What Does SSL Pending Mean On Shopify – How to Fix

In order to browse the internet securely, SSL certificates are a necessary component. Websites use them to encrypt visitor communications with the website and to confirm the visitor’s identity.

The hosting company for the website and the visitor’s browser settings are just two of the many variables that may affect how long the certificate process takes.

When an SSL certificate is marked as pending on Shopify, this means that Shopify has received the certificate but has not yet approved it. There are many potential causes for this, but the certificate or the company providing website hosting are the most frequent ones.

We advise contacting Shopify support or your hosting company if you are having issues with your SSL certificate on Shopify. They might be able to assist in resolving the situation and guarantee that you continue to enjoy secure browsing.

What Does SSL Pending Mean on Shopify?

When creating your Shopify website certificate, you might encounter an SSL pending error message. This red error message can appear even if the certificate processing is still in progress, which happens frequently.

The SSL pending message on Shopify indicates that your certificate is not yet ready. This status demonstrates that although your website is not safe from online hackers, access to it is still possible.

The SSL pending shows that you applied for an Shopify has an SSL certificate, but has not confirmed that your server and content fully adhere to the encryption protocol. You can only access your website domain through the HTTP:// version during this interim period.

We’ll go over a few solutions to this issue in the paragraph that follows.

How to Fix the Pending Or Unavailable Certificates

There is another problem that you might run into when obtaining an SSL certificate in addition to the pending SSL status. It is the SSL unavailable error, which translates to “SSL cannot be available on your website” in its literal sense. But do not worry; Shopify’s free encryption is still available to you in this circumstance.

In essence, it means that Shopify is unable to issue you a certificate due to insufficiently secure website configurations or content.

To solve similar issues you simply need to take the following steps:

  1. Wait for 48 Hours: If you are certain that the information on your website complies with the encryption protocol requirements but you are still experiencing these issues, try waiting 48 hours. On average, installing HTTPS:// encryption on your website takes about two days. This delay is necessary so that your SSL certificates can be renewed or re-verified after you make configuration changes to your web server or custom domain.
  2. Set Up your Domain Record: Online store owners typically create their custom domain through Shopify, which adds it automatically to the Shopify admin panel. The configurations are then handled by the panel on its own.
    However, you must manually add your custom domain if it was not made using Shopify.
    Verify that your A record is pointing at the correct IP address for Shopify, which is Keep in mind that a domain can only have one A record. Any additional A record entries on Shopify will result in the SSL Unavailable error. It is crucial that your CNAME entries include shops.myshopify.com in addition to the correct IP address.
  3. Use IPv4 Instead of IPv6: Using IPv6 (AAAA) records, which have no bearing on Shopify’s web hosting capabilities, is one of the things that can lead to HTTPS:// encryption in your Shopify URL address failing. To be successful in obtaining your desired SSL certificate, use the IPv4 A record type.
  4. Do Not Use CAA Record: Using CAA Records on Shopify is not advised because they may prevent you from obtaining a secure HTTPS:// address for your website. Still, if you have to apply for CAA records, include certificate authorities for each of the following sites in each record

The purpose of the aforementioned authorities is to confirm that a given HTTPS:// URL has not been changed and is still active.

Let’s look at the procedures for fixing the SSL pending error, which is distinct from the unavailable SSL error. Here are three main steps you should follow:

Step one:

Correct your name records. If you are certain that every aspect of your website’s DNS configuration is correct but you still receive the SSL pending error, pay close attention to your A records. They ought to point directly to Shopify’s IP address, which is

Step two:

Your Shopify Specific CNAME record should be set up and look like this: shops. myshopify.com and it should always point to a domain name, and not to an IP address.

Step three:

Avoid sending Shopify too many support requests in an attempt to overwhelm it with the problem. An HTTPS:// address configuration typically takes Shopify 48 hours. The processing will take two extra days if you intervene at any point during this process. So the only thing left to do is wait patiently to get your secure website as soon as possible.

7. What Does SSL Pending Mean On Shopify2

What is An SSL Certificate?

Secure Socket Layer is referred to as SSL. Simply put, it is a secure protocol that is used to keep your computer and internet connection safe and to keep any sensitive personal information away from hackers. SSL establishes an encrypted connection between a web browser and a web server, thereby verifying the legitimacy of a website.

To ensure that online transactions and customer information are private and secure, all businesses with websites today are required to obtain SSL certificates. For the visitor’s assurance that their personal information is secure, every website that has an SSL certificate displays a padlock icon in the address bar or the abbreviation HTTPS.

In other words, simply purchase an SSL certificate when setting up your Shopify domain name if you want to maintain a solid reputation and guard against outside interference on your website.

How Do I Enable SSL on Shopify?

An SSL certificate can easily be added to your Shopify store with little effort. After your domain has been properly related to your Shopify store, you will automatically receive an SSL (also known as a TLS — Transport Layer Security) certificate across each URL when you open a new online store.

Then you need to switch over to using the HTTPS:// version for all the URLs on your website. To do this you should:

  1. Select the URL redirects you want to update.
  2. Click on the Edit redirect button
  3. Make the necessary changes
  4. Select “Save” from the menu.

The updates happen fairly quickly, and the process is straightforward. They typically don’t take longer than 48 hours.

After taking all of these actions, your SSL encryption will have failed if you do not see a padlock icon in the address bar. Then you will get a warning that says “SSL Pending” or “SSL Unavailable.” This error may happen for a number of reasons, such as:

  • domain misconfiguration;
  • content errors;
  • site refresh delays.

What Are the Benefits of Having An SSL Certificate on Your Shopify Store

Let’s finally consider the advantages an SSL certificate offers Shopify online store owners.

An SSL certificate is designed to increase trust and secure server-client communication, as was already mentioned. The address line’s padlock reassures visitors that their personal information won’t be in danger of being stolen and changed by criminals. Additionally, it establishes your identity and gives your website authenticity.


How Long is Shopify Pending SSL?

Generally, it can take up to 48 hours for a new It will produce an SSL certification. When accessing your Shopify store, you might also detect a security flaw. Nothing to worry about at this time, and the error message should disappear as soon as the SSL integration is finished.

Does Shopify Provide Free SSL Certificates?

Yes, a free SSL certificate is offered by Shopify. By doing this, they can guarantee that no one using this platform to shop online will have their personal information stolen. Your website’s HTTP:// URL version can be changed to the secure and reliable HTTPS:// version with just a few clicks.

Why is Shopify Banned?

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can create an online store using the well-known eCommerce platform Shopify. Due to its reputation as a security risk, Shopify is nevertheless prohibited in some nations. Although Shopify is renowned for its security features, some users may find these features to be a security risk.

How to Update SSL Certificate in Shopify?

There is no requirement to update or renew your current SSL certificate in order to update the SSL certificate in Shopify. The platform will automatically add a fresh certificate to your private domain if necessary. This process will not take longer than 48 hours,

Is Shopify a CMS?

Businesses can easily create their own online stores using the platform known as Shopify. Given that it’s inexpensive and simple to use, small businesses frequently choose it. A full-fledged content management system (CMS), however, is not what Shopify is.

Is Shopify Considered a CMS?

The fact that Shopify enables users to create, manage, and publish content online qualifies it as a content management system (CMS). Users of Shopify have the option of starting from scratch to build a unique website or online store, or they can use the platform to enhance an already-existing website. The platform has a wide range of features and tools that make it perfect for startups, small businesses, and online marketers.

Why is Shopify Better Than Other Platforms?

Compared to most other ecommerce platforms, Shopify is more affordable. It is an appealing option for small businesses because it provides a variety of features, support, and customization options. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to set up and run your business.

Is Loox Only for Shopify?

You can create unique, personalized products using the Shopify app Loox. Adding pictures, descriptions, and prices is just one of its many features. Products that are rare and difficult to find are ideal for Loox.

What is Social Proof Shopify?

People are said to act in accordance with what they observe other people doing, which is known as social proof. It could be viewed as a type of peer pressure. To get people to purchase a product or act in a particular way, it is frequently used in marketing.

Is Shopify Best for Small Business?

Shopify is a fantastic choice for companies of all sizes. It is user-friendly, affordable, and has a variety of features. Although Shopify has a few drawbacks, they are mostly insignificant.

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