Why Does Lick Have a Unique Way to Successful Marketing?

Embark on a journey through Lick, an innovative online platform revolutionizing home interior decoration. As I delve into this immersive experience, I’ll reveal the reasons behind sharing this insightful first-person perspective.

The article dives into Lick’s success story, decoding its strategic elements. I share insights into their technological integrations, customer-centric approach, and commitment to sustainability. Understanding these facets not only celebrates their achievements but also serves as a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs in the e-commerce landscape.

By combining these aspects, this content aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of Lick’s triumphs and strategies. It’s a resourceful dive into their approach, showcasing how they’ve reshaped the industry and providing invaluable insights for those seeking e-commerce success.

What is Lick?


Lick is an innovative online platform that specializes in home interior decoration, offering a diverse range of designer paint, modern and contemporary wallpaper, as well as various decorating supplies. Founded on January 28, 2022, in the United Kingdom, Lick has quickly gained prominence within the e-commerce industry for its unique approach to home decor.

This platform stands out for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive selection of products, catering to individuals looking to enhance their living spaces. Lick simplifies the process of decorating by providing customers with everything they need, from choosing the right paint colors to selecting wallpapers and acquiring necessary tools for a successful decorating project.

By integrating technology and design, Lick emphasizes a personalized approach, allowing customers to create customized color palettes based on their preferences. The platform’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its eco-friendly product range, which includes water-based paints, sustainably sourced wallpapers, and recycled packaging.

Store Overview:


Lick, a prominent online store, redefines the landscape of home interior decoration by offering a comprehensive range of designer paint, contemporary wallpaper, and decorating supplies. Established on January 28, 2022, in the United Kingdom, Lick swiftly gained momentum in the e-commerce realm. Boasting an estimated monthly sales between 501k to 1M, this platform operates through Shopify, embracing the Home & Garden category.

Decoding Store Success: Understanding the Elements

Lick’s triumph stems from strategic operational approaches and innovative technological integrations. The platform leverages a suite of tech tools such as Zendesk, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Hotjar, and more, ensuring seamless customer interactions, data-driven marketing strategies, and enhanced user experience. Embracing Next.js, a React framework, showcases a commitment to cutting-edge technology in the headless e-commerce domain. Ometria and Segment empower Lick with valuable customer data, nurturing personalized marketing initiatives, and trust-building.

Business Model Tactics and Operational Approaches

Lick’s success is underpinned by an astute business model focused on customer engagement, sustainable products, and efficient operations. It employs a customer-centric approach, evident in its eco-friendly product range and recyclable packaging. The platform’s seamless customer service, facilitated by Zendesk, guarantees a satisfying shopping experience.

Technological Advancements and Innovation

The integration of Google Ads Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Cloudfront CDN amplifies Lick’s digital presence, enabling effective tracking, user engagement, and secure content delivery. Embracing technological advancements fosters efficiency, security, and a user-friendly interface, driving Lick’s competitive edge.

Designing the Website Interface


Lick’s website stands out with its user-centric design, facilitating easy navigation and a visually engaging experience. The platform’s interface is intuitive, offering customers a hassle-free journey from browsing to purchase. The carefully curated sections cater to various tastes, whether by mood, style, or room, amplifying customer engagement.

Enhancing User Experience and Service Quality

Lick excels in providing exceptional user experience through personalized color selections, sample options, and comprehensive tools, making the decorating process less daunting for customers. Moreover, its commitment to planet-friendly products aligns with the growing environmental consciousness among consumers, fostering brand loyalty.

Strategies for Marketing and Brand Establishment

Lick employs a multi-faceted marketing strategy, tapping into platforms like Trustpilot, Typeform, and Google Adsense. Collaborations with industry leaders like Soho House and CALM demonstrate an astute approach to expanding its reach and diversifying its offerings, capturing diverse consumer segments.

Social Influence and Prospects for Future Development

With a strong social media presence and collaborations, Lick leverages influencers and collaborations to create a buzz around its products. This approach amplifies brand visibility and positions Lick as an aspirational brand in the home decoration niche. The platform’s continuous innovation and adaptability lay a robust foundation for sustained growth and future expansions.

Additional Information & Highlights:


Special Features:

Personalized Palettes: Lick offers a distinctive feature allowing users to transform their Pinterest mood boards into personalized color palettes. This customization option enables customers to curate and visualize their ideal color schemes, facilitating a more tailored shopping experience.

Room-Specific Options: Understanding the significance of room-specific aesthetics, Lick provides tailored options for various spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and even gardens. This segmentation allows customers to explore and choose products specifically curated for each room, enhancing convenience and relevance.

Eco-Friendly Product Range: A standout feature of Lick is its commitment to sustainability. The platform’s products, including water-based paints, sustainably sourced wallpapers, and tools with recycled (and recyclable) packaging, appeal to environmentally conscious consumers seeking eco-friendly home decor solutions.

Target Audience:

Lick caters to a diverse range of design preferences, appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers. Its offerings attract individuals with modern, contemporary, bohemian, farmhouse, Scandinavian, and eclectic tastes in home interiors. By providing a wide array of design styles and options, Lick effectively reaches out to various demographics seeking unique and trend-setting décor solutions.

Other Details:

Collaborations: Lick’s collaborations with renowned entities like Soho House, CALM, Studio Coverdale, and Heinz showcase its versatility and ability to align with diverse brands and industries. These collaborations not only enhance brand visibility but also introduce exclusive, limited-edition products, creating a buzz among consumers.

Innovative Tools & Apparel: Beyond paints and wallpapers, Lick extends its offerings with innovative tools and apparel designed for home decorating enthusiasts. From room painting kits and high-quality brushes to Lick-branded apparel like jumpsuits, sweatshirts, and caps, the platform caters to both functional and style-oriented consumer needs.

Discounts and Promotions: Lick often runs promotions and discounts, encouraging customer engagement and incentivizing purchases. The platform’s periodic offers, such as sitewide discounts, exclusive bundle deals, or seasonal sales, attract and retain a loyal customer base, fostering a sense of value and affordability.


Lick’s unparalleled success in the online home decoration realm stems from its meticulous attention to technological integration, customer-centric approaches, innovative design, and sustainable initiatives. By decoding Lick’s unique strategies and elements, aspiring entrepreneurs can draw invaluable insights to embark on a successful journey in the e-commerce landscape.

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