How to Get Free Shipping on AliExpress – Maximize Your Savings

AliExpress can help us provide an effective channel when seeking diversified products at competitive prices. However, knowing how to get free shipping on AliExpress can be confusing. Shoppers often face the dilemma of whether they can discover items without increasing shipping costs, thereby saving money on quality products. This pursuit of free shipping often comes with a variety of uncertainties, including delivery times, potential fees, and AliExpress’s complex shipping policies.

In this guide, we’ll learn the intricacies of free shipping on AliExpress. The platform itself offers a variety of routes for customers to explore, each with its own benefits and considerations. From leveraging search filters to negotiating with sellers to delving into promotional offers, the journey to free shipping requires a series of strategic approaches.

How to AliExpress Free Shipping

1. Using the Search Filter

Looking for products with free shipping on AliExpress? You’re in luck! Whether you’re using the website or the mobile app, it’s easy to filter your search results to show only items that come with free shipping. Here’s how to do it:

  • On the Web

If you’re using the website, start by clicking on the “All Products” button to browse all of AliExpress’ categories. You can also type in a search term or click on the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific item. Once you’ve found the search results page, look for the “Free Shipping” option in the bar at the top of the page. Click on it, and the page will refresh to show only items that come with free shipping. You can even sort the results by price to find the cheapest options.

  • On the Aliexpress Mobile App

If you’re using the AliExpress mobile app, start by clicking on the “Categories” button on the home screen or typing in a search term. Once you’ve found the search results page, click on the filter icon in the top right corner. Select “Free Shipping” from the options, and click “Done”. This will filter out any items that don’t come with free shipping, leaving you with only the best options. You can also sort the results by price to find the cheapest items available.

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2. Using the Image Search Function of Aliexpress

How to Get Free Shipping on AliExpress

You can also use the app’s image search engine to verify if a product comes with free shipping. This feature is an alternative to the Free Shipping filter we discussed earlier.

While the search engine doesn’t explicitly mention whether free shipping is offered, it can assist you in assessing the value by adding a few items to your cart. Simply ensure that you’re getting the most competitive price and proceed with the purchase.

3. Negotiate with the Seller for Free Shipping

Did you remember when we mentioned earlier in the article that it is the sellers on Aliexpress who offer free shipping on their products, not Aliexpress directly? Well, here’s another way you can get free shipping, even on products that don’t already have that option – by negotiating with the seller.

Here’s how you can make this trick work for you. First, add all the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart and click on “Pay”. Make sure that all the items are from the same seller and are placed in the shopping cart before proceeding to payment. In the “Payment Method” section, choose a different method that you haven’t used before and doesn’t require your payment details to be saved. Then, click the “Pay Now” button.

After that, log out of your account and log back in. Once you’re back on the app or website, go to your order history. There, you’ll notice that the purchase order has been generated, but you haven’t made the payment yet.

What this means is that the seller has already received your order, but it will be shown as “Pending Payment”. Now, you can reach out to the seller and ask them to reduce the shipping costs since you’re planning to buy multiple items.

By using this method instead of directly asking for free shipping, you’re showing the seller that you’re serious about making a purchase. This increases the chances of the seller lowering the shipping costs in order to secure the sale.

If the seller refuses to give you a discount on the shipping cost, don’t worry. The order will be automatically cancelled after some time since you haven’t made the payment.

However, if the seller does lower the shipping price, simply go to your pending order and click the “Pay Now” button. You’ll be directed to the payment page, where you can confirm your preferred payment method.

How to Get Free Shipping on AliExpress

You can try this method with just one item, but keep in mind that it may not work as effectively as when you buy multiple items from the same seller.

4. Take Advantage of AliExpress Promo Codes

If you’re looking to score free shipping on your AliExpress orders, don’t forget to utilize AliExpress promo codes. These codes are regularly offered by AliExpress and can be applied to your order to get free shipping. You can find these promo codes on the AliExpress website, their social media pages, through email newsletters, or even on coupon websites like AliPromo.Codes. Keep an eye out for these codes to save on shipping costs!

5. Hunt for Free Shipping Deals

Another great way to enjoy free shipping on AliExpress orders is to keep an eye out for free shipping deals. AliExpress frequently offers free shipping on specific products or during special promotions. While browsing the website, look for products that come with free shipping or keep an eye out for banners that advertise free shipping deals. This way, you can save on shipping costs and get your desired items delivered to your doorstep without any extra charges.

6. Opt for AliExpress Sellers with Free Shipping

Lastly, if you want to secure free shipping on your AliExpress orders, consider purchasing from sellers who offer free shipping. Many sellers on AliExpress provide free shipping on their products, making it a convenient option for customers. You can easily filter your search results to only display products with free shipping or look for the free shipping badge on product listings. By choosing sellers who offer free shipping, you can enjoy the convenience of having your items delivered to you without any additional shipping fees.

How to Use AliExpress Free Shipping Coupon or Take Advantage of Free Shipping Deals

While it may not be a frequent occurrence on Aliexpress, there are instances where you can come across free shipping coupons or promo codes that will eliminate or reduce the shipping cost of your order. Additionally, there are also free shipping deals available where participating sellers agree to offer their products with free shipping for a limited period of time. By utilizing these deals and coupons, you can take advantage of the opportunity to receive free shipping on your order.

Costs of Free Shipping

How to Get Free Shipping on AliExpress

Are you curious about how to obtain free shipping on AliExpress? Luckily, there are multiple options available to you. However, it’s important to note that free shipping typically takes longer and may cost more than paid shipping. For instance, you can receive free shipping on certain items with China Post, but these items may take anywhere from 20 to 39 days to arrive.

The expense of free shipping on AliExpress varies depending on the destination country. While the cheaper shipping method, Standard Shipping, is often free, it’s important to consider the drawbacks of this method. Firstly, your items will be shipped to a Customs office in your country, which may require you to pick up your order or have it returned. Secondly, your package may not arrive on time, so tracking it may be necessary. Lastly, you may not be able to determine if your product has arrived in good condition until you receive it.

Have no fear, though! With a little patience and careful consideration, you can take advantage of free shipping options on AliExpress while still receiving your items in good condition and on time.

Features of AliExpress Standard Shipping

  • Affordable: While not the most budget-friendly option, AliExpress Standard Shipping is a cost-effective choice that offers great value for your money. It may require a slightly higher fee, but the benefits it provides make it worth the investment.
  • Trackable: One of the biggest advantages of AliExpress Standard Shipping is that it comes with tracking. This feature is especially popular among drop shippers, as it allows both sellers and buyers to easily monitor the status of their orders. All transaction and tracking information is stored on AliExpress, making it easy to access.
  • Reliable: When it comes to safety and security, AliExpress Standard Shipping is a reputable choice. You can trust that your purchases will be protected and delivered to you in a timely manner. With top-notch safety measures in place, you can shop with confidence.
  • Delivery Time: While the estimated delivery time for AliExpress Standard Shipping is typically 15-45 days, luxury tier shipments can speed up the process to 7-15 days. Regardless of the delivery time, you can rest assured that your items will arrive safely and securely. With AliExpress Standard Shipping, you can enjoy a reliable and efficient shipping experience.

Delivery Times for Free Shipping

AliExpress offers free shipping for orders over $100, but it’s important to note that the delivery time can be up to 15 days. It’s crucial to keep this in mind before making a purchase – the faster your order arrives, the better! The delivery duration on AliExpress is influenced by various factors such as local holidays, processing issues, and unfavorable weather conditions.

Additionally, the time of year can also impact the shipping time. If you’re ordering items during Christmas or Black Friday, anticipate a longer delivery period. These peak seasons witness a surge in orders, resulting in longer shipping times than usual.

Cost of Standard Shipping on AliExpress

If you’re looking for affordable shipping options on AliExpress, there are a few choices available to you. One of the cheapest options is Super Economy shipping, which can take up to 50 days to arrive. However, keep in mind that this method does not offer tracking, so it may not be the best choice if you’re in a hurry.

Another option is to choose Seller’s Shipping, where the seller ships your product directly from their warehouse to your recipient. This method is generally safe and reliable, and you can expect to pay only a small amount for shipping. AliExpress partners with leading service providers worldwide to ensure that your package arrives in a timely and secure manner.

Overall, while standard shipping on AliExpress can be relatively cheap, it’s important to choose a shipping method that works for you. Whether you opt for Super Economy shipping or Seller’s Shipping, you can rest assured that AliExpress is committed to providing affordable and reliable shipping options to its customers.

Factors Affecting AliExpress Shipping Time

There are various factors that can affect the shipping time on AliExpress. One of these factors is the Chinese New Year or Golden Week. This national holiday in China can last up to two weeks, and during this time, many factories and warehouses are closed, leading to shipment delays. It is important to keep this in mind when placing an order during this time of the year.

Another factor that can greatly impact the waiting time is the type of shipment. For example, sea shipments will take longer than air shipments. It is important to consider this when choosing the shipment method for your order. If you need your order to arrive quickly, it is best to choose air shipment.

In addition, seller delays can also cause shipment delays. If the product is out of stock when you place your order, the seller may need extra time to prepare the item. It is important to check the availability of the product before placing your order to avoid any delays. Lastly, customs inspections can also cause shipment delays. These inspections can take days or even months, so it is important to be patient and allow for extra time for your order to arrive.


This useful guide is designed to alleviate the concerns and uncertainties surrounding AliExpress’s free shipping options. This article is designed to help users by carefully detailing a variety of strategies, from using search filters and leveraging seller negotiations to exploring promo codes and understanding different shipping methods. With step-by-step instructions, insights, and tips, readers will gain a clearer understanding of how to navigate AliExpress to maximize savings with free shipping options. Armed with these insights, shoppers can unlock the potential for massive savings while exploring the wide range of products available on this busy e-commerce platform.

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