Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards at Whole Foods in 2024?

The compatibility of Amazon gift cards at Whole Foods Market remains a question for many as customers are eager to explore the extent of their purchasing power. While using Amazon gift cards at Whole Foods may not be feasible, the symbiosis of Amazon Prime offers within the store provides a valuable advantage to its users.

Amazon has integrated Whole Foods Market into its platform, making shopping a seamless experience, creating the dynamic “Amazon Whole Foods” duo. This alliance brings the best of both worlds, blending Amazon’s cutting-edge technology with Whole Foods Market’s commitment to quality and sustainable products.

What is Amazon Whole Foods?

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards at Whole Foods

The collaboration and integration between Amazon and Whole Foods Market is commonly known as Amazon Whole Foods. In June 2017, Amazon acquired the Whole Foods Market store chain, which led to an expansion of its retail offerings to include fresh food and groceries. This acquisition allowed Amazon to venture into the brick-and-mortar retail space.

Despite undergoing changes and improvements, Whole Foods Market continues to operate as a subsidiary of Amazon under the Amazon Whole Foods banner. The integration of Whole Foods’ technology and infrastructure by Amazon has brought numerous benefits to both Whole Foods and its customers. For instance, Amazon Prime members now enjoy exclusive discounts, special promotions, and additional savings when shopping at Whole Foods stores. Additionally, Prime members can conveniently access services like grocery delivery and pickup through Amazon’s platforms.

Moreover, the acquisition has facilitated the expansion of Whole Foods’ product range by incorporating Amazon’s online marketplace. Some Whole Foods stores even have Amazon lockers, providing customers with a convenient way to pick up their Amazon orders. Furthermore, by utilizing Whole Foods locations as distribution hubs, the company has been able to enhance its reach and efficiency in delivering groceries through its online services.

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Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards at Whole Foods?

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards at Whole Foods

Unfortunately, Amazon gift cards cannot be used at Whole Foods. However, if you have a Prime membership, you can still enjoy the benefits of discounts and special deals at Whole Foods. So, even though you can’t use your gift card, you can still save money and get great products with your Prime membership.

Benefits of Using Amazon Prime at Whole Foods

Amazon Prime members receive a range of benefits when shopping at Whole Foods.

1. Extra Savings and Exclusive Deals

Firstly, they can enjoy extra savings and exclusive deals. By looking out for yellow signs on items, Prime members can receive an additional 10% off on those specific products. However, it’s important to note that this discount does not apply to alcohol. Additionally, Prime members can take advantage of blue signs, which indicate deals that are exclusively available to them.

2. Free 2-hour Delivery on Groceries

Secondly, Prime members can benefit from free 2-hour delivery on groceries. By using the Amazon app or visiting, members can shop for groceries and have them delivered within 2 hours, provided the service is available in their ZIP code.

3. Shop with Alexa

Lastly, Prime members can conveniently shop with Alexa. If they reside in a ZIP code where grocery delivery is available, they can ask Alexa about exclusive deals for Prime members and easily add the items to their Whole Foods cart. This feature offers great convenience for Prime members.

To ensure that Prime members receive exclusive savings at Whole Foods, they can choose one of three options. They can download and install the Whole Foods Market app on their phone, sign in using their Amazon account, and scan the QR code at the checkout.

Alternatively, they can launch the Amazon app on their phone and search for “Whole Foods QR” in the search box, then scan the QR code at the checkout. Lastly, they can provide the phone number associated with their Amazon Prime account at the checkout, and verify their phone number either in the Whole Foods Market app or at

Does an Amazon Gift Card Expire?

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards at Whole Foods

Amazon gift cards issued in the US after October 1, 2005, do not have an expiration date once they have been redeemed, as stated in Amazon’s terms and conditions. This allows you the freedom to utilize your gift card balance whenever you desire, without any concerns about it expiring.

It is important to note that these terms and conditions specifically apply to Amazon gift cards in the US. If you reside in a different country, it is advisable to visit Amazon’s local website to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions regarding Amazon gift cards in your specific location.


Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards at Whole Foods

While the synergies between Amazon and Whole Foods don’t extend to using Amazon gift cards directly in Whole Foods stores, the Amazon Prime integration offers a slew of exclusive offers to enhance your shopping experience.

With an Amazon Prime membership, customers can enhance the benefits of shopping at Whole Foods with access to exclusive offers, additional discounts and convenient grocery delivery options. The partnership between Amazon and Whole Foods changes the landscape of grocery shopping, offering Prime members attractive discounts, two-hour delivery and even the convenience of shopping with Alexa.

Keep in mind that while Amazon gift cards may not be redeemable at Whole Foods, their value remains the same and they don’t expire in the U.S., providing flexibility and freedom for future purchases on Amazon’s massive online marketplace. Enjoy the many benefits of Amazon Prime when you shop at Whole Foods, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience every time you visit.

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