How to Delete an Address on Amazon – What You Should Know

Are there issues as a result of the multiple addresses that you have saved in your Amazon account? If this is the case, delete the inactive addresses to keep the list organized. We’ll demonstrate how to delete an address on Amazon by using desktop and mobile devices. You can edit an address without deleting it if all you want to do is change it.

Whether you’ve moved to a new location, no longer need an address on your list, or just want to tidy up your account, learning how to delete an address on Amazon is a valuable skill. In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to remove an address from your Amazon account, making your shopping experience more efficient and tailored to your current needs.

How Do I Delete an Address From Amazon?

Step 1: Open the Amazon App:

Open the Amazon App

To delete your address from Amazon on your mobile device, you can start by looking for the Amazon icon. But you’ll need to download it from the Google Play Store app if you can’t seem to find the Amazon icon.

  • Visiting the Google Play Store To download the app, type “Amazon” into the search bar and press “download.”
  • Otherwise, launch the Google Chrome browser and navigate to the official Amazon website from there.

Step 2: Tap on the 3 Dot Button Below:

Tap on the 3 Dot Button Below

To open the app, we will click on it. Utilizing Amazon’s logging information, log in with your user ID. Both your mobile number and registered mail are acceptable methods for logging in.

  • If the password is something you can’t remember, try creating an OTP to log in, or click the “forget password” link to create a new password.
  • Then, as you can see in this image, there are various options available at the bottom.
  • You can see that there are three lines or dots to your right.
  • To access the menu, press the “3 dot button” on your screen.

Step 3: Tap on “Your things” in the Amazon App:

There are many options available for you to choose from. Click on “Your Things” as shown in the image below.” The Amazon logo is visible on what appears to be a brown cardboard carton.

Step 4: Tap on “Your Account” in Amazon App:

Tap on "Your Account" in Amazon App

When you click the “Your Things” icon, a new menu with numerous choices will open, and one of those choices will be titled “Your Account.” You must choose that choice if you want to proceed.

Step 5: Tap “Your Addresses”:

You can now see a number of options in your account. such as security and login, your addresses, etc.

To view your addresses, select the “Your Addresses” option.

Step 6: Tap on “Remove”:

Tap on "Remove"

Then, after clicking “Your addresses,” a new page where you have entered all of your addresses will open. Select the address you want to remove now, leaving the others alone.

To remove the addresses that you no longer want in your Amazon account, select “Remove.”

confirm deletion

Step 7: Tap on “Yes”:

Tap on "Yes"

Finally, Amazon will request your confirmation that you actually want to delete this address.

To confirm, press “Yes.” You can remove your address from your Amazon account in the same way.

Hopefully, by the end, you learned how simple it was to remove the Amazon delivery address. You can easily learn How to Delete Amazon Purchase History.

How to Delete an Address on Amazon on the Desktop

How to Delete an Address on Amazon

On a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, visit the Amazon website to remove a saved address. Start by launching your preferred web browser on your computer and accessing

Visit the Amazon website and sign into your account.

  1. Hovering your mouse over the “Account & Lists” link in the top-right corner of Amazon will bring up a submenu.
  2. Select “Account” from the submenu.”
  3. Click “Your Addresses” under the heading “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” on the “Your Account” page that appears.”
  4. The addresses you have saved will be displayed on the “Your Addresses” page. Locate the address you want to delete. Then click “Remove” near the bottom of that address.”
  5. Here, select “Yes” to remove your address from the list by selecting the “Confirm Removal” prompt.

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How to Delete an Address on Amazon on Mobile

Delete a saved address using the Amazon app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

  1. Open the Amazon app on your device first, then log in with your account. Tap the user icon in the app’s bottom corner.
  2. At the top of the page, tap “Your account”
  3. Tap “Your Addresses” under “Account Settings” after scrolling down to that section.”
  4. You can find all of your saved addresses on the “Your Addresses” page. To remove an address, find it and tap the “Remove” button that appears beneath it.

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How Do I Update My Amazon Digital Purchase Address?

Change your Amazon order address with the help of this guide.

You can change your Amazon purchase address by following these steps:

  • -Login to your account on and go to “Your Account”.
  • -Click “Manage Address” on the left side of the screen.
  • -Choose the country you want to ship from, then click “Change address”.
  • -Enter your new shipping information, then click “Submit”.

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Now that you’ve mastered the art of deleting an address on Amazon, you’re well on your way to maintaining a well-organized Amazon account. The ability to remove outdated or unused addresses not only simplifies your shopping experience but also enhances your account’s security. Keep in mind that you can always add new addresses whenever your circumstances change. We hope this guide has been helpful in ensuring that your Amazon account is set up exactly as you need it. Happy shopping, and may your Amazon experience be as seamless as possible!

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