Why Does Makesy Get Social Media Success?

As an enthusiast of innovative e-commerce platforms, I’m excited to delve into the unique world of Makesy – an eco-conscious, DIY-focused marketplace revolutionizing the industry. This article offers a comprehensive overview of Makesy, showcasing its commitment to ethical practices, innovative offerings, and customer-centricity. 

Makesy, established in March 2022, serves as a hub for top-notch, environmentally friendly supplies tailored for a myriad of DIY projects. From candle making to skincare and home fragrance, Makesy provides a diverse array of materials prioritizing quality and sustainability. The platform’s dedication to inspiring creativity, fostering connections, and promoting well-being is evident in every facet of its operation, from product-sourcing practices to community engagement initiatives.

What is Makesy?


Makesy is an innovative and customer-centric e-commerce platform that serves as a one-stop destination for high-quality, eco-friendly supplies catering to diverse do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Established with a mindful mission, Makesy stands out by providing unique and innovative products and resources to empower individuals – from hobbyists to professional makers – in creating distinct and environmentally conscious products.

The brand specializes in a wide range of supplies, notably focusing on candle making, skincare, bath and body products, home fragrance items, and more. From fragrance oils to candle supplies, Makesy offers an extensive selection of materials that prioritize eco-friendliness and quality.

Makesy’s ethos revolves around inspiring creativity, fostering connection, and promoting well-being among its employees, vendors, and customers. This commitment extends to the brand’s sourcing practices, ensuring ethical procurement of materials such as wood from US-based Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills and offering eco-friendly, sustainable, and phthalate-free products.

Store Overview:


Makesy, established on March 11, 2022, operates as an e-commerce platform specializing in high-quality, eco-friendly supplies for diverse DIY projects. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, USA, the brand has carved its niche in the Home & Garden category. According to Similarweb, Makesy holds a commendable ranking of 4012, attracting around 183.78K total visits with an average visit duration of 00:05:38 and 7.51 pages per visit. Boasting estimated monthly sales between $301k to $500k, Makesy employs 51 to 100 individuals, indicating its significant market presence.

Cracking the Code of Store Success

Cracking the Code of Store Success:

The trajectory of Makesy’s platform development over time exemplifies a strategic alignment with evolving market demands. The incorporation of innovative technological solutions like the Crazy Egg Heatmaps and Recordings, Fomo for Social Proof & Web Push, and Hulk Code for Shopify needs has played a pivotal role in enhancing user experience, reducing cart abandonment, and amplifying sales conversion rates.

Business Model Dynamics and Strategic Approaches:

Makesy’s business model pivots on fostering an environment of inspiration and well-being, catering to both hobbyists and professional makers. The brand’s vision centers on offering compelling, all-encompassing shopping experiences while upholding ethical sourcing practices, utilizing eco-friendly ingredients, and ensuring ingredient transparency. Their emphasis on eco-friendliness and sustainable product lines resonates deeply with their customer base.

Technological Leaps and Innovations:

Embracing technological advancements, Makesy’s integration of various tools like Klaviyo for Email Marketing & SMS, Google Analytics, Cloudflare CDN for website acceleration, and Shogun Landing Page Builder underscores their commitment to optimize user engagement, streamline marketing strategies, and fortify the online shopping experience.

Architecting the Website’s Layout and User Experience:

The strategic layout and design of Makesy’s website prioritize user experience, employing tools like PushOwl for Recover Abandoned Cart, Yotpo for Product Reviews & UGC, and Google Optimize to personalize experiences and amplify customer satisfaction.

Branding Tactics and Marketing Initiatives:


Makesy’s branding tactics leverage societal impact, ethical sourcing, and product differentiation. Through alliances with charities, partnerships with local artisans, and sustainable ingredient sourcing, the brand aligns its marketing initiatives with a socially conscious narrative, fostering customer loyalty and community engagement.

Societal Impact and Foreseen Developmental Pathways:

The brand’s commitment to giving back, such as tree planting initiatives with Trees for the Future and supporting Breast Cancer Alliance, exemplifies Makesy’s dedication to societal well-being. Moreover, their quest for continuous evolution, backed by market trends and customer insights, positions Makesy as an industry pioneer.

Additional Information & Highlights:

Special Features:

Makesy distinguishes itself through a host of specialized features embedded within its platform, ensuring an enhanced shopping experience and robust business operations:

  • Hulk Form Builder: Empowering users with an intuitive and easy-to-use Form Builder app, streamlining the process of creating powerful forms to gather essential customer data and feedback.
  • LimeSpot Personalizer: Offering real-time 1:1 product recommendations across web, mobile, and email, elevating customer engagement and conversion rates through personalized shopping experiences.
  • Recharge Subscriptions: Facilitating brands in maximizing customer lifetime value by implementing and managing subscription-based models, enhancing recurring sales and customer loyalty.
  • Trustpilot Integration: Leveraging Trustpilot’s platform to showcase user-generated reviews and testimonials, instilling trust and credibility among potential customers.
  • Shogun Landing Page Builder: Providing an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page editor to design compelling blogs, product pages, landing pages, and theme sections, optimizing visual content creation and customer engagement.

Target Audience:

Makesy’s platform caters to a diverse audience spectrum, encompassing:

  • DIY Enthusiasts: Targeting hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts seeking high-quality, eco-friendly supplies for various projects, ranging from candle making to skincare and home fragrance.
  • Small Business Owners: Providing accessible wholesale candle supplies and personalized options that are typically available only to larger manufacturers, empowering small business owners to access premium-quality ingredients and compete in the market effectively.
  • Global Manufacturers: Offering comprehensive tools and solutions, Makesy serves as a reliable partner for global manufacturers seeking specialized ingredients and personalized options to meet market demands.
  • Ethical Consumers: Appeals to consumers with a conscientious mindset by promoting ethical sourcing practices, eco-friendliness, and community-oriented initiatives, attracting those who prioritize sustainability and social impact.

Other Details:

  • Supply Chain & Quality Control: Makesy emphasizes stringent quality control measures, ensuring all wicks and wick clips are USA-manufactured with meticulous attention to detail. The brand maintains high-quality standards by conducting multiple inspection points to guarantee product excellence before dispatch.
  • Manufacturing Specifications: Besides enhancing candle quality and sales volume, Makesy wicks offer practical advantages. For manual pouring, their design expedites setup by eliminating the need for wick bars or straightening, while automated options facilitate seamless large-scale manufacturing.
  • Social Responsibility: Beyond commerce, Makesy is committed to making a positive impact. Initiatives like tree planting with Trees for the Future and collaborations with charities like Breast Cancer Alliance illustrate the brand’s dedication to giving back to communities and supporting sustainable practices.
  • Personalization & Accessibility: Makesy endeavors to make luxury products and personalized options accessible to a broader audience, positioning itself as a leader by being flexible, innovative, and aligning with evolving market trends while maintaining core values.
  • Exclusive Discounts & Educational Content: Subscribers receive a 20% discount on their first purchase, enabling them to explore Makesy’s product range. Additionally, the brand regularly releases educational content, offering insights and guidance to budding entrepreneurs and hobbyists in the DIY space.


Makesy’s journey to becoming a successful online store underscores the significance of innovative strategies, ethical commitments, and user-centric approaches. The brand’s emphasis on technological advancements, ethical practices, and community engagement serves as a guiding beacon for aspiring online entrepreneurs seeking to create impactful and sustainable e-commerce ventures.

Data from: Storelibrary

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