Ways to Grow Amazon Followers – How To See Followings

Amazon is dedicated to enhancing the connection between shoppers and brands. They continuously introduce new features that allow customers to evaluate brands before making purchases.

As part of this special initiative, buyers now have the opportunity to follow specific brands on the eCommerce platform as Amazon followers of this store, fostering even stronger engagements. Here’s our perspective on effective Amazon follower strategies for your business.

What is Amazon Follow?

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

Amazon is committed to fostering strong connections between brands and their customers. To achieve this, they’ve implemented a variety of features that encourage engagement. One such feature is Amazon Follow, which allows buyers to easily follow brands on social media, in their stores, and during Amazon Live events.

By putting the power in the hands of the customer, only the best brands with quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service will earn a loyal following. It’s all about building relationships that serve the customer’s interests.

What Does Getting Followed on Amazon Mean for Brands?

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

The number of sellers on Amazon is constantly increasing, which is great news for customers. However, for brands, each new seller means more competition. This forces brands to lower their prices and improve the quality of their products to stay relevant.

To show our dedication to customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations, we believe it’s important to have a strong presence on Amazon. When customers see that we are following the platform, it reassures them that we are committed to making them happy.

Having a large number of followers on Amazon also boosts our reputation in the industry. This directly impacts the number of visitors to our brand page and our conversion rates. That’s why we prioritize product quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service to attract more followers to our brand.

How to Find Stores I Follow on Amazon?

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

Finding the stores you follow on Amazon is a breeze! They’ll be displayed on your public profile for all to see. Amazon has made it easy for your followers to appear in various locations, including the pages of those you follow. But don’t worry, you have the option to hide your followers by adjusting your Profile page settings.

How to Grow Your Amazon Followers?

Gaining more followers on Amazon can really help your brand. So, how can you actively get more people to follow you? Here are 7 tips…

Amazon Storefront 

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

Amazon Brand Stores provides a carefully curated digital storefront that sets it apart from the competition. The navigation bar on the left side now includes a Follow option, allowing customers to easily stay updated with your brand.

To increase the number of followers on your store, you have the option to upload a custom image with a call to action in a module. However, it is important to consider if that space could be better utilized for other purposes. In essence, Amazon Stores should be viewed as a landing page rather than just an advertisement. It is crucial to optimize your Brand Store to create a welcoming, engaging, and converting experience for shoppers. To expand your follower base, it is recommended to leverage other programs such as Amazon Live.

Amazon Live  

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

Amazon Live is a free, self-service live-streaming platform available on Amazon. It allows brand-registered brands and their authorized agents to conduct live streams from their brand’s channel. These live streams can be featured in various locations, including the brand’s listings, Brand Store, competitor listings, Live Now row on the Amazon Live page, product category pages, and even the Amazon home page.

However, it is important to note that not all of these placements are immediately accessible. Brands need to “level up” their Amazon Live rank in order to unlock high-visibility placements. This can be achieved by regularly live streaming, building an engaged audience, driving sales through live streams, and applying for approval.

To gain more followers through Amazon Live, it is recommended to consistently include a call to action encouraging viewers to follow your brand throughout the live stream. Additionally, it is beneficial to assign a team member to monitor the live stream chat while the speaker presents. This team member can answer questions and encourage shoppers to follow your brand. This strategy works best when you can also offer exclusive discounts to shoppers who choose to follow your brand, such as providing a unique promo code specifically for that audience.

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

Amazon Posts  

Amazon Posts are a feature on Amazon that resembles an Instagram feed. They are displayed in various places, including your Brand Store, your product listings, competitor product listings, related post feeds, and category-based feeds. Please note that your posts feed may not be visible until you have published at least 10 posts.

Amazon Posts consist of the brand name and logo, an image, a “show product” button, a caption, and tags, all of which are automatically generated by Amazon.

To attract followers through Amazon Posts, it is important to include a follow button in your posts. You can also encourage shoppers to follow your brand by mentioning it in the caption. Similar to Amazon Live, offering exclusive discounts can be an effective strategy for gaining followers. Additionally, don’t hesitate to let your brand’s personality shine through in your posts. Incorporating emotions into your marketing efforts will make your content more engaging.

Media Gallery or A+ Content 

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

Another option to consider is utilizing the Media Gallery or A+ Content feature. By adding an infographic-style image to your listing media gallery, you can encourage shoppers to follow your brand. This image can highlight the benefits of following, such as being the first to know about new product launches, deals, and exclusive promotions.

If your product requires every image in the media gallery to showcase its features, you can instead promote the option to follow your brand within your A+ Content. Shoppers who engage with A+ Content typically do so because they still need more information before making a purchase decision. By showcasing a loyalty program or something similar, you can increase the likelihood of winning them over.

Sponsored Brand Ads 

Sponsored Brand Ads can be utilized on Amazon to support follower growth. By directing these ads to your Amazon Storefront, shoppers will have the opportunity to see the follow button. Although this tactic may be indirect, it is likely that increased traffic will result in more followers. Additionally, Sponsored Brand Ads have the added benefit of driving additional sales, making it a win-win strategy. 

Social Media Posts 

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

Another effective method for promoting follower growth is through social media posts. By encouraging your social media followers to also follow your brand on Amazon, you can expand your reach beyond the platform. This simple yet free tactic has proven to be successful in driving Amazon sales.


Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for promoting products on Amazon. By collaborating with influencers, brands can tap into highly relevant audiences, build trust, and increase listing traffic. To further enhance follower growth, influencers can be required to encourage their followers to follow your Amazon Storefront in their sponsored posts. While it may not be possible to directly attribute follower growth to specific influencers due to Amazon’s anonymous and aggregated follower information, monitoring for correlations between an influencer’s post and an increase in followers can provide valuable insights.

How Does Amazon Follow Help Sellers?

You may be curious as to why it is necessary to activate your Follow button on Amazon. Nevertheless, each metric introduced by Amazon presents distinct advantages. As a seller, you will swiftly acquire numerous benefits through this uncomplicated feature.

Building Strong and Lasting Customer Connections

The success of your business on Amazon hinges on the establishment of enduring relationships with your customers. It is imperative to nurture and maintain these connections in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. Currently, over 20 million Amazon Follow relationships underscore the significance of this aspect.

Fostering Regal Brand Connections

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

Merely establishing a brand relationship is not sufficient; you aspire to cultivate a sense of loyalty among your customers. Your goal is for them to associate your business and its offerings every time they visit Amazon. By encouraging customers to follow your brand, you can ensure that they remember your business and choose to purchase your products due to the rapport you have built over time.

Effectively Managing Customer Engagement

The Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) feature on Amazon provides a direct means for you to engage with your customers. This feature plays a pivotal role in cultivating regal relationships. Additionally, it can support the promotion of your featured products, new product announcements, and holiday gift guides. However, access to the “Manage Your Customer Engagement Feature” requires the presence of a brand followers section on your Amazon store page.

Enhance Your Brand’s Exposure

By acquiring brand followers, you can significantly increase your brand’s visibility on Amazon. As your followers publicly display the brands they follow, your brand will be exposed to a vast audience of potential customers.

Boost Your Email Marketing

Ways to Grow Amazon Followers

The Amazon Follow button provides a convenient way to reach out to your customers via email. This presents an excellent opportunity to use the portal as an email marketing tool. In addition to building customer relationships, you can also enhance your email marketing efforts by generating more leads.


Now you have gotten the tips on how to find stores you follow on Amazon and how to grow your Amazon followers. It’s important to optimize your Brand Store and create engaging content to attract and retain followers. Amazon Brand Stores, Amazon Live, Amazon Posts, Media Gallery or A+ Content, Sponsored Brand Ads, social media posts, and influencers can help you increase your follower base.

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