How To Use American Express Gift Card on Amazon: Step-by-Step Guide

If you happen to receive an American Express gift card, you might be eager to start shopping right away. And what better place to indulge in some retail therapy than Amazon?

However, there are a few obstacles you might encounter when trying to use your Amex gift card on Amazon. But don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need to navigate this process smoothly. Keep reading to find out how to use American Express gift card on Amazon.

How Do American Express Gift Cards Work?

How To Use American Express Gift Card on Amazon

American Express gift cards offer a convenient way to reward or treat someone special. With these cards, you have the flexibility to preload any amount between $25 and $3,000. Just like their counterparts from Mastercard and Visa, American Express gift cards can be purchased directly from American Express or affiliated stores, such as Walmart, Target, and gift card retailers.

The versatility of these cards is impressive. They can be redeemed at any place that accepts regular or prepaid Amex cards, including online stores of various retailers. Whether you prefer a physical or digital form, American Express has you covered. The recipient can either receive a physical card in the mail or an email with the details of a virtual card.

It’s important to note that while most Amex gift cards are ready to use upon receipt, some online retailers may require you to register or activate the card before making a purchase. This simple step ensures a smooth online shopping experience.

So, whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one or show appreciation to a colleague, American Express gift cards provide a hassle-free and versatile gifting solution.

How To Use an Amex Gift Card on Amazon?

After obtaining a registered Amex gift card, Amazon is a great destination to put it to use. With an extensive selection of products and services available, you can easily indulge in your shopping desires with the gift card. To make purchases on Amazon using your American Express gift card, simply load it as a payment method by following these steps:

Log in to your Amazon account - Use American Express Gift Card
  • Hit the Your account option from the drop-down menu
Hit the Your account option from the drop-down menu - Use American Express Gift Card
  • Select Your payments
Select Your payments - Use American Express Gift Card
  • Click on Add a payment method
Click on Add a payment method - Use American Express Gift Card
  • Fill in your card details
Fill in your card details - Use American Express Gift Card

Your card is now ready for use! You can start shopping and select your Amex gift card as the payment method during checkout.

Please keep in mind that this option is only available for purchases up to a certain amount. Amazon does not allow the use of multiple payment methods for buying items. This means that you can only use your gift card to buy items from Amazon that are either cheaper or equal in price to the value of your gift card.

Also learn how to use Multiple gift cards on Amazon here.

For instance, if you attempt to purchase an item worth $60 with a gift card valued at $50, your transaction will be declined. Unfortunately, you won’t have the option to add the remaining $10 using your credit or debit card. Learn how to transfer an Amazon gift card balance in our guide.

When using your American Express gift card on Amazon, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, you are restricted to purchasing items that fall within the spending limit of your gift card. This means you may not be able to buy higher-priced items if your gift card balance is lower. Additionally, there is a risk of having a small, unusable amount left on your gift card after making a purchase.

While these options may not be ideal, there is a clever solution to help you make the most of your American Express gift card on Amazon.

What Problems Could You Experience When Transferring Your Amex Gift Card to Amazon?

When purchasing Amazon gift card credit with your American Express gift card, you may come across a few hiccups. These may include:

  • If the Amex gift card is not registered properly, you will be unable to use it as a payment method on Amazon. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to contact Amex customer service and confirm the accuracy of the registration details.
  • In the event that the address associated with your Amex gift card does not match the billing address on file with Amazon, you may encounter difficulties. Amazon’s anti-fraud measures could prevent you from adding the card as a payment method. It is important to ensure that the addresses match to avoid any potential issues.
  • Furthermore, if the remaining balance on your Amex gift card is lower than the amount you are attempting to purchase for an Amazon gift card, the transaction will be declined. For instance, if you are trying to purchase a $30 Amazon gift card but your Amex gift card only has a remaining balance of $29.99, the transaction will not be successful.

Once the issue has been identified and resolved, you will be able to resume your shopping activities without any hindrance.

How To Use American Express Gift Card on Amazon

In the event that you decide to utilize your Amazon gift card balance during the checkout process, Amazon will prioritize charging it ahead of any other cards you have added, unless otherwise specified.

You have the opportunity to fully utilize the value of your Amex gift card and make purchases of higher value if desired. Any remaining balance will be charged to your default Amazon payment method.

Can You Use American Express Gift Card to Purchase an Amazon Gift Card?

In addition to utilizing an Amex Gift Card as a payment method on Amazon, there is an opportunity to convert it into an Amazon Gift Card. This approach proves advantageous for individuals possessing limited funds in their Amex gift cards. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this is the sole alternative where Amazon permits the utilization of multiple payment options. In simpler terms, if your primary payment method possesses a lower balance, you have the ability to supplement it with the balance from your Amazon Gift Card.

Why Is My American Express Gift Card Declined?

In the event that the retailer accepts AMEX and your card is declined, it is plausible that there may be insufficient funds available to cover the purchase. To confirm this, you may contact the number located on the back of the card. If there are indeed enough funds, it is possible that the card has been damaged. In such a scenario, American Express can assist you by issuing a replacement gift card.


You can use an American Express gift card on Amazon just like any other credit card. All you have to do is go to ‘My Account’ and add it as a ‘Payment Method.’ Once you have added the card, simply select it when you are ready to check out. Remember, you can use an AMEX gift card anywhere American Express is accepted.

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