Mem.AI Review 2024: Memorizing Excellence in AI

It’s no secret that note-taking apps play a key role in personal and professional organizations. The Mem.AI tool we’re going to introduce in this article goes beyond traditional note-taking functionality by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its core.

Mem.AI is unique in that it is more than just a repository of thoughts and ideas. It positions itself as a dynamic smart space where users can not only capture and organize their thoughts but also collaborate seamlessly, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to enhance knowledge management.

In our Mem.AI review, we delve into the core aspects that make Mem.AI a contender to watch in the productivity app race.

Mem.AI Overview

Mem.AI stands at the forefront of the evolving landscape of note-taking applications, offering users a sophisticated and AI-infused solution to capture and organize their thoughts. Positioned as more than just a note-taking app, Mem.AI aims to be a dynamic and intelligent space for users to create, collaborate, and harness the power of artificial intelligence in managing their knowledge.

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How Does Mem.AI Operate?


Mem.AI operates at the intersection of AI, note-taking, and personal knowledge management. One notable feature is the AI Chat and Mem X. The AI Chat, reminiscent of OpenAI’s chatGPT, intelligently combines contextual information from notes, allowing users to ask specific questions without providing exhaustive context. Mem X, offering real-time insights into notes being typed, stands out as a powerful tool, although the steep $10 per month pricing might be a deterrent for some users.

Templates within Mem provide a valuable time-saving mechanism, especially for tasks like journaling and weekly reviews. The seamless integration of Meeting Notes with Google Calendar addresses the organizational needs of professionals, allowing for efficient creation of agendas and meeting summaries.

Mem.AI Features

  • Templates for Efficient Note-Taking

Mem.AI simplifies note-taking with its template functionality, providing users with pre-designed formats to streamline various tasks. This feature proves invaluable for users engaged in activities like journaling, daily note-taking, and weekly reviews. By incorporating templates, Mem.AI not only saves time but also ensures a consistent and organized approach to note creation.

  • Seamless Integration with Google Calendar for Meeting Notes

One of Mem.AI’s standout features is its integration with Google Calendar for Meeting Notes. This functionality allows users to effortlessly create agendas and capture essential details related to scheduled meetings. By syncing with Google Calendar, Mem.AI provides a centralized space for organizing meeting content, offering a convenient solution for professionals who seek efficient retrieval and summarization of meeting information.

  • Enhanced Organization and Retrieval

Mem.AI goes beyond basic note-taking by prioritizing organization and retrieval. The Meeting Notes feature, coupled with Google Calendar integration, enables users to easily locate and review content related to specific events. This ensures that users can quickly access crucial information, making Mem.AI a valuable tool for professionals with a focus on efficiency and time management.

  • Tailored Support for Recurrent Tasks

Mem.AI’s template feature extends beyond generic note-taking, catering to users involved in recurrent tasks. Whether it’s creating weekly reviews, progress charts, or task check-ins, Mem.AI’s templates offer a quick and intuitive way to structure and document information. This tailored support adds a layer of customization to note-taking, making Mem.AI adaptable to diverse user needs.

Pros & Cons of Mem.AI


  • AI Chat & Mem X: The integration of OpenAI’s chatGPT into Mem’s note context adds depth to user interactions, streamlining information retrieval without excessive contextual input.
  • Templates: Mem’s templates prove to be a practical solution for various note-taking scenarios, facilitating quick and structured entries, particularly for tasks like journaling and progress tracking.
  • Meeting Notes: The connectivity with Google Calendar enhances the productivity of professionals by providing a centralized hub for creating, storing, and summarizing meeting-related content.


  • Lack of Focus: The app’s attempt to combine tasks, templates, and calendar functionalities within the note-taking environment introduces complexity and compromises the quality of individual features.
  • Complex Features: Some features, like Tasks and Auto-tagging, exhibit a steep learning curve and aggressive behavior, making them less user-friendly compared to rival applications.
  • Note Titles: Mem’s unconventional approach of omitting note titles might confuse users accustomed to traditional note-taking apps, where titles serve as organizational anchors.

Mem.AI Pricing Plans

Mem.AI Pricing Plans

Free Plan

For: Individuals who prefer a simple and lightweight organizational solution.


  • Unlimited notes and collections for comprehensive organization.
  • Capture, search, and browse saved notes on the web or iOS for easy accessibility.
  • 25 MB file size per upload for managing various types of content.
  • Try for Free: Experience the essentials of Mem.AI at no cost.

$8 Per Month Plan

For: Individuals seeking an AI-powered personal knowledge assistant to unlock their best work.


  • Engage in conversation with your Mem to ask questions and create unique content based on your knowledge.
  • Rediscover past ideas with Similar Mems and utilize natural language Smart Search for efficient retrieval.
  • 100 GB of total storage and unlimited file upload size for substantial content storage.
  • Get Started: Unlock the power of Mem.AI’s AI features for enhanced personal knowledge management.

$15 Per User per Month Plan

For: Teams looking to unlock collective intelligence and improve collaboration.


  • Access all AI-powered features in Mem X for every team member, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Group billing for streamlined administrative processes.
  • Contact Sales: Explore team collaboration with Mem.AI and benefit from enhanced AI features.

Custom Pricing

For: Larger teams and companies requiring dedicated support and customized contracts.


  • All AI-powered features in Mem X extended to every team member.
  • Group billing for centralized billing management.
  • Priority support, dedicated success manager, and SLAs for personalized assistance.
  • Contact Sales: Tailor Mem.AI to the specific needs of your larger team or organization.

My Review of Mem.AI


Having delved into the intricacies of Mem.AI, I find it to be a compelling note-taking solution that skillfully amalgamates the best features of stalwarts like Evernote and Obsidian. In a digital landscape saturated with note-taking applications, Mem.AI manages to carve its niche by offering a unique blend of functionality and innovation.

One of Mem.AI’s notable strengths lies in its robust note-taking capabilities. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that seamlessly facilitates the capture and organization of ideas. While certain competitors may boast more advanced organizational structures, Mem.AI compensates by excelling in the fundamental aspect of effective note-taking. The absence of note titles, a departure from conventional norms, may initially seem unconventional, yet it aligns with Mem.AI’s perspective of viewing ‘Mems’ as dynamic documents, eliminating the need for formal titles within the notes themselves.


The real gems in Mem.AI’s arsenal, however, are the Mem X and Mem AI features. Mem X, with its real-time insights into notes, serves as a valuable tool for visualizing connections and auto-tagging people, enhancing the collaborative aspect of note creation. The AI Chat functionality, akin to OpenAI’s chatGPT, adds an intelligent layer to note interactions, responding contextually to queries without requiring extensive contextual explanations.

While Mem.AI may not be the epitome of organizational perfection when compared to certain competitors, it distinguishes itself by prioritizing real-time collaboration, particularly beneficial for teams. The Mem X and Mem AI features elevate the collaborative experience, making Mem.AI more than just a repository for individual notes. The platform’s ambition to be a ‘second brain’ app becomes evident through these features, offering users an intelligent and collaborative space for organizing their thoughts and ideas.

Final Thoughts on Mem.AI

As the note-taking landscape evolves, Mem.AI positions itself as a noteworthy contender, blending AI prowess with comprehensive note-taking features. Its unique approach to note organization and collaboration, coupled with the integration of AI, makes Mem.AI a compelling choice for those seeking an innovative and intelligent note-taking experience. While certain aspects might need refinement, Mem.AI’s commitment to being more than a mere note repository is evident and makes it a noteworthy player in the ever-expanding domain of productivity tools.

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