Petlibro Reviews – Is This Automatic Pet Feeder Worth Trying?

Pet owners often find themselves faced with the challenge of ensuring their furry friends are well-fed, especially when they’re away from home. The Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder offers a solution to this common pet parent dilemma.

With its promise of convenience and precise mealtime management, it has garnered the attention of pet enthusiasts seeking an efficient feeding solution. But just how well does it live up to these claims? Let’s delve into the world of the Automatic Cat Feeder to find out in our Petlibro reviews.

How Well Did The Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder Work?

After programming it, I was ready to test out the Petlibro automatic cat feeder. Although it’s not as big as some other feeders designed for bigger pets, its 4-liter capacity was more than enough for my cat. I poured in a 4.5-lb bag of kibble and the hopper was filled to the brim.

The feeder reliably and neatly dispensed food during mealtime. It played back my voice recording and sent the intended portion of food into the bowl, ensuring that my pets were well-fed. However, I’ve had trouble finding automatic feeders that fit my cats’ needs. Most feeders are designed for dogs, resulting in large and intimidating bowls. The Petlibro feeder, on the other hand, is perfect for small pets like cats. Its bowl is small enough for my cats to access easily, but not too shallow that the kibble ends up on the floor.

When it comes to security, my experience with the Petlibro feeder was mixed. While it’s sturdy and impossible to access the food by reaching up into the hopper from the mouth, the feeder’s lid is its weak point. Unlike other feeders that have latches or tabs to keep the lid secure, the Petlibro’s lid seats with nothing holding it in place. This means that if your pet knocks the feeder over, the food will go flying. However, Petlibro is aware of this issue and is currently looking for solutions to make their feeder more secure.

The Petlibro feeder’s compact hopper size ensures that your cat’s food remains fresh and flavorful, without the risk of it sitting idle for an extended period. This design feature prevents the food from losing its crispness and quality, ensuring that it remains appetizing until the very last bite.

Furthermore, the feeder’s lid offers a convenient space to store a pouch of silica gel pearls, which are thoughtfully included with the product. These pearls have the ability to absorb moisture, effectively preserving the crunchiness and deliciousness of your feline friend’s food. By utilizing these moisture-absorbing beads, the Petlibro feeder goes the extra mile in maintaining the optimal texture and taste of your cat’s meals.

How Much Does The Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder Cost?

The Petlibro website offers an automatic feeder with a 4-liter capacity for $69.99. This price includes free shipping for any order within the continental United States. However, if you prefer the 6-liter version with a translucent tank, the cost will increase to $79.99.

Customers can choose between the two options based on their needs and budget. The 4-liter feeder is a more affordable option, while the 6-liter version provides a larger capacity and a translucent tank for easy monitoring of food levels. Regardless of the choice, customers can enjoy free shipping within the continental United States, making it a convenient and cost-effective purchase.

Is The Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder A Good Choice?

The Petlibro automatic feeder offers a convenient solution for those seeking a customizable feeding schedule for their cats. With its user-friendly programming and LCD screen, it is effortless to operate and maintain. Petlibro is also considered to be among the top-tier Shopify pet supply stores.

The feeder’s easy disassembly and cleaning features further enhance its practicality. Moreover, the inclusion of both a power cord and battery backup power ensures peace of mind for pet owners during extended periods away from home. The feeder’s feline-friendly bowl size and freshness features contribute to a pleasant and enjoyable mealtime experience for cats.

However, it is important to note that the Petlibro automatic feeder may not be suitable for everyone. For individuals who wish to provide their cats with more than four meals a day, alternative options may need to be considered.

Additionally, while the feeder’s 2.5-teaspoon increments are generally sufficient for most cats, those requiring stricter portion control may find this feature inadequate. Furthermore, the Petlibro may not be the ideal choice for households with determined food thieves or energetic pets that may potentially topple the feeder.

When Setting up the Petlibro Air Feeder

Setting up the feeder can be a bit challenging due to the narrow shape of the feeder’s top, making it difficult to retrieve the bag of accessories that are inside the tank. To overcome this, you need to lift the tank cover by raising the tabs on the sides to open it. Once the cover is open, you can then grab the bag inside, which contains the manuals and plug.

Additionally, it is important to note that the lid of the feeder comes with a desiccant bag holder, but the desiccant bag itself is not included. If you wish to purchase a desiccant bag, it should have dimensions of 35 x 20 mm or 1.4″ x 0.79″.

Before pouring any food into the feeder, it is essential to thoroughly clean the tank, the bowl base, and the stainless steel bowl. Once this is done, you can plug in the unit and pour the food into the tank. Afterward, you can proceed to program the feeder according to your desired settings.

Petlibro Reviews

How to Program the Petlibro Air?

To program the feeder, the clock must be set first. To do this, press the SET/OK button to access the time settings. Once in the time settings, press the SET/OK button again and the hour digit will start flashing. Use the – and + buttons to enter the desired hour, and then press SET/OK to confirm. The minute will then start flashing, and you can use the – and + buttons to enter the minutes. Press SET/OK to confirm. Finally, use the + button to select whether it is am or pm, and press SET/OK to confirm the clock settings.

After setting the clock, the next step is to program the mealtimes and portions. It is important to note that the Petlibro feeder is designed to program 6 meals. If you want less than 6 meals, you will need to skip the first meals.

For example, if you want to program 3 meals per day, you will need to skip the first 3 meals and start programming from meal 4. To skip a meal, simply press the + button to move to the next meal.

Additionally, to determine the portion size for each meal, you will need to know how much you want to feed your cat per day and how many times. Refer to the feeding guideline to determine the number of portions you need to program per meal in order to meet the daily intake requirements.

Petlibro Reviews: Is It Worth It?

The Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder stands out due to its well-thought-out design, user-friendly programming, and commitment to maintaining the freshness of your cat’s food. However, it is important to note that this feeder may not be suitable for all cat owners.

If you have a cat with specific dietary requirements, a preference for frequent meals, or if you prioritize security, the Petlibro may not be the ideal choice for you. Despite these considerations, many pet owners find this feeder to be a dependable and convenient solution for ensuring their feline companions are well-fed. In the realm of automatic pet feeders, the Petlibro stands out as an excellent option.

Whether you are a busy professional or simply looking to simplify feeding time, the Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder is definitely worth considering for a seamless mealtime experience. Its thoughtful design, ease of use, and dedication to food freshness make it a standout choice.

While it may not cater to every cat’s specific needs, it remains a reliable and convenient option for many pet owners. By investing in the Petlibro, you can ensure that your cat is well-fed and taken care of, making feeding time a breeze.

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