How to Remove Powered by Shopify in Simple Ways

Many Shopify merchants question how to remove Powered by Shopify from their website footer when setting up a new online store. Most users of free Shopify themes or trial versions might not be aware of the rules about whether it is acceptable to remove Powered by Shopify.

You can remove the powered by Shopify tag if you use free Shopify themes or a trial for your online store.

What Does Powered by Shopify Mean?

Shopify is a platform for creating and customizing successful online Shopify stores. This text, which informs the public that this store was made on Shopify, is displayed in the store’s footer when you create one on this platform.

Some store owners want it gone for aesthetic reasons, others just want their footer free of any links, and still, others have other reasons.

This sign frequently misleads people into thinking that the store is a drop-shipper and that they can find better deals elsewhere. 

Opportunities to establish an authentic brand identity for your store are made available by removing power by Shopify from the footer.

So, how do you get powered by Shopify out of the footer? Regardless of your motivations, there are two easy steps you can take to remove this text from your store using one of our two provided methods.

Check out the following YouTube video for instructions on how to remove powered by Shopify.

Powered By Shopify Removal Instructions

Fortunately, the procedure is easy. The steps may vary slightly depending on your theme, technical proficiency, and preferences, but they are generally the same for all stores.

To demonstrate how to remove “Powered by Shopify,” we’ll use the “Debut” theme in this example. The steps should be fairly similar if you’re using other free themes, though. 

How To Remove Powered By Shopify?

Method 1: Remove Powered By Shopify Using Edit Code

1. Go to your Shopify Dashboard, on the left sidebar, click Online Store > ThemesShopify Dashboard to remove powered by Shopify.

2. You will see an Action button in front of your active theme. Click it, then select Edit Languages.

3. Search for “Powered” in the Filter Translations box.

4. Add a single space to the Powered by Shopify box. The faded text will disappear as a result.

5. Hit Save. The powered-by Shopify text is now gone from your store.

The sign will now be taken out of your store’s footer.

The approach described above is the most straightforward to use. It works for all themes, but if for some reason it doesn’t for you, you can use the next technique to get rid of the “powered by Shopify” text.

Method 2: Remove Powered By Shopify Using Edit Language

You can use the alternative method below if the first method fails for a variety of reasons. You have the option to select Edit languages rather than Edit code, which is also advised by Shopify.

Step 1: Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit languages

You should proceed to the Shopify Dashboard, much like before. Choose the icon for Themes by clicking the Online Stores link in the sidebar’s left column. You will now see the page that your active theme has depicted. A drop-down menu will be present, with the choice “Edit languages” included. Click on it.

Step 2: Type “powered” into the Filter box

Under sections like Check Out & systems / Links or General / Password Page, you’ll see faded placeholder text that reads “Powered by Shopify.” To remove the faded text, simply press the spacebar. Use the HTML search bar in a similar manner.

Step 3: Click Save

To save your changes, return to the top of the screen and scroll to the top right. You’ve successfully eliminated Powered by Shopify from both the password page and the checkout page. 

Method 3: Remove Powered by Shopify with the Mobile App

We are all aware that every retailer uses a laptop or a computer to customize their online store. But now that mobile devices are more common, some of us carry our phones with us wherever we go. Last but not least, we’ll describe how to remove the Powered by Shopify code on Android or iOS devices.

To remove the Powered by Shopify badge, follow these instructions:

  • Visit Shopify’s dashboard.
  • Go to Online Store > Themes from the section titled Sales channels.
  • Click Actions > Edit languages after selecting the theme you want to change.
  • Search for “powered” in the Filter box.
  • Just one space should be entered in the Powered by Shopify box.
  • Click Save.
  • The Powered by Shopify link has been removed from your website successfully. If you run into any problems while implementing this instruction, please let us know in the comment section. Good luck!
Remove Powered by Shopify

Is It Possible to Remove remove Powered by Shopify?

The short answer is yes, and while it is entirely up to you whether or not to do so, there are several valid arguments in favor of doing so.

First off, you might not want to confuse customers when they see a brand that is not yours.
Second, rather than handing the footer over to Shopify, you should use it for your own branding.
For aesthetic purposes, you might also want to remove the phrase “Powered by Shopify.”
Consumer Reports found in one of its studies that the typical user paid more attention to a website’s surface features than to its actual content.

Imagine that most potential customers would want to confirm that the store is reliable before making a purchase. They would therefore check the social media accounts of your company first.

Sadly, they immediately notice the “Powered by Shopify” link next to the social media links.

Customers who click on this link are informed that:

  • You don’t carry out your own procedures.
  • They can locate the item for a lower cost elsewhere.
  • And you’re probably not very good at this.
  • Deleting the Powered by Shopify footer link as soon as possible is therefore advised.

What Should Appear In The Footer In Place Of “Powered By Shopify”?

In place of “Powered by Shopify,” adding a trust seal from well-known companies like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, money-back guarantees, your social media links, and contact information in the footer is likely to foster much greater levels of trust.
The “Free Shipping,” “Free Returns,” and “Save & Secure Checkout” badges emphasize the store’s policy and superior customer service, helping to project a sense of security.
Particularly, you’ll notice that the link is personalized with the store owner’s name rather than “Powered by Shopify.”
The trust badge becomes instantly usable as soon as you install our theme EcomSolid. To adapt it to your website, you simply need to drag and drop the elements into place. Your imagination is the only constraint.

Why Am I Unable To Remove “Powered By” From My Shopify Store?

You should be aware that the Powered by Shopify removal only applies to the modified Shopify theme. You must manually remove the “Powered by Shopify” text from the recently uploaded theme and other themes in the Theme library using the methods described above.

If the Shopify theme you are using was created by a third-party theme developer and is for a fee. If you need help editing a third-party theme, consult the documentation or get in touch with their support staff.

Remove Powered by Shopify: Conclusion

The phrase “Powered by Shopify” is the first thing you remove in web development when creating a website or e-commerce. By doing this, you can get rid of the promotional phrase because it is unnecessary and might even damage your website. The methods listed above offer straightforward options for how to approach phrase removal. You can use any of them, and they will all be ideal for your online store.

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