How to Get Freebies on AliExpress and How Does It Work?

To receive freebies from the online retailer, you must have the Aliexpress mobile application. A further advantage of using the Aliexpress mobile app to make purchases is that you will always pay 1.5 dollars less. What if you buy it online? There are additional advantages as well. The coin-winning mobile games and other features not available to internet users are some of these advantages. This includes the “Freebies” section. An icon of a gift box is used to represent it. In the “Freebies” section, you can win things for nothing.01. If you have never used AliExpress before, this free guide will teach you how.

What Free Gifts Are Offered By Aliexpress?

Beginning at the beginning, let’s move forward. Why are the sellers giving away their products for free, and what are the freebies?

Products that are offered by sellers as freebies to a select group of customers. This is explained in a very straightforward manner. It’s an excellent way to get some excellent product reviews as well as a reasonably inexpensive way to promote their product.

There are usually a ton of products you can apply for, but you must be selective. It’s because you can only apply for TWO products per day! The maximum amount of time you will have to wait to learn if you are the lucky winner is five days (plus a little extra time for the winner to be announced), as most published freebies last for that long.

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How Does It Work?

The game’s name, we must admit, doesn’t accurately capture its essence. In order to succeed, you must put in a lot of effort. This is a genuine competition, not a lottery where the winner is selected at random. The winner of this game is only the most active AliExpress user.

The purpose of the “Freebies,” in brief, is as follows:

  1. New products are added to the section each morning.
  2. Users submit applications for the goods they want to purchase for $0.01 and the application is approved or declined by the bot.
  3. Throughout the week, the complete list of participants is updated.
  4. 3–4 days after the auction concludes, the program chooses the participant who has been the most active.
  5. It costs nothing to the winner.01 and gets the prize.

The best thing about “Freebies” is that they occasionally include expensive items like smartphones, laptops, wireless earbuds, etc. Of course, since there are so many applications for these products, there is fierce competition.

How To Get Freebies on AliExpress?

How to Get Freebies on AliExpress and How Does It Work?

You need to be a frequent user. Make repeated, more-than-monthly purchases from AliExpress. To increase your chances of winning, the item must cost more than $6. When you purchase a product from AliExpress, kindly post reviews and pictures. Enter the Aliexpress application on a regular basis (even if it’s just to look at the products). to your favorites.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t win by not doing the above, but you will have fewer chances to win a freebie if you don’t do it on a regular basis.

How Do I Apply For Freebies On Aliexpress?

  • Frequent orders on AliExpress – more than once a month;
  • The order sum should be big – if you make a few orders for $5-6, it would hardly increase your rating in the “Freebies”;
  • Take part in the feedback process on AliExpress – you should leave an honest detailed review of every product you buy;
  • Regularly visit the AliExpress website and the mobile app;
  • Be active on AliExpress by inviting friends, leaving likes, and interacting with the stores.

The most crucial factor is that it must be done frequently. Your chances of winning will rise, and it only takes 15 minutes per day.

How Does One Obtain A Freebie?

Although taking part is very easy, you can only do so twice daily and through the AliExpress app.

Start by visiting the app’s home page and selecting “Freebies” from the top bar (if you don’t see it, slide the bar to the right until you do).

As you will see, there are many options available to you, and there are many different categories of goods (including current events, electronics, sports, fashion, and accessories).

If you already know what you want, select it and then choose “Apply for free.”

Is It Possible To Raise My Chances Of Getting Freebies on AliExpress?

The truth is that although in theory Freebies are sort of a raffle, the more active you are in the app leaving ratings on your orders, AliExpress will take that into account and your chances of winning will significantly increase.

Get Freebies on AliExpress

The Seller Doesn’t Want To Change The Size Or Color Of My Freebie

It’s usually no problem for the seller to send you the desired size or color, but they are not really required to, so if they don’t want to, you will have to accept what they send.

Checking the product details to see if you can select a different size or color from the one shown in the picture is the best course of action before placing an order for a Freebie.

Can I Revoke A Freebie?

You might have won something that is too big for you or that you no longer want.

Not canceling it will prevent you from winning any additional prizes, so we strongly advise against doing so.

You can always sell something or give it to someone else if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit you.

Upon Receiving A Freebie, Will I Be Required To Pay VAT?

Be at ease; when you receive your freebie, you won’t be required to pay anything at customs.

Contact the seller and ask them to mark the package as a prize and note that you haven’t paid for it if you want to feel a little bit more at ease.

Additionally, you always have the option to refuse a shipment and have it sent back to the seller if you are prompted to pay for it when you receive it.

If you encounter any unexpected issues with your AliExpress shipment, such as AliExpress Shipment Cancelled, contact the seller and ask them to mark the package as a prize and note that you haven’t paid for it if you want to feel a little bit more at ease.


The chances of winning are slim, and winning is challenging. But you can raise your chances by including more reviews and putting in an application for giveaways where there is less opposition. Regularly check your inbox and shopping cart to keep an eye out for prizes. After you receive the item, take lots of pictures of it, and then use the Aliexpress app to write a review!

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