How to Return Amazon Products at Kohl’s – How Does It Work?

Returning Amazon products at Kohl’s is a game-changer for online shoppers looking for a hassle-free way to send back unwanted items. We all know that navigating Amazon’s return process can be a bit daunting, and the idea of printing labels and packaging items is hardly the way most of us want to spend our precious time.

But fear not, as Kohl’s has partnered with Amazon to make your life easier. Let’s delve into how this convenient service works and how to return Amazon products at Kohl’s to save time and money in the process.

How Amazon Returns at Kohl’s Works?

How to Return Amazon Products at Kohl's

How Long do I Have to Do My Return?

The return policy for Amazon remains consistent regardless of the method you choose to process your return. It is important to initiate your return within the specified time frame, which is indicated next to each order in your account. Additionally, ensure that you drop off the return at Kohl’s by the date displayed at the bottom of your confirmation. You can also learn how long Amazon takes to refund in this guide!

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the most advantageous aspects of returning items through Amazon is that it does not incur any costs. There is no expense associated with purchasing a box, printing a label, or dropping off the item at Kohl’s. While there may be exceptions where a return package is required, this requirement is rare. Simply follow the intuitive instructions provided for your return.

How do I Let Amazon Know I Want to do My Return at Kohl’s?

To inform Amazon that you wish to return your item at Kohl’s, you can easily indicate your preference during the online return process. When initiating the return, you will find two options to return at Kohl’s at the top of the page, before the options to drop off with USPS, UPS, or arrange for pickup.

How to Return Amazon Products at Kohl's

How To Return Amazon Products at Kohl’s?

To initiate the return process, access your Amazon account through the online platform. Once logged in, navigate to the Amazon Return Center. Within this section, you will find various options, one of which is the “Kohl’s drop off” alternative. Select this option to proceed with your return.

Upon selecting the “Kohl’s drop off” option, you will be prompted to obtain a QR code for the specific item you wish to return. This QR code can be acquired directly from the Amazon Return Center. Ensure that you have this code readily available before proceeding to the next step.

With the QR code in hand, proceed to the nearest Kohl’s location. Bring along the item you intend to return, as well as the QR code. Once at the store, locate a Kohl’s employee and present them with the QR code. They will assist you in completing the return process, which includes packing, labeling, and shipping the item back to Amazon.

Where Do You Return Amazon Items?

How to Return Amazon Products at Kohl's

Returning items to Amazon can be a bit more complicated than returning items to a physical store, but the company has made the process as easy as possible. Amazon shoppers have three options for returning online purchases: the UPS Store, Amazon Hub Locker, and participating Kohl’s stores. The availability of these locations may vary depending on your location.

If you choose to return your item to a UPS Store, you can schedule a UPS pick-up so that you don’t have to leave your home. Amazon Hub Lockers are another option for returning items. These secure, self-service kiosks are located in over 900 cities and allow shoppers to easily pick up and drop off packages. To use an Amazon Hub Locker, you must select this option during the online return process.

Overall, Amazon has made returning items as easy as possible for its customers. While it may not be as simple as returning items to a physical store, the company offers multiple options for returning items, including the UPS Store, Amazon Hub Locker, and participating Kohl’s stores. By providing these options, Amazon has made it convenient for shoppers to return items and receive a refund or replacement.

When You Can Redeem Your Kohl’s Cash

How to Return Amazon Products at Kohl's

Kohl’s offers a convenient return process for their customers, typically accepting returns in their customer service department. Once the return process is successfully completed, customers are then able to redeem their Kohl’s Cash. This can be done after receiving a refund to their credit card or having the refund added to their Amazon cart.

When returning an Amazon purchase to Kohl’s, customers have the opportunity to receive a discount in one of two ways. These discounts are usually valid for redemption within seven days and are available in the form of either $5 in Kohl’s Cash or a 25% off Kohl’s coupon. The specific discount received depends on the day the item is returned. If the return is made on a Saturday through Monday, customers will receive $5 in Kohl’s Cash. On the other hand, if the return is made on a Tuesday through Saturday, customers will be eligible for a 25% off Kohl’s coupon.

These discounts provide customers with added value and incentives to return their Amazon purchases to Kohl’s. By offering both Kohl’s Cash and coupons, customers have the flexibility to choose the discount that best suits their needs. Whether it’s a monetary discount or a percentage off their next purchase, Kohl’s ensures that customers are rewarded for their returns and have the opportunity to save on future purchases.


How to Return Amazon Products at Kohl's

In today’s fast-paced world, online shopping has become an integral part of our lives, and returning items should be just as effortless. Amazon’s partnership with Kohl’s has successfully addressed the pain points many customers face when dealing with returns. With a straightforward process that costs you absolutely nothing, it’s a win-win for Amazon shoppers.

So next time you need to return an Amazon product, remember that you can easily drop it off at your nearest Kohl’s store, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of hassle. No more worrying about labels and packaging – just a seamless return experience for everyone.


Do You Need an Amazon Prime Membership to Make Returns at Kohl’s?

No, Amazon shoppers do not need an Amazon Prime membership to make returns at Kohl’s. The return service is available to all customers, regardless of their membership status. While Prime members may receive faster delivery of packages, the return process and timeline remain the same for all customers.

Can You Bring Amazon Purchases that Are to Be Exchanged to Kohl’s?

If you need to exchange an Amazon purchase, you can still return the item at Kohl’s. Amazon will send a new item just as they would if you returned it through the post. This means that you can take advantage of Kohl’s convenient return service without sacrificing the ability to exchange your item.

Is Kohl’s Open for Amazon Returns?

Kohl’s is open for Amazon returns during their normal operating hours. This means that you can return Amazon items at Kohl’s just as you would any other item purchased from the retailer. With this convenient service, Amazon shoppers can easily return their purchases without having to worry about shipping costs or waiting for a package to arrive.

Which Kohl’s Stores Take Amazon Returns?

If you’re wondering where you can return your Amazon purchases, Kohl’s has got you covered. With over 1,100 locations across the United States, you can return your Amazon items to any Kohl’s store, except for the one in Anchorage, Alaska.

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