Is Aliexpress Ethical – What You Should and Shouldn’t Buy On It

Aliexpress was founded in 2010 by Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma. Since then, Aliexpress has been committed to providing products to global customers. Aliexpress is a popular online retail store headquartered in China. Aliexpress allows sellers to sell independently and operate within the scope of the code of conduct. Is Aliexpress such behavior ethical? Aliexpress group is committed to the highest ethical standards. Aliexpress enables various small businesses around the world to buy and sell in bulk to their customers. This brings fierce competition to eBay, a similar B2B platform. Aliexpress consists of various small enterprises located in China, Singapore, and many other places.

What Makes Aliexpress An Ethical Company?

Aliexpress is a simple e-commerce website where you can find multiple sellers with different kinds of products. Seller information is always displayed on the website. Each product on the website has a complete product description. You can determine whether the product is good by reading comments that contain product pictures. Sometimes it may happen that you can’t see products on Aliexpress, you can fix this question here.

Not every seller, but some unscrupulous sellers on the website have turned this platform into a fast money-making machine. This online retailer can shop, but you need to be on guard against swindlers. It is these immoral businesses that make Aliexpress unacceptable to some people.

Aliexpress has a series of different values that need to be observed by its stakeholders and all those who have an interest in the company. Corporate culture is about empowering small businesses. The group provides opportunities for its customers, businesses, and third parties to grow and prosper. No matter how large the organization is, it is committed to maintaining a common corporate and community culture. Here are a few values that Aliexpress strives to recognize every day:

  • Customers Are Key Priorities

Aliexpress gives priority to customers. They believe in maintaining their customers. According to the company, employees will grow and shareholders will benefit only when their customers are supported.

  • Live Seriously and Work Happily

Aliexpress believes that everyone has a purpose. Instill values in employees that “if you live with goals, you will be rewarded”.

  • Build Trust and Cherish it

Aliexpress is committed to building trust with all stakeholders. The group firmly believes that “with trust, there is no doubt”. Their values are simple.

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  • Compliance Channels

Aliexpress ensures that all stakeholders, from employees to customers they deal with, have a strong and effective network to report any violations of the code of conduct. The company has a set of rules and regulations that should be observed in any case. If any stakeholders face violations of the code of conduct, they must report to the specified compliance channels.

  • Disciplinary Action

Aliexpress has taken all possible measures to ensure that the highest ethical standards related to the company are maintained. However, in any case, when unethical behavior is found inside or outside the organization, the company will not step back and take action against the individual.

  • Account Related Issues

Aliexpress is described as an organization committed to complying with laws and regulations. If the standard is not met, the officer will submit a report and conduct a strict investigation.

Is Aliexpress More Ethical Than Amazon?

Aliexpress and Amazon both operate globally. Technically speaking, Aliexpress is more ethical than Amazon. Amazon does have values and business ethics, but it lacks enforceability. On the other hand, Aliexpress will pay attention to fully maintaining ethical standards.

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Is Aliexpress Legal?

Is Aliexpress Ethical - What You Should and Shouldn't Buy On It

Yes, Aliexpress is very legal and safe. You can shop as much as you like. If you have any questions about the loss of the product during delivery, please feel free to contact Aliexpress customer support for assistance. And you can use your credit card to shop on Aliexpress. Due to the buyer protection plan, shopping here is actually much safer than on eBay. In fact, quick selling leads to the buyer’s guarantee that if the product is lost or not delivered according to their list, the total amount of the product will be refunded. (Read More: Is It Safe To Use Credit Card On AliExpress for Shopping?)

As for the quality of products, you see, making any positive and reliable statement is an extension. Because there are many sellers on this e-commerce website, the quality of sellers is different. You can always go deep into the feedback part of the seller to understand what kind of experience people have. One way to check is to check the number of specific products sold. You can check the product pictures in the comments section, where people post the way and appearance of the products they receive. In general, Aliexpress is the place you should visit online whether you want to shop on a budget or start a business. You can also learn more information about AliExpress Plus to have a better experience on AliExpress.

Why is Aliexpress So Cheap?

At a glance, you can see how cheap most products of Aliexpress are. You will notice that even the most attractive goods are cheaper than you are in any other store. There are several reasons for this. The first reason Aliexpress products are so cheap is that you buy these products directly from the manufacturer and avoid going through the supply chain, which saves you a few dollars. In addition, production costs in China are relatively lower than anywhere else. The intellectual property law is also poorly enforced, which has led to a decline in prices. Many companies reject products because of poor quality. These products that can never enter the original goods have found Aliexpress. Another main reason and a common trick is that some sellers attach the price of accessories instead of the price of the main products. Only when you open the web page and notice the quotation will you mention the cost of the main products. This practice misleads many customers into thinking that the product is extremely cheap, but in fact, it has been listed as a trick.

Is Aliexpress Ethical

Items You Can Buy on Aliexpress

  • Jewelry Supplies

If you’re buying jewelry, it’s time to face the reality. They come from only one place, that is China. If you buy from sellers on Etsy or eBay, it is important to know that these sellers are only sellers who subdivide products made in China. If you agree, just go to the source directly. You will find the best price and the coolest choice here.

  • Curved gem

If you are looking for a cute Bobby, Aliexpress is a good place. If you are looking for cute little things to add to collages, clothes, or jewelry, this is a great place. This is like the land of rhinestones!

  • Jewelry

In Aliexpress, jewelry is dazzling. Everything you can dream of is here. But pay attention to size and quality. The size can be very small, just like the size of children. Sometimes the materials are good, sometimes they are cheap!

  • Ceramic Products

This is a good place for a lovely mug! There are so many lovely ones that are completely affordable. You can also find truly fashionable ceramic and glass flowerpots. This is another example. It is mass-produced from a handicraft store, but it is only made overseas. Such lovely middlemen and huge cost increases.

  • Mobile Phone Shell

Every kind of mobile phone on earth has a mobile phone case, and there are many lovely mobile phones. This is a simple way to improve your style of games, they are the same case, you will get in your local mobile phone store.

Is Aliexpress Ethical - What You Should and Shouldn't Buy On It

Items That Should Not be Purchased on Aliexpress

  • Enamel Pin

You should not buy enamel pins on Aliexpress. Their copyright policy is different from that of the United States. You often end up borrowing and stealing designs.

  • Clothing
Clothing in AliExpress

The size is not appropriate, and the material may be strange. Sometimes it looks completely different from what it looks like on the Internet! The biggest problem is materials – if you can’t see their list clearly, assume that it will be made of cheap synthetic materials. If the size is not clear, assume that a large one is more like a small one in the United States, or even super small.

  • Print

This is another place where Alibaba sellers often steal and use other people’s works of art. Don’t believe the art unless you can prove 100% that it hasn’t been stolen.

What You Need to Know Before Shopping on Aliexpress

  • Check Star Rating
Aliexpress Star Rating

Star rating will give you a strong picture quality seller. Be sure to read the stars before shopping.

Understand dimensions and materials

Make sure you know the size and making method of the object accurately. Even things like the size of a ring can make a big difference. Read the comments to find out what others think of the material.

  • Know the Delivery Date

When dealing with international orders, it’s crucial to be aware of potential delays and obstacles. What causes AliExpress shipping time to vary can sometimes be attributed to items getting lost in the mailing process or frequently being held up at customs. Therefore, it’s essential to keep a close eye on the delivery date and, in case of any delays, promptly communicate with the seller. If you find yourself needing to contact the seller multiple times, it’s not uncommon – persistence is key in ensuring your order’s successful delivery.

  • If There is a problem, Make Sure the Seller Agrees to Refund

When you talk to express customer service, they first need to find out whether the Seller agrees to replace or refund the goods without receiving them. Therefore, if you have problems with the seller, be sure to state “I need a refund” “I need to cancel the Aliexpress order” or “I need to replace my items”, and say a lot when necessary.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Aliexpress customer service

Aliexpress Customer Service Number: (408) 785-5580

If your order has not arrived, and you have passed the deadline, if you do not receive the tracking number within a few weeks after the order, or if you cannot get a reply from the seller, you must contact customer service. Aliexpress customer service is strange, but fortunately, it has become better. Both humans and robots answer and chat on Aliexpress. Robots don’t help at all, so if you think you have a robot in the chat, just ask “are you a robot?” It will give you a smart answer, such as “I am a real robot.” Then you must find someone. Or you can quit and jump back to chat until you become a person naturally.

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Because Aliexpress is a market, it sells everything you can think of. There is no limit to the types of materials they provide because the materials come from different suppliers. Therefore, there are many good and bad people on Aliexpress. You can buy after carefully reviewing the scores of each store. Aliexpress also has a buyer protection plan. Shopping here is actually much safer than on eBay. Therefore, Aliexpress is an ethical and legal shopping platform.

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