Can You Sell CBD on Shopify – What Should You Know

Selling CBD through eCommerce platforms like Shopify can sometimes be challenging when it comes to understanding the rules and regulations surrounding its sale. It’s important to know where and when you can sell CBD and how to ensure you’re staying legally compliant.

In our following guide, you can find out whether it’s legal to sell CBD on Shopify, how to build a CBD Shopify store, and more detailed information to avoid any illegal issues!

What is CBD?

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

CBD is a natural compound derived from hemp, a type of plant in the cannabis sativa species. Unlike marijuana, which contains high levels of THC, a psychoactive compound that causes a high, CBD has very low amounts of this ingredient and does not affect the nervous system. CBD has been found to have many potential health benefits, including reducing inflammation, anxiety, and symptoms of Parkinson’s and Crohn’s disease.

While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, many people have reported positive effects from using CBD. CBD is available in various forms, including oils, capsules, sprays, concentrates, and vaporized liquid.

Can I Sell CBD On Shopify?

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

We mentioned that the FDA has not yet approved most CBD products, which naturally raises concerns and makes the CBD industry high-risk. As a result, many eCommerce companies and banking institutions choose not to be associated with this trade. However, the question remains: Does Shopify have the same stance? Can you sell CBD products on Shopify?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Shopify does allow you to sell CBD and other related products in your store, as long as you follow all the guidelines they have set. So, with the right precautions in place, you are free to sell your goods.

It is important to note that while CBD itself does not have intoxicating effects, not all CBD products are legal. The CBD market can be complex to navigate, and it is crucial to be cautious when sourcing your products to avoid any legal issues. Shopify specifically prohibits the sale of CBD products derived from marijuana. In simpler terms, if the THC level in your CBD products is greater than 0.3%, they will be flagged. We will discuss this in more detail shortly.

Furthermore, depending on where you live, there are various regulatory laws that govern the CBD industry, and it is essential to adhere to them in order to thrive. You can sell CBD on Shopify and be profitable, but it is crucial to stay up to date with federal and state laws that pertain to your products. This is especially important because these laws are continuously evolving and changing. Therefore, it is advisable to keep an eye out for any updates or consider consulting with a lawyer if possible.

If you are interested in selling niche products online, our guide may help you find a suitable niche for your business!

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

Is CBD Legal?

The laws surrounding this compound can be quite complex and difficult to navigate but don’t worry, we’re here to help clarify things for you. We want to make sure you don’t find yourself lost at sea without a compass, so let’s dive in and get you ready to start your CBD Shopify store.

First things first, it’s important to understand that marijuana and hemp are not legally the same. Surprising, right? Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana has a higher THC content. This slight difference is what makes hemp legal at the federal level, while marijuana remains illegal in most states.

Now, here’s where things get even more interesting. Even if your CBD product has less than 0.3% THC, it may still be considered illegal. Why? Well, just as Shopify doesn’t approve of CBD derived from marijuana, it is also illegal at the federal level. To avoid any confusion, marijuana-derived CBD is CBD that comes from marijuana plants.

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

Lastly, it’s important to note that even if hemp CBD is grown correctly, it can still become contaminated with illegal levels of THC during the extraction process. So, it’s crucial to choose a reputable manufacturer to ensure your CBD Shopify store doesn’t encounter any legal issues.

On a side note, it’s essential to ensure that your buyers are of legal age to purchase CBD, which is either 18 or 21 depending on your state’s laws. Additionally, while CBD is legal in all states, some states have stricter regulations regarding THC levels. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the cannabidiol laws in your state to ensure you are selling within the legal boundaries.

Can I Dropship CBD on Shopify?

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

To understand whether dropshipping is allowed for cannabidiol products on Shopify, it’s important to first understand what dropshipping means. Essentially, dropshipping is a business model where you sell products to customers without actually stocking them. Instead, you work with a supplier or manufacturer who handles the delivery of the products to the customer. Your job is to market the products and track the delivery.

Now, the question is whether Shopify allows dropshipping for CBD products. The answer is yes! Just like any other dropshipping business, you can take advantage of the benefits of selling CBD products without having to keep inventory. All you need to do is drive traffic to your online store and make sales.

How to Build a CBD Shopify Store?

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

Now that you have everything you need for a functional CBD Shopify store, let’s dive into the details. Building a CBD Shopify store requires a series of actions that are vital to the success of your online store. It’s important not to skip any of these steps, as doing so can result in poor sales or even Shopify shutting down your store. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to help you increase your chances of selling CBD successfully on Shopify.

  1. Create a Shopify Store

The first step is to create a Shopify store. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an essential starting point. Building your Shopify store is relatively simple. Just visit “Sell CBD Online,” enter your email address, and click “Start Free Trial.” The best part is that Shopify offers you a free 14-day trial period to get your feet wet and understand how your store works. After that, you’ll need to pay a $29 monthly fee to retain access to your store.

While Shopify takes care of most of the maintenance and server setup, you have the opportunity to choose your store name. This is an important decision, as you’ll want your store to rank well when buyers search for keywords related to your brand. Make sure to avoid using registered brand names and domain names to prevent any legal or ranking issues. You can check for available domain names for your brand to find the perfect fit.

  1. Fill and Submit the Attestation Form

The next step is to fill and submit the Attestation Form. This is a requirement for CBD trading, especially if you’re a US resident. If you live in another country, you’ll need to comply with the CBD laws of your country. For example, residents of Canada and the UK will need a special license to sell cannabidiol products. In Canada, you’ll also need to create a Shopify Plus store to sell your CBD products. If you’re based in the US but don’t receive the form, make sure to verify your location.

  1. Apply for a Third-Party Payment Gateway

Although Shopify supports CBD sales, its payment gateway, Shopify Payments, doesn’t allow payment for hemp-related products, including CBD. So, you’ll need to apply for a third-party payment gateway (or processor).

  1. Notifications

After your payment gateway has been approved, put it on your store’s notifications. For Shopify CBD stores, this means email-only notifications, as SMS isn’t endorsed, so you must disable SMS notifications for customers.

Importance of Offering Customer Support for Your CBD Store

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

If you’ve ever shopped online, you know just how crucial customer support can be. Your customers want to feel supported and have their questions answered by a real person who understands their needs. That’s why it’s essential to have a knowledgeable and helpful customer service team for your CBD store.

Given that the use of CBD is still relatively new, your customers are likely to have many questions. They may want to know the difference between full-spectrum and isolate CBD, how much CBD is sufficient for their needs, and any potential side effects. By maintaining an open line of communication with your customers, you not only provide them with valuable information but also protect yourself from costly chargebacks in the future. When customers have a clear understanding of what they’re purchasing, it helps build brand loyalty and minimizes returns and negative reviews.

What Restrictions Are There For Selling CBD On Shopify?

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

Selling CBD on Shopify comes with certain restrictions due to the ever-changing laws and regulations surrounding CBD products. Here are a couple of important considerations:

  • Payment Method

Unfortunately, you cannot use Shopify Payments as the payment processor for CBD products. Instead, you’ll need to utilize a third-party gateway that supports the sale of hemp and CBD products. Shopify recommends gateways like Bankful and DigiPay, which meet the necessary requirements.

  • Notifications

When it comes to notifying your customers about your CBD products and shop updates, you can only do so through email. Sending SMS text messages regarding CBD is not allowed. To comply with these regulations, you’ll need to disable SMS notifications. You can easily do this from your Shopify Admin by going to Settings, and then Checkout. Under Customer contact, select “Customers can only check out using email.” Additionally, uncheck the option for customers to receive shipping updates via SMS. Remember to save your changes.

By understanding and adhering to these restrictions, you can ensure a smooth and compliant selling experience for your CBD store on Shopify. Providing excellent customer support and following the necessary guidelines will help you build trust with your customers and establish a reputable brand in the CBD industry.

Selling CBD on Shopify: Final Thoughts

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

Selling CBD on Shopify can prove to be a highly profitable venture due to the increasing demand for this popular product. Shopify offers user-friendly eCommerce tools and resources that can assist even novice sellers in achieving success. However, as the CBD industry is deemed high-risk, Shopify cannot be utilized as a payment processor. Fortunately, there are other CBD merchant service providers that specialize in high-risk industries and offer tools to safeguard your business’s reputation. By signing up for our online payment processing, you can quickly begin accepting CBD payments.

FAQs for Selling CBD on Shopify

Can You Sell CBD on Shopify

What If I Want To Sell CBD But I Am Not A United States Merchant?

The majority of this blog deals with the legality of selling CBD and other hemp/hemp-derived products on Shopify in the US. If you want to sell CBD in Canada, you must be a Shopify Plus merchant and a licensed cannabis seller.

Can I Sell CBD In My Current Store?

If you’re using Shopify Payments in your current store and want to keep using it, unfortunately, you won’t be able to sell CBD products there. However, you do have the option to include a link to a separate store for CBD products on your current store, as long as the CBD store follows all legal requirements.

What Shipping Service Can I Use?

You can use any shipping service that allows the delivery of CBD and hemp products. It is your responsibility to verify that the carrier will accept and deliver the package. You can use Shopify Shipping as long as the chosen carrier allows the delivery of CBD.

Where Can I Sell My CBD Products?

Please make sure to stay up to date with the ever-changing laws surrounding CBD and hemp products. It is important to be legally compliant, so if you feel the need, reach out to a lawyer for guidance.
Once you have identified the locations where you can sell your products, you have the option to customize your shipping zones to cater to customers from specific states. This way, you can ensure that your products are only delivered to customers in those particular areas.

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