How to Return on AliExpress: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to know more about how to return goods on AliExpress? How can you achieve worry-free returns on this platform? In this guide, we detail the process for returning free and non-free returns on AliExpress, providing expert advice on handling disputes, securing refunds, and optimizing your returns experience on AliExpress.

What’s Free Return Service?

How to Return on AliExpress

The first step in leveraging AliExpress’ Free Return service is discerning whether the purchased item qualifies. Luckily, this information is conspicuously labeled on the item’s details page. If the seller extends Free Return, a clear indication is provided, ensuring transparency in the shopping experience.

How to Return on AliExpress: Checklist on Returning

Returning items on AliExpress demands adherence to a systematic process to guarantee a smooth transaction:

  • Communication via AliExpress Chat: Solely interact with the seller through AliExpress chat for clarity and documentation of conversations.
  • Requesting Return Address: Before dispatching the product, request the return address from the seller.
  • Evaluate Return Options: When dissatisfied with the product (due to damage or discrepancies), contemplate whether returning the item for a refund or seeking compensation is more viable, considering shipping costs.
  • Documentation is Key: Capture unboxing visuals or photographs, crucial evidence in potential disputes. Before initiating a return to China, engage the seller, elaborating on the situation. Never return products without first opening a dispute on AliExpress.
  • Opening a Dispute: Head to the “Order Details” section and click “Open Dispute.” Fill in details, including expected resolution, issue specifics, refund amount, and a comprehensive description of the situation. Attach evidence such as videos, photos, and message history with the seller to substantiate your claim.
  • Seller Response and Escalation: Await the seller’s response upon dispute initiation. If the seller agrees to accept the return, a return address will be provided. In case of refusal, escalate the dispute for further resolution.
How to Return on AliExpress

AliExpress categorizes orders into two types: those with and without free return. While purchases with free return offer seamless return processes, items lacking this feature demand a nuanced approach.

Do I Have Free Return?

For items without free return, bearing shipping costs for returns might render the process financially disadvantageous. However, alternative solutions exist:

  • Dispute for Full/Partial Refund: Depending on the situation, opt for a full refund without returning the item for damaged or misrepresented products. For discrepancies that allow item usage despite misrepresentation, request a partial refund without return.
  • Return Responsibility Consideration: If the purchase is no longer desired and returning is the only option, opt for a full refund with return, but exercise caution as return costs can be exorbitant for low-value items.

Return Orders Without Free Return

How to Return on AliExpress

When returning items without free return, meticulous steps ensure a successful transaction:

  • Dispute Initiation: Open a dispute for a full refund with return.
  • Packaging and Return Preparation: Reuse the original packaging, note the provided return address, and ship the item via registered mail for proof of receipt in China.
  • Informing the Seller: Share courier details and tracking number via AliExpress’ designated form after shipping the item.

How to Return a Product without Free Return?

How to Return on AliExpress

When bearing shipping costs for returns, adhere to these steps:

  • Initiate a dispute, requesting a full refund with the return of the product.
  • Repackage the order in its original packaging.
  • Use registered mail to ship the item back to China.
  • Provide the courier details and tracking number to the seller through AliExpress’s provided form.


How to Return on AliExpress

With the right knowledge, handling returns on AliExpress can be a smooth process. Whether you’re taking advantage of free returns or dealing with non-returnable items, it’s important to understand the steps involved in raising a dispute, providing evidence, and securing your refund. By following the outlined checklist and recommendations, you can ensure a seamless returns process, allowing you to shop on AliExpress with confidence.

FAQs About Returns

What is the Deadline to Apply for a Return?

Apply for a return within 15 days of receiving the item, maintaining its pristine condition.

Who Pays for the Shipping Costs When Making the Return?

Return multiple items together to enjoy free return. Otherwise, expect additional shipping fees.

How Long Does it Take to be Refunded in Full?

Receive a full refund upon meeting reimbursement conditions, the earlier you return, the quicker the refund.

How do You Deliver/Deposit the Refund?

Refunds are returned using the same method as the original purchase payment.

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