How to Share Amazon Cart with Your Friends?

At least once, you might notice individuals nearby sharing an Amazon Cart. Sincerely, it is quite convenient and well-liked at the moment. So how do you share an Amazon cart? Read on to find out what we’ve discovered about sharing an Amazon cart and the detailed steps you’ll need to take!

How To Share Amazon Cart?

You must download an external browser plug-in like Share-A-Cart or Shopping Cart Share because you cannot share your Amazon cart through Amazon directly. You can create a distinctive ID and then share it with others in 2023 using a variety of free plugins and extensions for your browser.

There are numerous free browser extensions and plugins that let you share a cart with others since you can’t do so directly through

You can use third-party browser plugins like Share-A-Cart or Shopping Cart Share.

The main distinction between sharing your wishlist and sharing your shopping cart is that you cannot directly share your cart through Amazon; however, you can share your wishlist.

However, you learned how to share your cart, and you can do so by taking a few extra steps and downloading an extension.

You can share your shopping cart with anyone you choose thanks to one of the most well-liked extensions for this, called Shopping Cart Share. 

The process is quite simple:

  • Download Shopping Cart Share
  • Go to the Amazon site and open your active shopping cart
  • Click Share on the Amazon page
  • Send the link of your shopping cart to anyone you want

You can share any cart, including Amazon Fresh purchases, with just one click thanks to this.

You probably have a few questions, so why don’t you continue reading to find out more about sharing your Amazon wishlists and cart.

How Can I Share My Amazon Cart From an iPhone or Android?

If you’re wondering how to share an Amazon shopping cart on a phone, the same extensions that you can use on a computer to do so are also available on the app store or play store. 

On your smartphone, you ought to have no trouble downloading them.

However, things change slightly if you want to send your cart and give the other person control of the shared cart.

Here is how to share your amazon cart on mobile using the Amazon app on either Iphone or Android:

1 – On the app, sign in with your Amazon account.

2 – Start adding items to your shopping cart.

3 – Tap View Cart & To see them all, check out. There, in detail, are visible.

4 – When you click “Transfer control of the cart,” you’ll be taken to a page where you can input the email address of the person with whom you would like to share it.

5 – Click “Send.”

How Long Are Items Valid in Your Amazon Cart?

How to Share Amazon Cart with Your Friends

You can keep items in your Amazon cart for about two weeks, although some items in your cart may be out of stock if you leave them in for that long before purchasing them.

So, if there’s something you want to buy, don’t leave it in your cart for too long—especially something popular like a video game console.

While popular items like video game consoles can go out of stock in a matter of hours, you’re probably not going to experience that issue with regular household items.

The length of time you can leave items in your Amazon cart, however, will depend on whether you’re logged in or just using a guest account. Every 30 minutes, guests will have their carts refreshed.

So, if you want to leave items in your Amazon cart, you should create an account first so you won’t have to worry about the 30-minute refresh and can share your cart.

How useful is Amazon Cart?

Products that you want to buy that are connected to your personal or business Amazon account can be temporarily stored in the Amazon shopping cart. Additionally, it shows the price of those products at the time you access them and notifies you when that price changes. You can also share Amazon product links with your friends. After adding something to your cart, you can access everything you found while browsing the website and make purchases from here. As a result of your browsing history, you can also find pertinent recommendations here. When you add items here, they stay in your cart until you check out. The following explains how to share your Amazon cart without endangering your online security.

Why Am I Unable To Share My Amazon List?

One of the most frequent queries is “Why can’t I share my Amazon list?” We must keep in mind that the privacy settings can only be changed by the list’s owners. When it comes to user privacy, Amazon takes it very seriously. If you have checked your privacy settings and still are unable to share the list, bear this in mind. The list can be searched after up to 15 minutes. You can also share your Amazon Wish List with your friends for the best experience.


We hope you won’t need to visit any other websites now that you know everything there is to know about sharing your Amazon cart. Sharing Amazon deals with your friends will allow you to benefit from them now.

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