NuFace Reviews 2023 – How Does It Work?

When it comes to beauty tools, the NuFace stands out as a true gem. A quick glance at the multitude of NuFace reviews, which have been flooding the beauty scene since the device’s introduction in 2005, reveals a consistent theme. The products of NuFace have become a trusted go-to for those seeking remarkable sculpting, toning, and contouring results, not just for the face and neck but now, even for the eye and lip areas.

Does NuFace Really Work?

NuFace Reviews

Yes, the NuFace really does work. It has been highly praised by industry insiders and editors, with many considering it a must-have item. Even those with a minimalist skincare routine, like Vogue alum Steff Yotka, can’t give up their NuFace. This microcurrent tool, accompanied by a soothing gel, helps lift, firm, and tone the skin. And NuFace is also one of the successful Shopify skin care stores.

NuFace Reviews

What’s great is that the NuFace is easily accessible. You can find it in the beauty bags of your favorite cosmetics enthusiasts, backstage at fashion shows, or even in the hands of renowned estheticians who prep celebrities’ skin for the red carpet. Celebrities like Cynthia Erivo and Madelaine Petsch are also fans of the NuFace, revealing it as one of their beauty secrets. Petsch demonstrates her preferred treatment, gliding the tool seven times across her cheek and chin at a medium level, showcasing the sculpting effect it has on her cheekbone. The best part is that the entire treatment only takes a few minutes and provides instant visible benefits. But how does it work exactly?

How To Use the NuFace?

NuFace Reviews

During my initial attempts with the NuFace device, I diligently followed the provided instructions. The recommended routine involved three glides on my neck, repeated three times, followed by three glides on my cheek, also repeated thrice, and concluded with three upward swipes on my forehead, again three times, each step marked by a reassuring beep.

However, during the forehead portion of the routine, I experienced a peculiar sensation—a slight tingling in the hairs on my head. It wasn’t particularly painful, but it felt somewhat unusual and gave me a touch of apprehension. In response, I decided to switch the device to its lowest setting, set at three. It might be a testament to my sensitivity, but I still wanted to proceed with confidence.

NuFace Reviews

After following my self-imposed routine for a few nights, I had the opportunity for a NuFace tutorial. We conducted the session over Zoom, and this guidance proved invaluable. I was advised to apply the gel primer to one area at a time (as I enthusiastically slathered it all over my face on my end of the screen). This gel primer is an essential component as it facilitates the transfer of microcurrents from the NuFace to your skin. The gel primer is vital because it helps direct the microcurrents to your muscles effectively. The key point here is that it’s not just about appearance; it’s about ensuring that the microcurrents do their job.

NuFace Reviews

Without delay, I was instructed to set the device to the highest setting. When I expressed hesitation, it was emphasized that this setting would provide the best results. It turns out that the gel primer not only aids in the effectiveness of the treatment but also helps minimize any unusual sensations. Since I had applied the gel before commencing the five-minute routine, most of it had already been absorbed into my skin by the time I reached the later areas, which had caused the tingling sensation. I was recommended to interpret any tingling as a sign to apply more primer, akin to “frosting a cake.”

How To Clean Nuface?

NuFace Reviews

After using my NuFace with the priming gel, I make sure to clean it thoroughly. I grab a damp cloth and wipe down the two knobs that conduct the current, as well as any other areas where the gel may have ended up. If needed, I’ll use rubbing alcohol to gently clean the device before letting it dry completely before storing it away.

How Often Should I Use NuFace?

For best results with the NuFace, consistency is key! I suggest using it 5-6 days a week to see lasting effects. Whether you prefer morning or evening, make sure to use it at least once a day for the first month or two. Although you’ll notice a difference right away, consistent use will give you even better results. Remember to swipe each part of your face with the device three times.

Who Should Use the NuFace with ELE Attachment?

NuFace Reviews

If you’re looking to specifically target rejuvenation around your eyes and lips, the NuFace ELE attachments are your best bet. They may require a little extra time in your daily routine, but spending about 10 minutes a day using the facial training device and ELE attachment will ensure you get the most out of your investment!

And if fine lines and wrinkles on your cheeks, mouth, and forehead are your main concern, there’s another useful NuFace attachment that can provide some extra assistance!

Conclusion: Is NuFACE Worth It?

Honestly, I was taken aback by how quickly the NuFACE Trinity worked. However, if you’re dedicated to using it consistently, it’s definitely worth the investment. My face doesn’t have much shape naturally, so I love that it helps define my cheeks and jawline, and even reduces my double chin a bit! Plus, when you consider the long-term cost compared to regular trips to a clinic, it’s a much more affordable option.

NuFace Reviews FAQs

Where Do You Use It in Your Routine?

I personally use it after cleansing and toning, but before applying any serums or moisturizers. It’s important to use it on clean skin, but you don’t necessarily need to use an oil-free cleanser beforehand.

How Long Do Nuface Results Take to Show Up?

Honestly, I noticed a difference after just one use! It’s amazing how it immediately lifts and sculpts the face.

Is It Easy to Use?

It’s actually super easy. Once you turn it on, you can choose your preferred intensity and start using it. It even beeps to let you know when it’s time to move on to another part of your face.

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