Owlet Reviews: A Parent’s Guide to Smart Baby Monitors

In the realm of baby monitoring technology, few names have sparked as much intrigue and discussion as Owlet. For years, Owlet’s products have promised something truly priceless for parents – peace of mind. However, recent controversies and changes have left many parents wondering whether Owlet’s offerings are still a wise choice. In the Owlet reviews, we’ll delve into the details, explore the transformation from the Smart Sock to the Dream Sock, and help you make an informed decision. Gear up for parenthood at Shopify Baby Gear Shops – your baby deserves the best!

What Is the Owlet Dream Sock?

Owlet Reviews

The Owlet Dream Sock, previously known as the Smart Sock, is not your ordinary sock; it’s a fabric wonder designed to cradle your baby’s foot gently. Its purpose? To house a sensor that continuously monitors vital sleep quality indicators:

  • Heart rate
  • Average oxygen level
  • Movement
  • Wakings

The Dream Sock utilizes advanced PPG technology, akin to what you’d find in other wearables, to track these vital metrics. If any changes in your baby’s comfort or sleep quality occur, the Owlet promptly alerts you through a combination of lights and sounds.

Owlet Reviews

The Dream Sock vs. the Smart Sock

You might be wondering how the Dream Sock differs from its predecessor, the Smart Sock. There are two key differentiators. Firstly, the Dream Sock focuses on measuring sleep quality, offering reassurance to parents. While it still incorporates metrics like heart rate, it no longer claims to provide medical alerts. For medical-grade monitoring, the FDA-cleared Owlet BabySat is required.

Owlet Reviews

Secondly, the Dream Sock introduces “predictive sleep technology.” Owlet’s app now provides parents with valuable insights into their baby’s sleep patterns, helping them navigate the often puzzling world of infant sleep schedules.

But the question lingers – is the Owlet Dream Sock still worth the investment? To answer this, we conducted thorough testing, with insights from parents who recently experienced the Dream Sock’s capabilities.

Owlet Reviews

Unboxing and Setup

The Owlet Dream Sock comes in a comprehensive package priced at $299.99, with the option of a convenient payment plan through Affirm. The package includes:

  • One Dream Sock sensor
  • Four fabric socks suitable for babies weighing 5-30 pounds
  • One wireless charging base
  • Access to the Dream app with predictive sleep technology

Additionally, you have the choice to opt for the Sock Plus, designed for children up to 5 years old. Customization even extends to color options, allowing you to monitor your baby in style.

Setting up the Owlet is a straightforward process. You’ll need to download the Owlet app on your iOS or Android device, follow the app’s step-by-step instructions, and connect the base station to your home Wi-Fi network. Select the appropriate sock size, and you’re good to go.

Owlet Reviews

Owlet Phone App

The Owlet app provides real-time insights into your baby’s well-being. It displays heart rate, blood oxygen levels, base station status, battery level, sleep history, and trends. The predictive sleep information is particularly helpful, offering guidance on your baby’s next rest.

Addressing Concerns

Owlet Reviews

Some concerns have been raised within the medical community regarding the Owlet sock’s impact on parental anxiety, including reports of occasional false alarms. However, many parents, including medical professionals, find that the extra monitoring actually alleviates their anxieties. The instant phone alerts provide peace of mind, and the added camera feature enhances the overall monitoring experience.

The Pros and Cons

Owlet Reviews

Our testing revealed several advantages and some areas for improvement. Here’s a brief overview:


  • Instant phone alerts for immediate action
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Comfortable fit for babies
  • Impressive accuracy
  • Complete monitoring with the Owlet Cam 2


  • Metric history glitches
  • Relatively high initial cost
  • Limited functionality in certain hotel settings
  • Occasional scares with false alarms
  • Sock size transitions

How the Owlet Monitor Duo Improved Our Sleep

Owlet Reviews

Besides benefiting your baby, the Owlet Monitor Duo has the potential to enhance your own sleep. Knowing that the Smart Sock is continually monitoring crucial data can ease nighttime worries, reducing anxiety and the temptation to engage in late-night baby-related research. The sleep trends provided by the app offer valuable insights into your baby’s sleep patterns.

Should You Get the Owlet Smart Sock?

Owlet Reviews

With a plethora of baby products on the market, including sleep-related gadgets and baby monitors, choosing the right one can be daunting. If you’re a parent who values safe sleep practices and seeks reassurance, the Owlet Monitor Duo is certainly worth considering. It not only alleviates concerns but also provides valuable sleep information about your baby.

Parenthood is an incredible journey filled with challenges. If certain products can make this adventure even a tad smoother, we highly recommend adding them to your registry or investing in them yourself. The Owlet Smart Sock, now known as the Dream Sock, may just be one of those worthwhile investments.

Owlet Reviews: Verdict

Owlet Reviews

After eight months of rigorous testing, our conclusion mirrors that of our initial reviewers: the peace of mind Owlet offers is worth the investment. While no product is flawless, the benefits of the Owlet Dream Sock, as confirmed by parents Jon and Andrew, outweigh any minor drawbacks.

In closing, let’s address some frequently asked questions about the Owlet Smart Sock to help you make the most informed decision for your family.

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