How to Accept Invitation on Temu: Easy Steps to Try

Do you want to know the functions, advantages, and how to operate the Temu invitation program correctly? You can maximize your experience and rewards on the platform by understanding the process of inviting friends and accepting invitations on Temu in this article.

In addition to this, it also introduces alternative ways for users to obtain free products on Temu without relying solely on friend invitations. By illuminating these different approaches, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of how to get the most value from the platform, ensuring a fulfilling and rewarding user experience.

What is Invitation to Temu?

How to Accept Invitation on Temu

Temu’s invitation program is a gateway to get free products by inviting 12 friends to the platform. The Invitation program not only lets your friends know about the project, but it also enriches your circle’s experience by introducing them to new and exciting products. This symbiotic relationship creates a win-win situation for both the inviter and the invitee.

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How to Accept Invitation to Temu?

Choose a Product

Inviting friends on Temu begins with selecting a product that resonates with your preferences and interests. Navigate to the main homepage of Temu and locate the “You” tab at the bottom. Tap on it and choose “Free Gifts” from the displayed options. Pick a desired gift and proceed by clicking “Get Now.” Customize the product, if applicable, by selecting color or other preferences. Confirm your choice to proceed.

Add Your Address

How to Accept Invitation on Temu

Upon confirming your gift selection, a prompt will appear. Click on “Add a New Address” and input your required details, including your street address. The system automatically populates your phone number—ensure it’s accurate. Complete the process by tapping “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Invite New App Users

Upon setting up your address, you’ll return to the page displaying your selected gift and its details. Here, choose “Invite New App Users.” A pop-up will appear, allowing you to select the application through which you wish to send the invitation to your friends.

Send Invitations and Claim Your Reward

Select the preferred application and proceed to send invitations to your friends. Once they join Temu using your invitation, you become eligible to claim the selected product from the “Free Gifts” section. These straightforward steps ensure a seamless process in inviting friends to Temu and securing your deserved rewards.

How to Maximize Your Temu Invite Friends Rewards?

How to Accept Invitation on Temu

Step 1: Utilize Temu Promo Codes

When embarking on the Temu Invite Friends program, integrating Temu promo codes into your invitations is paramount. Begin by accessing the designated section within the app or website where promo codes are available. Prioritize utilizing these codes during the invitation process to augment the rewards. These codes serve as enticing incentives for both the invitees and the inviter, magnifying the allure of joining Temu and boosting the rewards you earn upon successful invitations.

Step 2: Active Engagement is Key

Active participation within the Temu platform significantly contributes to the success of your invitation endeavors. Engage with the platform’s diverse array of products, explore various categories, and delve into the offerings that align with your interests. This firsthand experience equips you with genuine insights and anecdotes to share with your friends, making your invitations more compelling. By authentically engaging with the platform, you elevate your credibility, enticing friends to explore Temu based on your genuine recommendations.

Step 3: Showcase Authentic Experiences

Sharing authentic experiences about your interactions with Temu’s products can be a game-changer in encouraging friends to accept your invitations. Craft personalized messages, highlighting your positive encounters with specific products or features. Showcase the benefits, uniqueness, or usefulness of these offerings in a relatable manner, emphasizing how they’ve positively impacted your own experiences. Your genuine enthusiasm and transparent reviews significantly elevate your invitations’ appeal, increasing the likelihood of your friends accepting the Temu invitation.

Step 4: Diversify Invitation Strategies

Employ a diversified approach when sending out invitations to amplify your success rate. Utilize various communication channels available within the app or website to reach out to friends. Whether through direct messages, emails, or social media platforms, tailor your invitations to suit the preferences and communication habits of your friends. Personalize your messages, highlighting the specific benefits and rewards awaiting them upon joining Temu. This multi-faceted approach maximizes visibility and engagement, widening the scope of your invitations’ impact.

How to Get Free Stuff on Temu Without Inviting Friends?

How to Accept Invitation on Temu

While inviting friends yields exciting rewards, Temu also offers avenues to acquire free products without involving friends. Actively participate in promotions, engage with referral-free opportunities, and keep an eye on Temu’s periodic offerings and events, which occasionally provide freebies without the necessity of inviting friends.


Temu’s invitation system presents a rewarding opportunity to both invitees and the inviter, fostering a thriving community while offering delightful rewards. By comprehensively understanding the invitation process, maximizing rewards, and exploring alternative avenues to acquire freebies, users can extract maximum value from the platform. Whether engaging with the platform solo or expanding your circle, Temu ensures a fulfilling and rewarding user experience.

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