pets to express their needs, thoughts, and feelings through pre-recorded sounds or words. Here’s what some pet owners have to say about their experience with FluentPet reviews.

What is FluentPet?


FluentPet is a groundbreaking pet communication system designed to facilitate meaningful interaction between pets and their owners. This innovative system revolves around smart buttons that can be pressed by pets, enabling them to communicate specific needs, desires, and emotions. Developed over a year, FluentPet has emerged as a comprehensive curriculum, with over 40,000 kits sold and extensive engagement with successful learners. It offers a unique journey in establishing a deeper understanding and communication channel between animals and their human companions.

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How Does FluentPet Work?

  • Choose Your Words: To Foster Effective Communication

Selecting words that resonate with your pet is key. FluentPet advises choosing motivating words, like ‘outside,’ ‘play,’ or ‘cuddle.’ Consistent repetition of the chosen word in context, without adding variations, facilitates the learning process.

  • Modeling Button Usage: Guiding Your Pet Through Communication

Once you’ve recorded a button, the next step is modeling the associated word or phrase. This involves saying the word, pressing the button, and either directing your pet’s attention to an object or engaging in the described action. This method helps reinforce the connection between the word and the intended meaning.

  • Stick with It and Be Patient: Overcoming the Learning Curve

Learning a new language takes time, and the same goes for your pet. The initial stage involves observation and absorption, so consistency is key. FluentPet encourages pet owners not to get discouraged and provides a helpful Get Started Guide for button teaching with troubleshooting tips.

  • Button Communication Overview: Opening New Avenues of Conversation

Button communication offers a unique way for pets to communicate their needs and emotions. Whether it’s a request or an expression of love, FluentPet’s smart buttons have facilitated communication with various animals, creating a rewarding and unusual journey.

  • FluentPet’s Journey: From Research to Practical Guidance

With over a year of development and 40,000 kits sold, FluentPet has engaged with thousands of successful learners. The collaboration with How.TheyCanTalk, the research team, and a vibrant forum community has resulted in an official how-to guide, making the learning process as easy as possible.

  • Teaching Abstract Concepts: Beyond Basic Commands

Button communication isn’t limited to basic commands. With time and patience, pets have successfully communicated more abstract concepts, such as feelings or the passage of time. FluentPet empowers pet owners to believe in their learner’s potential and provides a comprehensive curriculum to guide the process.

FluentPet Reviews

FluentPet Reviews: User Testimonials

  • Expanding Vocabulary with Connect Buttons: An Exciting Experience

Our dog’s vocabulary expanded significantly with FluentPet’s connect buttons. The soundboard’s flexibility allows us to hear words anywhere on the floor, and the app helps track button presses. Switching to the connect set has been a game changer, and we’re excited to see our dog’s vocabulary continue to grow.

  • Effective Communication for Potty Time: A Bichon’s Success Story

Our almost 2-year-old Bichon is gradually expanding his vocabulary, especially when it comes to potty time. FluentPet’s buttons have been a helpful tool in eliminating barking and enabling him to express exactly what he needs.

  • Agility Dog’s Usage of Buttons: Tylt’s Success Story

Tylt, our agility dog, quickly grasped the concept of touch and various words. She effectively uses buttons like Ball, Frisbee, Tug, Play, Mama, Scratches, and All Done. The buttons have become a clear means of communication, expressing when activities are “All Done” or when it’s time to play.

  • Enhancing Quality of Life for a Puppy: Teaching Words for a Better Life

Teaching our 9-month-old puppy how to communicate with FluentPet’s buttons has been a rewarding journey. Starting with the starter kit and later upgrading to the connect buttons, we’ve witnessed our puppy replace buttons and adapt to this new form of communication for an enriched quality of life.

Pros and Cons of FluentPet:


  • Enhanced Communication: FluentPet provides a means for pets to communicate beyond basic commands, allowing them to express specific needs, desires, and even abstract concepts.
  • Versatility with Connect Buttons: The connect buttons offer flexibility by allowing owners to hear words from anywhere on the floor, making it easier to track and respond to their pets’ communication.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: FluentPet’s curriculum, developed in collaboration with a research team and a vibrant forum community, guides pet owners through the button-teaching process, making it accessible and effective.
  • Success Stories: User testimonials indicate positive outcomes, including expanded vocabularies, improved communication during potty time, and enhanced quality of life for pets.
  • Research-Backed: FluentPet’s collaboration with How.TheyCanTalk and its substantial engagement with the research forum demonstrate a commitment to evidence-based development and continual improvement.


  • Learning Curve: Teaching pets a new language through buttons can take time and patience, and some pets may require a longer adaptation period.
  • Initial Investment: Acquiring the FluentPet kit represents an initial financial investment, which might be a consideration for some pet owners.
  • Limited for Certain Pets: While effective for dogs, cats, birds, and horses, the utility of FluentPet may be limited for certain animals, such as fish, that might face challenges in button communication.

Is FluentPet Worth It?

FluentPet Reviews

The decision on whether FluentPet is worth it depends on your goals, your pet’s personality, and your commitment to the teaching process. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Communication Goals: If you desire a deeper level of communication with your pet beyond basic commands and want to understand their specific needs and desires, FluentPet could be highly valuable.
  2. Pet’s Adaptability: Consider your pet’s adaptability and willingness to engage with the buttons. Some pets may take time to learn, while others may adapt more quickly.
  3. Financial Considerations: Evaluate the initial investment in the FluentPet kit against the long-term benefits of improved communication and enriched interaction with your pet.
  4. Commitment to Teaching: Teaching your pet a new form of communication requires consistency and patience. If you’re willing to invest time and effort, FluentPet can offer a unique and rewarding experience.


If you seek a deep connection with your pet, are willing to invest the time, and value the long-term benefits, FluentPet is not just a tool, but a transformative experience in the pet-owner relationship.

In the symphony of pet companionship, FluentPet acts as a conductor, orchestrating harmonious communication that transcends words. Are you ready to begin this extraordinary journey of understanding and connecting with your beloved pet? The FluentPet experience awaits, offering a unique and rewarding way to create a deeper connection with your furry friend.

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