How Does Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers & Buyers?

Did you know that customers complete 28% of their Amazon purchases in just three minutes or less? However, what about the remaining purchases? Some users opt to save products in a wish list, either to purchase them at a later time or to share the list with a loved one.

So, how can Amazon sellers make the most of this opportunity? By creating a strategic Amazon wish list, you can expand your customer base and potentially increase sales. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of an Amazon wish list and how Amazon Wish List works for e-commerce owners.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how Amazon Wish List works and how you can use it to make your online shopping experience more organized and efficient.

What is Amazon Wishlist?

How Does Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers & Buyers?

If you’re wondering how Amazon Wish List works, let’s start with what it actually is. Essentially, it’s a list of products that you’d love to receive as gifts. The great thing about a Wish List is that it allows others (who have access to the list) to know exactly what you want. Of course, you can choose to keep your list private if you prefer.

The main purpose of creating a Wish List is to make it easy for others to buy you gifts that you actually need! It’s worth noting that there are two other types of Amazon Lists – Shopping Lists and Idea Lists. A Shopping List is for your own personal use, while an Idea List is created for the wider Amazon community. So, whether you’re looking to share your gift ideas or simply keep track of items you want to purchase later, to share gift ideas with friends and family, or to create a wedding or baby registry, Amazon has got you covered.

How Does Amazon Wish List Work? 

Amazon Wish List Work

When you’re browsing products on Amazon, you’ll come across a wide range of choices at different prices. Some items might catch your attention, but if you’re not ready to make a purchase right away, there’s a handy solution. You can simply use the Add to List button to add those items to your wish list.

The great thing is that you can create as many wish lists as you need. So, if you have different categories or preferences, you can easily organize your merchandise by adding them to the relevant list using the drop-down menu.

Accessing your Amazon Wish List page is a breeze. Just go to your AMZ account and look for Account & Lists in the top right corner. From there, navigate to the Your Lists tab and select your Wish List. Voila! All your saved products will appear right before your eyes.

With the AMZ wishlist, managing your products is a breeze. You can quickly move items to another list or delete ones you no longer want. It’s that simple to make the most of your wishlist and enhance your shopping experience.

How Does the Amazon WishList Work for Sellers? 

Amazon Wish List Work

Selling on the Amazon marketplace can be a profitable venture. However, it is important to note that it is a highly competitive platform, and merchants need to showcase all the advantages they can to stay ahead of their competitors. One useful feature for Amazon merchants is the Amazon Wish List.

Product Research

A significant part of a merchant’s role is to find niche items that will be popular among customers. By using Wish Lists, Amazon sellers can easily discover niche item ideas by accessing the ‘AMZ Most Wished For List.’

This convenient tool allows merchants to see what items customers are searching for and purchasing. They can then conduct further research on these items to determine if they would be viable to purchase and sell on the platform. Additionally, sellers can delve deeper to see how many other vendors are selling a particular item and at what price.

Develop a Seller Wishlist

After following the previous step, merchants have the option to create a list of potential items they may sell in the future. This feature provides a user-friendly database of products that can be easily added to their inventory. It also allows merchants to diversify their offerings or replace items that are not selling well or have been temporarily suspended.

Customer Engagement

Engaging with shoppers is crucial when running a business on Amazon. Merchants often use social media platforms to connect with clients, and Public AMZ WishLists can be a powerful tool for this. By sharing your product WishLists on social media groups and pages, you can encourage clients to add products to their lists, providing valuable feedback and inspiration for new items. Customer participation is key to managing and choosing products, making WishLists an essential tool for merchants.

Promo Campaigns 

Merchants consider promoting their goods as an essential aspect of selling. In addition to utilizing AMZ and social media ads, they seek innovative and efficient advertising methods, and AMZ Wish Lists can be a useful tool.

There are several ways to use Wish Lists, such as conducting polls to gather feedback from shoppers, sharing WishLists on Facebook to inform clients about new products, encouraging VIP clients to add items to the lists, motivating clients to share Wish Lists on their social media profiles, and organizing competitions to select new items from the WishLists. Engaging clients with the brand is an effective approach to increase sales and engagement, which can serve as a practical tool.

Inform About Price Reductions

The AMZ Wish List feature includes an important feature – price drop alerts. Whenever a product on a wish list goes on sale, customers will receive an automatic notification. This feature encourages customers to use their wish list, even if they’re not ready to make a purchase yet.

Many brands use email marketing to promote holiday deals and price drops, and it’s a successful strategy. You can apply this same tactic to your FBA store by allowing subscribers to add their favorite products to their wish list. This will increase the likelihood of them making a purchase and adding items to their shopping cart.

How Does Amazon Wish List Work for Buyers?

So, let’s explore how buyers can actually use wish lists and what benefits they gain from doing so. Understanding buyers’ motivations is crucial for creating successful wish list campaigns, let’s dive in.

Create and Manage Your Wish List

To create an Amazon wish list, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to “Your Lists” under the “Accounts & Lists” section.
2. Choose “Create a List” and provide a name for it.
3. Access the three dots menu located on the right side and opt for “Manage list”.
4. Make necessary updates to your list and shipping details, then save the changes.

Remember to repeat these steps for each list you intend to create and manage.

Also check how to change Shipping Speed on Amazon.

Share Your Wish List with Others

When you create a list on Amazon, it’s automatically set to private. But don’t worry, you can easily change that if you want to share it with others.

Here’s how to share your Amazon wish list:

1. Go to “Your Lists” on Amazon.
2. Find the list you want to share and click on the “+ Invite” button.
3. You’ll have two options for sharing the list:
– “View only”: This allows anyone with the link to view your list, but they can’t make any changes to it.
– “View and edit”: This option lets the people you share the list with make changes to it, like adding or removing items. They can also start a private conversation with you about the list, and they’ll be notified when others join or leave the list.
4. After choosing your sharing preference, you can either copy the link to share it or invite people by email.

Even if you’re using your list as a gift registry, you can still keep the surprise factor. By default, the “surprise-spoiler setting” is turned on. This means you won’t know what gifts others have purchased for you unless you try to buy the same item. If you do, Amazon will give you a warning. So, no spoilers!

Send Gifts

Amazon Wish List Work

In the past, it used to be a hassle to find gifts. You had to go to multiple stores, buy wrapping paper, prepare the gift, and then go to the post office to send it. But now, things have changed. You can do all of that in just a few minutes from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can be confident that your friends or family will love the gifts.

The best part is that you can choose any item from their wish list without them even knowing which one. When you’re ready to check out on Amazon, they offer you the option to pay a little extra to have the item wrapped in a gift bag. And if you want to make it even more personal, you can add a note for free.

Save Money

By adding the products to your list alerts and saving them to your Amazon watch list, you can easily track the fluctuation of prices for your preferred items and find the best deal.

Receive Updates

Amazon will notify you whenever there are changes in the product price or availability, allowing you to quickly snatch up highly demanded products that may go out of stock.

Find Great Deals

Amazon sellers can send promotional offers and deals directly to buyers who have added their items to their wish lists. As a buyer, all you need to do is add your favorite products to your lists.

Add Items to Your Wish List Easily

You can easily add any Amazon items to your wish list by clicking on the “Add to List” option on the product details page and selecting the desired list from the drop-down menu.

Buyers can also add items from other sites to their wish lists by installing the Amazon Assistant Google Chrome extension.

How to Create An Amazon Wishlist?

Creating an Amazon Wishlist is easy. To get started, you’ll need an Amazon account. If you don’t have one already, you can create one for free on Amazon’s website. Once you’ve logged in to your account, you can start browsing Amazon’s vast selection of products. When you find an item you want to add to your Wishlist, simply click the “Add to List” button that appears below the item’s title and price.

If you haven’t already created a Wishlist, you’ll be prompted to do so at this point. You can create multiple Wishlists if you want to organize your items by category, such as “Books,” “Electronics,” or “Gift Ideas.” You can also create private or public Wishlists. Private Wishlists can only be seen by you, while public Wishlists can be shared with anyone who has the link to your list.

How to Add Items to Amazon Wishlist?

Once you’ve created your Wishlist, you can start adding items to it. You can add items from any product page on Amazon’s website, and you can also add items from other websites using the Amazon Assistant browser extension. To add an item to your Wishlist, simply click the “Add to List” button and select the Wishlist you want to add it to.

You can also add notes to your Wishlist items to remind yourself why you added them in the first place. For example, you might add a note like “Want to buy for my sister’s birthday” or “Need for my upcoming trip.” These notes can be helpful reminders when you’re trying to decide which items to purchase.

How Does Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers & Buyers?

Is Amazon Wishlist Worth It?

Finally, it’s worth noting that Amazon Wishlist is not just limited to the Amazon website. You can also access your Wishlist through the Amazon app on your mobile device, or through third-party apps and browser extensions that support Amazon Wishlist integration. This can make it even easier to keep track of your items and stay organized on the go.

How to Find an Amazon Wish List?

The process is simple, consisting of four steps. Here is a breakdown of each step:

Step 1: Access your personal AMZ profile and navigate to the Accounts and Lists section located in the upper-right corner.

Step 2: Within the Your Lists tab, select the option to Create a List.

Step 3: Provide a name for the list in order to add a wishlist.

Please note that all wishlists are automatically kept private unless you choose to share them with other users or make them public.

Step 4: While browsing the Amazon marketplace, select any products that you wish to purchase. If you come across a product that catches your interest but you are unsure about buying it immediately, you can add it to the wishlist by locating the Buy Box section within the product listing.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the process. Feel free to add more items to your AMZ WishList. However, it is important to exclude the following:

  • Out-of-print books
  • Out-of-stock products
  • Mobile phones with service plans
  • Goods with no release dates
  • Goods with quantity limitations

Additionally, you have the option to add items from other merchants. Simply check the See Buying Options feature. It is important to note that only list owners have the ability to modify any details on the list. For instance, gift-givers may have access to the owner’s name, state, and city of their address.

What Benefits Do Customers Get From Wishlists?

Amazon Wish List Work

List’s list-making capabilities offer numerous benefits to customers. Amazon Lists serve as a convenient shopping list for consumers, allowing them to easily add items as they browse through the website. Whether it’s for a wedding, a new baby, the holidays, a birthday, or any other occasion, customers can create a shopping list or a present list.

Moreover, Lists enable customers to stay updated on product price changes by setting up alerts for price drops. Additionally, Lists simplify the process of comparing costs among different retailers, providing customers with the advantage of finding the best deals.

Furthermore, shoppers can collaborate with friends and family by exchanging wishlists and gift registries through Lists. This feature allows them to use the List as a reference when shopping for the List-holder as a gift.

To avoid unnecessary duplicate purchases, when a customer makes a purchase on Amazon, the item(s) are automatically removed from their List. This ensures a streamlined and efficient shopping experience.

Furthermore, Lists not only allow customers to add specific products but also their own ideas. For instance, if a consumer adds “shirts” to their list, they may feel inspired to give the List creator a shirt as a gift.

Conclusion for How Does Amazon Wish List Work

In conclusion, the Amazon WishList is an incredibly valuable feature that can be utilized for selecting items and gathering feedback from customers. By using this tool responsibly, clients can actively engage with businesses, improve interactivity, build brand awareness, and ultimately gain loyal fans, resulting in increased product sales.

We trust that this article has provided a comprehensive answer to the question, “What is a wishlist on Amazon?” Wishlists on Amazon offer vendors valuable insights into their customers’ preferences and interests. By fulfilling customers’ desires, vendors can reduce waste and streamline the gift-giving process for all parties involved.

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