Solly Baby Wrap Reviews – Are They Safe for Newborns?

Trying to decide on a baby wrap for your registry or looking to start baby-wearing now that your newborn is here? Choosing the right wrap involves considering several important factors. After trying out a few different brands, I wanted to share my honest Solly Baby Wrap reviews to help you start babywearing the right way!

Baby wraps can seem overwhelming at first. What do you do with all that fabric? Is your baby really safe in there? How do you even get the baby in? Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll love the freedom of wrapping your baby and having your hands free. With so many brands to choose from, I’ve personally fallen in love with the Solly Baby Wrap.

What Is A Solly Baby Wrap?

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews

The Solly Wrap is the perfect solution for parents who want to keep their baby close and comfortable. This lightweight carrier wraps around your body, evenly distributing your baby’s weight to prevent any discomfort in your shoulders or back. With the front-facing design, you can always keep an eye on your little one. Plus, the wraps are incredibly soft, easy to clean, and can be folded into a compact pocket for on-the-go convenience. Say goodbye to bulky carriers and hello to the Solly Wrap, which is a great top Shopify baby products store!

Advantages of Solly Baby Wrap

While exploring different countries, especially in the Andes and East Africa, I came across women carrying their babies in wraps. This traditional practice has been around for centuries, but it’s a relatively new concept in the United States. When I had my own baby, I was thrilled to try out this method of baby-wearing. Here are some of the things I absolutely adored about it:

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews

Super Soft and Hands-Free

This carrier is incredibly soft and allows for hands-free use. Whenever I put it on, I felt confident that both Felix and I were comfortable. It was especially great when he was a newborn, as he would cocoon in there beautifully. I would take him for a walk every morning and then let him sleep on me while I went about my morning routine. It truly is a convenient and comfortable option.

Distributes Weight Well

The Solly Baby wrap distributes weight exceptionally well, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. I had high expectations for the Ergo Baby 360, but it just didn’t compare to the weight distribution of the Solly Baby wrap, especially with the newborn insert. It was a game-changer.

That being said, my partner Garrett ended up preferring the Ergo Baby carrier after a few tries. He felt that without having breasts, Felix didn’t rest on him as comfortably in the wrap. I had to agree – Felix did seem more at ease when he was on me.

Great for Sleep

The Solly Baby wrap is fantastic for helping babies sleep. Solly Baby claims that it can calm crying by up to 43%, and I have to say, it really did work wonders when Felix was overtired and just needed to sleep. It also provides great sun or light-shade protection for the baby.

During our first flight with Felix, which happened to be an overnight flight across the country, he slept like a baby the entire time in the wrap. He was in his happy place and truly comfortable. I just wish I could say the same for his parents!

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews

Pretty Colors

The wrap comes in a variety of stylish and classy designs, with neutral colors, stripes, plaids, florals, and textured patterns. I personally own one in grey and one in Oat Dot, and they can easily complement any outfit. That’s definitely a major selling point for me.

Affordable Price

When it comes to affordability, this baby carrier takes the cake. It is priced between $69 and $79, which is several hundred dollars cheaper than other popular brands like Ergo Baby or Artipoppe. It’s no wonder it made for a fantastic gift on our registry!

How to Use the Solly Baby Wrap?

Now that you understand why I adore the Solly Baby Wrap so much, let me guide you on how to use it effectively! I know it can be overwhelming when you first open the box and see all that fabric, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it!

First, locate the tag in the center of the wrap. This will be your starting point. Place the tag in the center of your stomach and gather the fabric a bit.

Next, wrap the fabric behind your back, crisscrossing it tightly. This will ensure a secure fit.

Now, bring the fabric over your shoulders. The left side should go to your right shoulder, and the right side should go over your left shoulder. Make sure the fabric is spread out and flat. You don’t want it to bunch up where it crosses, as that can be uncomfortable.

After that, bring the fabric to the front of your body. Here, you’ll want to cross it again, creating an “X” shape from your shoulders to your stomach. This will provide additional support.

Ensure that the fabric is securely tightened after passing it through in step 3. Once it feels tight enough, go a little tighter than you initially think. Then, crisscross the fabric across your back one final time.

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews

Bring the fabric back to the front and tie it in a double-knot at the front. This will prepare you to add the baby!

With the baby leaning against your body and resting on your shoulder, place one of the baby’s legs into one side of the crisscross you created in step 3. This side of the fabric should be touching and closest to your chest.

Next, pull the fabric so that it completely covers the baby’s bottom.

Then, place the baby’s other leg into the other side of the crisscross, ensuring that the fabric fully covers the bottom as well.

Now that the baby is safely nestled within the criss-cross underlayer, bring the original fabric with the Solly tag in the center completely over the baby’s back. This will ensure that they are secure and snug.

How Is It Different From The Moby Wrap?

The Solly Baby wrap is quite different from the Moby in a few important ways. Firstly, the fabric is only about half the width of the Moby, making it much easier to put on without feeling awkward. I was able to wrap it around my body and place Hawkins inside in just about 45 seconds. Secondly, the fabric is not as stretchy as the Moby, which means that the baby stays snug and comfortable against your body, no matter how long they are in it. I’ve taken Hawkins on numerous walks and completed tasks around the house, and I never had to readjust the wrap due to sagging. Additionally, the fabric is incredibly lightweight and breathable, ensuring that neither of us gets too hot and sweaty.

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews

One fantastic feature of the Solly Baby wrap is the pouch sewn into one end. This allows you to fold the wrap neatly into itself when it’s not in use, creating a compact bundle. I love that I can easily throw it into my bag without it taking up much space, and it’s always readily accessible. Unlike my soft-structured carrier, which can be quite bulky to carry around, the Solly Baby has solved that problem for me.

I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the Solly Baby wrap is. Most wraps and carriers tend to make my back ache, and I can only wear them for short periods of time. However, with the Solly Baby, I can comfortably wear Hawkins for hours on end. He absolutely adores it too – he falls asleep within minutes of being placed in it and stays asleep for most of the time (until he wakes up hungry, of course). The best part is that I’ll be able to use it for a long time, as it can hold babies up to 25 pounds.

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews: Conclusion

I absolutely adore the Solly Baby Wrap! It has quickly become my go-to carrier, even surpassing my beloved BECO Gemini. I’m so impressed with its comfort and versatility that I always recommend it to new moms or anyone in need of a wrap. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors and I’ve heard they’re releasing some new spring shades soon. But wait, there’s more! The Solly Baby Wrap is proudly made in the USA and a portion of each purchase goes towards supporting moms worldwide through a charitable donation.

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