How to Effectively Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon 2023?

When it comes to product selection for your Ecommerce business, there are various methods available. You can utilize tools, analyze product trends, assess sales figures, scrutinize customer reviews, and so on to start an Ecommerce business on Amazon. However, if you aim to thrive and expand, these conventional approaches may not be enough. What’s the underlying issue with these methods? Let’s delve into the world of product selection from a different perspective.

How to Overcome the Limitations of Conventional Product Selection

When it comes to selecting products, most individuals face two common problems:

Emulating Existing Successes

The approaches we’ve discussed earlier can often be categorized as “emulation.” It entails using various tools and indicators to examine the sales, customer reviews, and other metrics of existing products. In essence, this approach amounts to imitation.

Imitation is not inherently problematic, especially when a company is in its nascent stage, and resources are limited. In such cases, it’s advisable to focus on stable, proven products with lower risks. Nevertheless, successful, established e-commerce giants employ more sophisticated product development teams, and have substantial capital for product innovation, and a broader perspective to uncover deeper customer needs. Thus, they often bypass simplistic imitation.

However, in the cross-border e-commerce space, the majority of sellers are still reliant on “emulation” as their primary product selection strategy.

Narrow Horizons

Your circle of influence and your understanding of products can be extremely limited. When you rely on your past years of life, work, and personal interests to spot market opportunities, it tends to confine your product selection to what you already know.

To break free from these constraints, it’s essential to shift your product selection perspective from your own experiences to what your target market’s users care about. Instead of judging a product’s viability from your own viewpoint, you need to discern it from your potential customers’ angle.

Delve Deep into the Market to Unearth Product Opportunities

To illustrate this, let’s consider an example. There’s a specialist in swimming pool cleaning equipment who sells “Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Fine Mesh Netting with Heavy Duty Connecting Stainless Steel Pole for Fast Cleaning Spas Ponds Debris.” This seller has built a significant offline business and partnered with an American colleague. Within two years, they managed to generate around $3 million in annual revenue.

I learned about this business through networking, and although I wasn’t personally interested in selling swimming pool cleaning equipment, what the American partner said stuck with me:

“How many people truly understand the United States? Many middle-class Americans have swimming pools. How many Amazon sellers have pools at home? Do they know the pain points of outdoor pool maintenance? Can they anticipate these needs?”

This statement was a wake-up call for me, profoundly impacting my product selection strategy. It underscores the fact that our product choices are often guided by our personal experiences and the products we see around us. This kind of thinking can be overly limiting.

This is why product selection should genuinely align with the demands of the target market, allowing you to expand your product range across various domains, rather than staying confined to a single niche.

How to Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon?

With this perspective in mind, let’s delve into more recommendations for effective product selection:

Choose Products Based on American Consumer Preferences

  • Color and Patterns: American consumers tend to favor simple color schemes, primarily shades of blue. Products featuring bald eagles or symbols associated with American culture can also be popular. By aligning your product offerings with these preferences, you can increase your chances of success.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon -  shades of blue
  • Sporting Interests: Americans have a strong affinity for sports, especially baseball, football, ice hockey, and basketball. Offering products related to these sports, such as sports gear, team-branded accessories, or sports-themed clothing, can tap into their interests.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon -  baseball
  • Lifestyle and Celebrations: American consumers enjoy gatherings, camping, and nightlife activities like clubbing. Consider products for home decor, kitchen gadgets, beauty and makeup items, or outdoor accessories that cater to these lifestyle choices.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon -  camping
  • Cultural and Entertainment Influences: Keep an eye on American culture and entertainment trends, as they often drive product demand. Products inspired by popular American TV shows or movies can become bestsellers. However, be cautious of copyright and intellectual property issues.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon -  American culture

Product Selection Aligned with Holidays and Seasons

Holidays and seasons offer excellent opportunities for product selection:

  • Valentine’s Day: Products related to love and romance, such as jewelry, watches, handbags, and gift items, experience increased demand around this holiday.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Valentine's Day
  • Easter: Clothing, beauty and cosmetics products, gardening items, and outdoor accessories become popular as Easter approaches.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Easter
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: Consider fashionable accessories, jewelry, watches, handbags, electronic gadgets, and water sports equipment as gift options for these occasions.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Mother's Day and Father's Day
  • Labor Day: Clothing and beauty products often see higher sales during the Labor Day season.
  • Halloween: Sports equipment, plush toys, pumpkin lanterns, and cosplay costumes are in demand for Halloween celebrations.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Halloween
  • Thanksgiving: Products like plush toys, gifts, home appliances, beauty and makeup items, and kitchen gadgets gain popularity during this holiday.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Thanksgiving
  • Christmas: Offer items such as apparel, heating devices, fashion accessories, jewelry, skiing equipment, and electronic gadgets for the festive season.
Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Christmas

Product Selection Based on Industry Insights

Selecting products according to industry insights is another viable approach, but be aware that each industry has its own competitive landscape. Here are some examples of products aligned with specific industrial areas:

1. Fashion Accessories and Crafts: One thriving industry involves fashion accessories and crafts. These products can include jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, and a wide array of handcrafted items. Customers often seek unique, stylish pieces to enhance their outfits and express their personal style. Stay attuned to fashion trends and seasonal changes to meet consumer demands effectively.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Fashion Accessories and Crafts

2. Footwear: The footwear industry presents a diverse range of opportunities. Shoes, sneakers, boots, and various types of footwear are popular among consumers. Be sure to cater to different tastes, from athletic shoes to casual wear, and stay informed about the latest trends in shoe design and technology.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Footwear

3. Men’s Clothing: Men’s clothing remains a robust market segment. Offer a selection of items such as shirts, trousers, suits, and casual wear to cater to various occasions and styles. Keep an eye on changing fashion preferences, including both classic and contemporary trends.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Men's Clothing

4. 3C Electronics: Consumer electronics, including gadgets, accessories, and tech products, continue to thrive. Stay updated on the latest advancements in the tech industry and provide customers with innovative and useful electronic products. Keep in mind that technology trends can change rapidly, so adaptability and market research are essential in this sector.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - 3C Electronics

5. Small Commodities: Small commodities encompass a wide range of everyday items that consumers frequently use. These can include kitchen gadgets, household tools, and personal care products. Pay attention to evolving consumer needs and invest in products that make daily life more convenient and enjoyable.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Small Commodities

6. Teaching Aids and Educational Products: Educational materials and aids have a steady demand. This category includes textbooks, study guides, educational games, and school supplies. Educational products can be evergreen, and staying current with curriculum changes and teaching methods can help you meet the educational needs of your target audience.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Teaching Aids and Educational Products

7. Lingerie and Children’s Clothing: The fashion industry has distinct niches, including lingerie and children’s clothing. These segments are characterized by unique style elements and quality requirements. Pay attention to design trends, comfort, and safety standards when selecting products in these categories.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Lingerie and Children's Clothing

8. Outdoor and Sports Gear: The market for outdoor and sports gear is extensive. Customers are keen on products related to camping, hiking, water sports, and other outdoor activities. Quality, durability, and performance are essential factors to consider when sourcing and offering products in this category.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Outdoor and Sports Gear

9. Health and Wellness Products: Health and wellness is an evergreen market, encompassing items like fitness equipment, dietary supplements, and self-care products. Stay updated on health trends, research, and consumer preferences to select products that promote well-being.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Health and Wellness Products

10. Pet Supplies: The pet industry is experiencing consistent growth, with pet owners seeking various supplies, including pet food, toys, grooming tools, and accessories. Consider the diverse needs of pet owners and their furry companions when selecting products for this market.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Pet Supplies

11. Home Improvement and DIY Tools: Home improvement and DIY projects continue to be popular, and this market includes tools, materials, and equipment for various projects. Offer products that cater to both professional contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Home Improvement and DIY Tool

12. Beauty and Skincare: The beauty and skincare industry is vast, with a wide range of cosmetic and skincare products. Keep abreast of beauty trends and consumer preferences, including a focus on natural and organic ingredients.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Beauty and Skincare

13. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products: With growing environmental awareness, eco-friendly and sustainable products are gaining traction. These can include reusable and biodegradable items, eco-conscious fashion, and renewable energy solutions. Stay aligned with eco-friendly trends and consumer preferences for environmentally responsible choices.

Start an Ecommerce Business on Amazon - Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products

Consider the Product Life Cycle

Understanding the product life cycle is crucial. It comprises five stages: introduction, growth, maturity, saturation, and decline. Each stage presents unique opportunities and challenges. Being aware of where a product falls within this cycle can inform your decisions on when and how to sell it.

Optimize Advertising Strategies

The marginal utility of advertising can be instrumental in product selection. As you advertise a product more frequently, consumer interest tends to decrease with each exposure. When interest wanes, it’s time to refresh your advertising materials or consider excluding uninterested consumers from your campaigns.

When delving into the multifaceted realm of e-commerce, it’s not only enlightening but essential to explore the nuanced dynamics and divergent strategies of two e-commerce juggernauts, Shopify and Amazon, through an in-depth analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, and overall impact on the online retail landscape, which is sure to provide you with a deeper understanding of the key distinctions and advantages that each platform offers to entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to thrive in the digital marketplace.


In summary, selecting the right products for your e-commerce business is a complex process that goes beyond conventional methods. Two common challenges in product selection were discussed: emulating existing successes and having narrow horizons. The article introduced a different perspective on product selection, emphasizing the need to understand the demands of your target market.

The article also provided practical recommendations for effective product selection, including aligning products with American consumer preferences, considering holidays and seasons, and exploring various industry insights. In addition, it emphasized the importance of understanding the product life cycle and optimizing advertising strategies to keep consumer interest high.

To excel in e-commerce, it’s essential to stay adaptable, open to new product categories, and conduct thorough market research while keeping consumer preferences at the forefront of your product selection strategy.

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