Lashify Reviews 2023 – Pros, Cons & How Long Does It Last

Lash extensions have emerged as a recent solution to achieve the desired outcome, surpassing the mere application of mascara. However, these extensions come at a high cost and demand a significant amount of time, necessitating refills every 2-4 weeks.

Enter Lashify, a company dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by consumers in the beauty industry, particularly renowned for its lash system. The purpose of our Lashify reviews is to assist you in determining whether Lashify lives up to its reputation and provide you with the necessary information. If you are intrigued by the company or have ever contemplated trying lash extensions, please peruse our unbiased Lashify reviews below.

What Is Lashify?

Lashify is an amazing DIY luxury lash extension system that provides individual fake eyelash strips, which makes Lashify a wonderful Shopify makeup store. These strips are designed to give you salon-quality results in just a matter of minutes. What sets Lashify apart from other fake lash products is its innovative and user-friendly approach. Not only are these lash strips easy to use, but they are also completely damage-free. The best part is that they can last for up to seven days, ensuring you have beautiful lashes for an extended period of time.

How to Apply Lashify Lashes?

Lashify Reviews

Instead of going through all the steps, just watch the helpful Lashify tutorial above. I’ll share a few extra tips I picked up along the way. But don’t be fooled by the short length of the video. When I first tried it, I spent an hour planning my look and figuring out how to use everything. Then, I spent another hour stumbling around until I got the hang of it.

Now that I have a template for the shape I like and I’m familiar with all the tools, it only takes me 20 minutes. Here are some tips that have helped me save time:

  • Be careful when removing the lashes. They come in small segments, so make sure to grab the whole segment when you pull it from the cartridge. Otherwise, you might accidentally split the lashes. If that happens, you can still use them, but it’ll take longer to apply them all.
  • Don’t use too much of the black bond. Seriously, don’t overdo it. It’ll make your natural lashes clumpy, sticky, and heavy. Just a little at the base of your lashes is enough. If you use too much, quickly run a clean spoolie through your lashes to remove some of the product and separate your lashes.
  • Apply your eye makeup after putting on the lashes. I learned this the hard way when I had to redo my lash extensions and my makeup because of the oily remover.
  • Curl your natural lashes first. My lashes are straight and point downward, so it was tricky for me to get underneath them to apply the Gossamers because of the angle. And when I did apply them, they didn’t blend well with the curled extensions. So, definitely curl your own lashes first.
  • Use the Blow tool to speed up the drying time. With so many steps and layers of product, you end up waiting a lot for everything to dry. And you can’t exactly blow on your own lashes.

How Long Do Lashify Lashes Last?

Lashify Reviews

Lashify eyelash extensions claim to last a whole week, but in my experience, they only stayed put for about three days. After that, they started to come loose, and honestly, I prefer going to bed without anything on my face. If you sleep on your back, you should be fine, but if you bury your face in pillows and blankets, be cautious.

How to Maintain Your Lashify Lashes?

You’re probably wondering if you can shower with these lashes on, and the answer is yes! However, I try my best to avoid getting too much water or shampoo on my face to keep them looking light and fluffy once they dry. I’ve noticed that if they get wet multiple times, they start to fall apart and clump together, so I have to replace them with new ones if I want to maintain that fresh look.

Lashify Reviews

Does Lashify Ruin Your Lashes?

Whenever I wear strip lashes, I always end up accidentally pulling out a few of my own lashes when removing them, no matter how careful I am. But guess what? With Lashify, I haven’t lost a single lash! These lashes are incredibly lightweight, and the bonding products (aside from the standard Whisper Light, you can also try Bondage or Night Bond for extra hold and longevity) are strong enough to last but easy to remove with the right products.

Can You Put Mascara on Lashify Lashes?

Honestly, you don’t really need mascara with Lashify lashes. I didn’t try it myself, but I wouldn’t recommend it either. If you want your extensions to last, it’s best to avoid oil-based products and makeup removers that can break down the bonds. If you’re looking for more lash options, Lashify has a variety of styles and colors that you can try before considering mascara on top.

Lashify Reviews

What is Lashify’s Shipping Policy?

Here’s how Lashify handles shipping:

  • Overnight and next-day rush orders placed before 3 pm PST on weekdays will be processed on the same day.
  • All orders will take about 3-5 days to ship.
  • You’ll receive a tracking number within 72 hours of making your purchase.
  • If your order totals over $150, you’ll get free shipping.
  • Luxe Box members can enjoy free domestic USPS standard shipping on qualifying orders over $45 (with a small $4 shipping fee).
  • Luxe Box members also get free international shipping on orders over $100.
  • For shipping to Canada and international destinations (excluding China), Lashify uses FedEx.
  • Lashify also offers Route Shipping Protection for all online orders.

What is Lashify’s Return Policy?

Lashify Reviews

You can return the Control Kit within 30 days of receiving it, but make sure to include all the original items from the package. Keep in mind that shipping and handling fees will be deducted from your refund.

To initiate a return, provide the tracking number from your order. Please note that all other products are final sale. There are two standard return fees, which include shipping ($11) and handling ($7).

It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for refunds to be processed. If you have any issues with the quality of the items you purchased, reach out to their team with images showing the problem. Within a week of receiving your package, describe the issue and include a picture of your packing slip. They will work to resolve the problem, which may involve a refund or store credit.

Are The DIY Lashes Worth It?

If you struggle with putting on regular false eyelashes or want something more natural and long-lasting, Lashify UK is the answer. It may be a bit of a hassle at first, especially when trying to purchase the kit through their quirky chatbot quiz. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a fantastic way to achieve stunning lashes with minimal effort.

Lashify Reviews

Unfortunately, the price tag of £125 may be out of reach for most people. Especially when you can find decent false eyelashes for around £10 and lash glue for £8. You could get four eyelash extension treatments at a salon for the same price, and they tend to last longer without requiring any special skills to apply.

However, once you get past the initial shock and expense, we have to admit that we’re huge fans of Lashify UK. We’re so impressed that we’ve already ordered refills in case we run out because we’re using them so often. Whether or not you decide to invest in Lashify depends on your budget and how much versatility you desire. But if you can afford it, we believe you won’t be disappointed.

FAQs of Lashify Reviews

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

For orders over $45 USD, you’ll get free shipping. If you’re ordering internationally and your order is over $100 USD, you’ll also get free shipping. However, for all other orders, there will be a $7 shipping fee.

How Long Do Orders Take to Ship?

Orders are processed within 3-5 business days.  If you need your order to arrive quickly, we offer Domestic Overnight and Next-Day Rush options. Just make sure to place your order before 3 P.M. PST on a weekday, and they’ll process it on the same day.

Can You Get Lashify Wet?

Absolutely! Lashify lashes are water resistant, so you can swim, shower, and even exercise while wearing them. If they happen to loosen, you can simply re-fuse them with the bond.

Can You Use Latisse with Lashify?

Yes, you can use Latisse with Lashify, just like you would with regular lash extensions. In fact, using Latisse can actually strengthen your natural lashes while you’re wearing Lashify.

How Does a Lashify Subscription Work?

The subscription service offered by Lashify is the Luxe Box. There is no membership fee associated with it, and members can enjoy a discount of up to 50% on Gossamers and 10% on other products. Becoming a Luxe Box member is a straightforward process: select your preferred frequency, choose your desired Gossamers, and add any additional products as desired.

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