Is There Amazon in Mexico – Is It Cheaper Than US?

If you’re curious about Amazon in Mexico and want to know what’s available, shipping options, and some key differences between Amazon Mexico and Amazon US, then you’re in luck! I’ve got all the details in this blog post.

Whether you’re living in Mexico, planning to move there, or just visiting, I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide. So, let’s dive in and find out how you can get your hands on your favorite Amazon products in Mexico!

Is There Amazon in Mexico?

Amazon in Mexico

Yes, you can find Amazon in Mexico. Although Amazon Mexico may not have the exact same variety of products and services as Amazon US, it is still a fantastic choice for online shopping in Mexico.

About Amazon Mexico

Amazon Mexico, the Mexican division of, Inc., is a leading online retailer that offers a diverse range of products. Originally established in 2015 as an e-book platform, Amazon Mexico has expanded its offerings to include books, electronics, home goods, clothing, beauty products, and much more.

If you already have an Amazon account in the US, you can conveniently use the same account in Mexico. However, it’s important to note that there may be different terms and policies regarding shipping and customer service when you make purchases in Mexico.

Amazon in Mexico

It’s worth mentioning that your Prime benefits from your US account will not be applicable in Mexico. To enjoy the benefits of Prime shipping in Mexico, you will need to sign up for Prime on the Amazon Mexico site.

Shopping on Amazon Mexico provides you with a seamless online shopping experience, allowing you to explore a wide variety of products and enjoy reliable customer service.

How is Amazon Mexico different from Amazon US?

Amazon in Mexico

Here are some of the main differences you’ll notice between Amazon Mexico and Amazon US:

  • Product Availability: Amazon US has a much larger variety of products compared to Amazon Mexico. Although Amazon Mexico is catching up, there are still many items that you won’t find when shopping on their site. The good news is that Prime members can have many US products shipped to Mexico without any extra charge.
  • Shipping Speed: Amazon US provides faster shipping options than Amazon Mexico, but Amazon Mexico is working on improving their delivery times. Both countries offer Amazon Prime, which includes expedited shipping and free shipping for certain orders. If you want to change the shipping speed, our guide can help you!
  • Pricing: Generally, Amazon US has lower prices than Amazon Mexico. This is because of import costs, which can make prices higher in Mexico, especially for consumer electronics.
  • Prime Video Options: Amazon US has a wider selection of Prime Video content compared to Amazon Mexico. While you’ll still find many American titles on both platforms, Amazon Mexico offers a greater variety of Spanish movies and shows.
  • Extra Services: Amazon US offers several additional services such as Amazon Fresh, Amazon Home Services, Amazon Prime Now, and Amazon Renewed. Unfortunately, Amazon Mexico does not provide any of these services.

Can I Use Foreign Cards on Amazon Mexico?

Amazon in Mexico

All of your credit card settings are securely saved on your Amazon account, regardless of whether you’re using Amazon Mexico or any other Amazon website worldwide. So, if you have an Amazon account in the US, you can simply log into Amazon Mexico using the same login details, and all the credit and debit cards you have stored on your US account will automatically appear in your Mexico account.

When you make a purchase with your foreign card, Amazon will show you the cost in your home currency. For example, if your credit card is Canadian and you’re shopping on Amazon Mexico in Pesos when you proceed to check out and select your card, it will also display the total amount in Canadian Dollars. This way, you can easily keep track of your expenses and make informed decisions while shopping.


Can You Use Amazon US in Mexico?

Amazon in Mexico

Did you know that you can use Amazon US in Mexico? It’s true! Amazon US ships to Mexico for most things, but keep in mind that you may be charged an import fee if you order something from outside of Mexico. The good news is that Amazon US includes all import fees in the price of the item, so there are no hold-ups at customs in Mexico. Also see when will Amazon charge you in our guide!

Just make sure to change your default address to Mexico when using Amazon US, so you can easily see if a product can be shipped to Mexico or not. If it can’t be shipped, it will say so above the price on the right side of the screen. But if it can be shipped, you’ll see the import fee and shipping fee to your chosen Mexico address.

Can You Use Amazon Prime US in Mexico?

Amazon in Mexico

If you’re looking to use your US Amazon Prime while you’re in Mexico, it’s important to consider what you want to use it for.

If you’re hoping to use Amazon Prime shipping to send items from the US to Mexico, unfortunately, that’s not possible. International shipping always incurs fees, and you’ll also need to cover any import fees that may apply.

However, if you’re interested in using Amazon Prime US in Mexico to stream movies and series, it’s a bit more complicated. Some people suggest using a VPN to “trick” Amazon into thinking you’re in the US.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to choose a location for your IP Address. If you’ve never used a VPN before, it’s a handy tool. Personally, I’ve been using the HMA VPN for a few years now, and I highly recommend it. You can find more information about it here. It’s been a wonderful way for me to access content from different regions.

So, while using your US Amazon Prime in Mexico for streaming purposes may be possible with a VPN, keep in mind that it’s always best to check the terms and conditions of Amazon Prime to ensure you’re using it within their guidelines.

Tips for Using Amazon in Mexico

Amazon in Mexico

When using the Amazon website in Mexico, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Shop Amazon Mexico Products: The quickest way to receive your items is by buying products directly from Amazon Mexico. Keep in mind that products from third-party sellers may take longer to arrive. Additionally, Amazon US products may also take longer and could cost more due to customs costs and import taxes.
  • Ship to an Amazon Pickup Point if Needed: Package theft is not uncommon in Mexico, so it’s best to ship to your home or rental if you have package receiving. However, if you don’t have package receiving, consider shipping to a nearby pickup point (“punto de entrega”) where you can conveniently collect your order.
  • Remember Prices are in Mexican Pesos: It’s important to note that Amazon Mexico prices are listed in Mexican pesos, not US dollars. If needed, you can use a currency converter to get an idea of the total cost in your preferred currency.
  • Enter your Mexican Address Correctly: To avoid any delivery errors, make sure to enter your Mexican address correctly when placing your order. One helpful tip is to use your building’s address exactly as it appears on your CFE electricity bill.

Conclusion: Amazon in Mexico Guide

I hope this article has provided you with the answers you were looking for regarding Amazon orders in Mexico. Whether you are a Mexican resident or a foreigner residing in Mexico, the Mexican Amazon site offers a fantastic online shopping experience.

Living in a major city in Mexico comes with the added advantage of enjoying Amazon Prime benefits, such as 1-day or even same-day shipping. This makes shopping on Amazon Mexico even more convenient and efficient.

In conclusion, Amazon is a renowned e-commerce giant, and Amazon Mexico lives up to its reputation. It offers a quick and hassle-free way to purchase your favorite products and have them delivered right to your doorstep in Mexico.

Amazon in Mexico FAQs

Is There Amazon Prime in Mexico?

Sure! Amazon Prime is indeed available in Mexico, but it’s worth noting that the benefits and terms may vary slightly compared to the US.

Does US Amazon Prime Work in Mexico?

It’s worth noting that having a Prime membership in the US doesn’t automatically extend to Amazon in Mexico. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime in Mexico, you’ll need to sign up for it separately. The great news is that you can give Amazon Prime in Mexico a go for free with a 30-day trial!

Can You Order Stuff on Amazon and Ship it to Mexico?

Yes, you can definitely order a wide range of items from Amazon and have them delivered to Mexico. When the item is eligible for shipping to Mexico, you’ll be able to view the various shipping options and any relevant fees on the check-out page.

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