Can I Send An Amazon Gift Card to Another Country?

Are you considering purchasing gift cards to send to friends for use on Amazon? But are you worried that foreign friends can’t use the Amazon Gift Card you gave away? In fact, you just need to make sure that the gift cards you buy are compatible with Amazon stores, where they will buy or ship. This guide will introduce how Amazon Gift Card system works. These tips help ensure that you buy gift cards for someone, and they can use these gift cards without any annoying restrictions.

Can You Send Your Amazon Gift Card to Another Country?

Before you try to buy gift cards for people in other countries, you should first check whether it is a supported option. Amazon sells it in many different countries, but Amazon Gift Cards don’t. If the country involved is not a viable destination for gift cards, you cannot solve this problem by purchasing gift cards for another country.

  • Amazon gift cards are locked by region

For example, some people in Britain cannot exchange gift cards assigned to the United States. Therefore, qualification verification is very important.

  • View country store

To know whether gift cards are the choice of target recipients, you need to make sure that Amazon has an online store in the country where you want to send cards. Amazon provides services in more than 100 countries. According to the classification standard, there are about 195 countries in the world at present. This means that Amazon is likely to have a functioning store in this country, but there is no guarantee. You can find the countries that can be shipped on Amazon. Com, which is an important first step.

If Amazon is not available in the relevant countries, then your options are limited. You can mail gift cards, and the steps will be introduced in the later section. By default, trying to buy gift cards for people in unsupported countries will not work.

  • Check currency

Assuming that Amazon is available in the country / region where you send the gift card, you also need to ensure that you buy the card in the correct currency. Usually, if you buy a credit card directly from Amazon, everything will default to the correct currency. In other words, some countries prefer international currencies to their own currencies. If this is the case, Amazon’s default settings may be incorrect. When the domestic currency is unstable, it is best to provide gift cards in a less volatile currency to ensure value. Finding the best currency is not always easy. You can start by talking to the intended recipient of the gift card. You can also view online stores located in relevant countries. The currency accepted by these stores may be a good choice. You can also use Amazon to learn about the relevant countries and see what payment options are available. As mentioned earlier, the default value is usually reliable, but if there is a problem about money, it is best to do some research before buying.

  • Check redemption options

The last thing you need to do before committing to buy is to check the redemption options.

Gift cards are not redeemable in all countries / regions. International trade is a complex matter, and restrictions may suddenly appear. For any Amazon Gift Card, there should be a list of available countries on the card page. Amazon sells it in more than 100 countries, but gift cards don’t. For the gift card list, you will find that there are far fewer countries, and you need to carefully check whether any given countries are listed in the exquisite print on the gift card page you are trying to obtain. This also applies to third-party gift cards purchased through Amazon.

How to Send Amazon Gift Cards to Other Countries?

At this point, you have confirmed that the target recipient can receive and redeem gift cards. Now that you have established as much information as possible, you can follow the following steps to purchase and ensure that everything is in the correct format and works as expected.

  1. Log in to the correct Amazon website

First of all, you need to log in to the Amazon website of the corresponding country. If you are on Amazon, if you want to bypass this problem, you can try using VPN service. This service may connect you to servers in relevant countries. This will cause the website to think you are in that country, and then you can continue. Before you use this method, please remember that you may have violated the laws of another country. Tread carefully. If you want to make a cautious mistake, don’t try to cheat Amazon server with VPN, and only buy under normal circumstances.

  1. Choose a gift card

This is the simplest part. Now, you can browse gift card options on the correct national website. Find your favorite card and choose it. You can usually fill in the amount you want. For most Amazon Gift Cards, the range of purchase amounts is quite large. You can also choose whether to send a physical card to someone or strictly digitize everything. Most cards are digital by default, but physical cards do exist.

  1. Processing gift cards

If you choose a physical card, Amazon will guide you to complete the delivery option, just like the website handles other physical orders.

  1. Carefully check the payment options

Once you make your choice, you will be sent to the payment screen. Since you pay electronically, Amazon should accept any payment at the store. This means that you can pay for the card in dollars, even if it is paid in euros.

There is one thing that needs attention. Since another country is involved, currency exchange will be carried out. Sometimes, this may lead to exchange charges or rounding errors, thereby changing the final price. Pay attention to these changes and make sure they are acceptable. If you think the exchange fee is unreasonable, please contact your card and card issuer. You may be eligible for services that reduce such costs. It depends on who manages the card you are trying to use.

  1. Complete the purchase

Like any Amazon shopping, you will have the opportunity to review everything before finalizing it. You only need women who use laptops and mobile phones to shop online.

As long as you buy on the right national website, everything here should be normal. If you are satisfied with the terms of sale, you can finalize it and charge a fee.

  1. Mailing cards

If, for any reason, the electronic process does not work or is not available, you have another option. You can buy a physical gift card and mail it to yourself.

You can then mail the card to the intended recipient. This may make the currency or format of the card unable to be exchanged in the destination country. End users may need to use VPN or other solutions to use the card, but if sending an Amazon Gift card is so important, you can try to make it work.

Why Do You Send Amazon Gift Cards?

Now, you know how to check the availability of Amazon Gift Cards and how to purchase these gift cards for users in other countries. In the top bar and on the right, you should see a flag icon. You can click this icon to change the country where your user experience is located. Go to the country that will be the destination of the card and make sure everything goes as expected. As you go through this, please remember that changing the country can change the language of the website. If your destination language is not fluent, you may need help buying.

There is also a warning in this process. Some countries restrict Internet access by law. As a result, you may not be able to access some of Amazon’s national websites. Before you do this, you should ask yourself why you do it. If this is a simple gift for a friend, go buy it. However, if things are a little more complicated, you need to beware of scams. Many swindlers will provide services or special prices. In order to exchange for a discount or any available goods, they will ask for an Amazon Gift Card. The reasons for why they need gift cards will vary, but the emphasis on gift cards remains the same.

Is Amazon Gift Card Refundable?

Amazon gift cards are non refundable and are non transferable when you provide information for exchange. If you send gift cards to swindlers, you will only lose the money you spend. There are few resources to make up for the loss. Therefore, you need to determine who received the gift card and why. If you are not sure, you can contact Amazon support, who can directly provide you with advice on detecting and avoiding fraud.

Amazon Gift Card

How to Know When Amazon’s Sales Will End?

Usually, when you subscribe to Amazon, you will be asked to provide the email address of their newsletter. After that, Amazon will send you an email to update you on the current situation of specific sales. For example, they will tell you that there are a few days before the end of this particular sale, or something similar.

However, if you are not a subscriber to Amazon or do not provide their newsletter email address, you can check it on their official homepage. Amazon usually states the start and end dates of its sales on specific products. For example, you will be able to see a product with a sales period from February 18 to 29.

In addition, you can download Amazon apps on your phone or desktop. Amazon will always send you an alert whenever a particular sale is about to end.

In addition, Amazon usually announces future sales, such as black Friday and online Monday. From there, you will be able to track when a particular sale ends. Black Friday sales always last one day, that is, the last Friday in November. In addition, online Monday lasts 24 hours on the fourth Monday in November.

When Will Amazon Flash Trading End?

Amazon flash trading is a promotional activity that offers limited discounts on goods in the short term. Flash trading is always limited to Amazon shares. Transactions usually take 2-6 hours to close. Promotional activities are always carried out in today’s trading and prime time. However, during prime time, the agreement is only applicable to gold members and is valid for 2 days. When lighting transactions are available, you will see a timer showing how long it takes you to add items to the shopping cart and apply for promotional discounts.

The following is additional information about Amazon lighting transactions, if you want to have the opportunity to obtain these transactions. Lightning transactions can only be redeemed by clicking the “continue checkout” button. If you join the waiting list and miss the deal, you can still get the deal.

FAQs of Amazon Gift Card

  • Can I transfer my Amazon Gift card balance to paypal?

No, you cannot transfer your Amazon Gift card balance to PayPal. However, you can use Amazon pay to send and receive egift cards to any desired account.

  • Can I transfer the balance of Amazon Gift Card to my bank account?

No, you cannot transfer the balance of Amazon Gift card directly to your bank account, because these funds can only be used to buy goods in Amazon itself. If you order goods on Amazon through Amazon payment system and cancel immediately, there is a way to transfer your money back to your bank account. After the cancellation process is completed, you will get a refund in your bank account. However, this is immoral for you and should be considered only in an emergency.

  • Can I transfer my Amazon Gift card balance to a credit / debit card?

No, you cannot transfer Amazon Gift card balance to credit / debit card, because it requires you to transfer funds from gift card balance to your bank account, which is impossible.

  • Can I transfer Amazon Gift card balance to other countries?

No, you cannot send your Amazon Gift card balance to other countries. You can only send Amazon gift cards to anyone who has an Amazon account, regardless of their country. You just need to select the correct currency, log in to the Amazon website of the corresponding country, and check your eligibility and redemption status in that country.

  • Can I use Google play balance on Amazon?

No, you can’t use Google play balance on Amazon. Play store balance cannot be used on e-commerce websites. It can only be used for apps and games on the play store and in app purchases.

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