Uncovering PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE’s Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE was established on July 22, 2022 and has quickly gained the attention of many users. This article not only delves into the exquisite Italian flavors, but also highlights how this restaurant combines traditional cuisine with modern technology to repurpose Catering restaurants have achieved significant strategic success.

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PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE is an eatery situated in Traiskirchen, Austria, offering a diverse menu primarily focused on Italian cuisine. Founded on July 22nd, 2022, this establishment operates within the food and drink category, allowing customers to place orders online for takeaway. The menu comprises an extensive selection ranging from antipasti, salads, and pasta to pizzas, seafood dishes, and desserts.

Utilizing digital platforms like Adyen Online Payments and Tealium, PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE incorporates technology to enhance its services. These platforms ensure secure online payments and connect customer data for personalized interactions, catering to a wide audience both locally and internationally.

PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE combines traditional Italian flavors with modern technology to offer a convenient and diverse dining experience to its customers in Traiskirchen.

Store Overview:

  • Country: Located in Austria.
  • Monthly Revenue: Estimated to be between 301 – 500.
  • Established: Founded on July 22nd, 2022.
  • Category: Categorized as “Food & Drink.”
  • Platform: Takeaway
  • Status: Active

Why the Store is Successful?

Strategy & Execution:

PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE’s triumph stems from a robust strategy encompassing data-driven marketing initiatives. The establishment meticulously targets its audience by strategically leveraging tech platforms like Tealium to connect with customers, thereby facilitating a personalized ordering experience.

Target Audience:

Catering to a diverse clientele seeking delectable Italian cuisine, the establishment strategically positions its menu items, from traditional pizzas to specialty pasta dishes, to resonate with both local and international tastes.

Marketing Tactics:

Employing Adyen Online Payments, the platform ensures secure and versatile payment options, enhancing the customer’s ordering journey. Additionally, their emphasis on social media and tech integration ensures maximum reach, augmenting customer engagement.

Execution Process:

The execution process manifests through an amalgamation of culinary finesse and technological prowess. With an extensive menu featuring antipasti, pastas, pizzas, seafood, and more, the establishment offers a comprehensive dining experience while streamlining orders through an intuitive online interface.

Results & Impact:

The outcome of this strategic fusion is evident in the platform’s active status and estimated monthly sales, indicating a robust impact within the local community. PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE has successfully carved a niche in Traiskirchen’s culinary landscape.

Achieved Goals:

The establishment’s success reflects its alignment with set objectives, notably in providing an array of delectable options to a diverse customer base while ensuring a seamless ordering experience.

Additional Information & Highlights:


Special Features:

The platform’s extensive menu boasts a wide range of offerings, from antipasti to pasta, catering to varying tastes and preferences. This diversification enhances its appeal among patrons seeking authentic Italian cuisine.

Target Audience:

PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE appeals to both local and international patrons, offering a delightful culinary journey with its broad menu selection and efficient online ordering system.

Other Details:

The platform’s consistent monthly sales and utilization of advanced e-commerce tools underscore its successful integration of traditional cuisine with modern technological conveniences, fostering a unique and enriching dining experience for its customers.


PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE was founded in Austria in July 2022 and quickly made a name for itself in the food and beverage sector, with monthly revenue estimated at between 301 and 500 servings. Through a user-friendly online platform and strategic marketing strategies, Pizzeria effectively captures the attention of its target audience, which is reflected in its renowned Sametimeweb rankings and high number of page views.


The agency’s commitment to providing high-quality, diverse products and convenient online ordering through a reliable e-commerce platform is a testament to its rapid success. PIZZERIA ANGELO WIENER STRAßE embraces technology and implements a comprehensive marketing strategy, providing an outstanding example for businesses that aspire to combine traditional cooking with modern marketing methods to achieve sustainable growth and customer engagement.

Data from: Storelibrary

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