How Long Does 12th Tribe Take to Ship: Shipping Duration

12th Tribe From fashion-forward apparel and accessories to home décor, 12th Tribe crafts its collections to invite individuals seeking unique styles. The purpose of this article is to objectively inform and guide those interested in learning about 12th Tribe products on frequently asked questions regarding shipping duration, return policies, and international shipping to help potential buyers make an informed purchasing decision.

What is the 12th Tribe?

How Long Does 12th Tribe Take to Ship

12th Tribe is not just an online boutique; it represents a cultural hub and a catalyst for diverse fashion narratives. Spanning an extensive spectrum from clothing and accessories to home décor, the brand meticulously curates its offerings to encompass a fusion of styles that resonate with individuals seeking distinctiveness. You can check our 12th Tribe Reviews for more detailed information.

Within its treasure trove of fashion delights lies the illustrious 12th Tribe Signature Collection, an embodiment of exclusivity. This specialized line introduces limited-edition items that are not just pieces of apparel or accessories but artifacts of style. By adhering to this approach, 12th Tribe ensures its inventory is not static but a dynamic manifestation that evolves in sync with the ever-shifting currents of fashion trends.

The brand’s essence goes beyond just providing products; it serves as a conduit for self-expression and individuality. Every piece showcased within 12th Tribe’s repertoire tells a story, encouraging customers to embrace their uniqueness and make a personal statement through fashion.

12th Tribe’s dedication to offering a diverse array of items ensures that customers can explore and experiment, finding elements that resonate with their personal style preferences. Whether it’s a garment that exudes elegance, an accessory that adds flair, or a home décor item that defines ambiance, 12th Tribe doesn’t merely sell products; it invites individuals to explore and embody their fashion journey.

How Long Does 12th Tribe Take to Ship?

Acknowledging the urgency of timely deliveries, 12th Tribe provides a spectrum of shipping options tailored to diverse needs. The standard shipping duration within the United States typically spans 5-7 business days, embracing free regular shipping for first-class orders. For those craving expedited service, the brand offers priority shipping, ensuring delivery within 3-4 business days for a nominal $9.00 (USD) charge. Moreover, express overnight shipping guarantees doorstep arrival within 1-2 business days at a cost of $30.00 (USD).

Are 12th Tribe Returns Free?

How Long Does 12th Tribe Take to Ship

Return policies wield significant influence over a customer’s purchasing journey. Within 14 days of receiving an item, 12th Tribe accepts returns if it aligns with specified conditions. Notably, while the brand offers free returns for domestic orders exceeding $100, returns for orders below this value may incur a shipping fee, a pertinent consideration for discerning shoppers.

Does 12th Tribe Ship Internationally?

How Long Does 12th Tribe Take to Ship

12th Tribe ships to customers worldwide, so no matter where you’re from, you can shop on the site. Standard international shipping is expected to arrive within 7-21 business days at a price of $15, ensuring that the brand’s range of products reaches enthusiasts around the world. For customers looking for expedited service, international DHL Express Shipping promises fast delivery within 1-3 business days for $35 to meet the urgent needs of customers around the world.

12th Tribe Return & Refund Info

How Long Does 12th Tribe Take to Ship

In addition to accepting returns within a specified time frame, 12th Tribe prides itself on processing refunds promptly once the returned item complies with its return policy. This commitment to a seamless refund process underscores the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and reliability.

How Long Does 12th Tribe Take to Ship


All in all, 12th Tribe is not only a purveyor of unique and trendy fashion pieces, but also a brand dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Understanding the intricacies of shipping times and return policies is the cornerstone of an enriching shopping journey. By offering diverse shipping options, accommodating return policies, and cultivating a community presence through its partnership with Project Beauty Bus, 12th Tribe is proving a brand that not only meets customer needs but also strives to create a positive impact in its space.

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