What Is AliExpress Plus? Everything You Should Know

AliExpress Plus caters to discerning shoppers with an alluring set of features such as reliability, convenience and customer-centricity, and promises to deliver a seamless shopping experience marked by quality, fast delivery and strong customer protection measures.

This article will explain the various advantages and unique attributes of AliExpress Plus. It is designed to educate potential users and existing customers in an objective manner about the unique features of AliExpress Plus that differentiate it in the highly competitive e-commerce space.

Key Features of AliExpress Plus

What Is AliExpress Plus
  • High-Quality Brands: AliExpress Plus showcases brands that have earned a positive feedback rating of 92% or higher, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Swift Shipping: Featured brands commit to shipping all items within an impressive 72-hour window, ensuring timely delivery.
  • Free Shipping: Every brand featured in AliExpress Plus provides free shipping on all items, prioritizing convenience and affordability for shoppers.
  • 7-Day Delivery Guarantee: Should your order not arrive within 7 working days, you’re entitled to receive a US $1 off coupon for your next purchase, offering peace of mind.
  • Prompt Support: Brands consistently prioritize quick support by ensuring timely shipment of packages.
  • Compensation for Late Delivery: If your order doesn’t arrive by the estimated delivery date, you can apply for a US $1 coupon, valid for 60 days on orders exceeding US $1.

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Applying for Compensation

What Is AliExpress Plus
  • Click “View all” on the order detail page next to Service.
  • Click “View more” under the “OntimeGuarantee” description.
  • Obtain the compensation coupon/code after approval.

Customer Protection Measures

What Is AliExpress Plus

AliExpress Plus prioritizes customer satisfaction and security:

  • Money-Back Guarantee: If the received item doesn’t match the description or isn’t delivered within the Buyer Protection period, a refund is ensured within 3–20 working days after dispute resolution.
  • Interest-Free Installments: Enjoy interest-free installments for orders reaching minimum amounts in select currencies, facilitating affordable payment plans over 3 or 4 months.

Ensuring Payment Security and Privacy

  • Payment Security: AliExpress guarantees the safety of your payment information, handling card details in line with the AliExpress Privacy Policy.
  • Privacy and Security: AliExpress values your trust and handles your personal information with utmost care, following strict privacy policies. Refer to the AliExpress Privacy Policy for comprehensive details.

Environmental Commitment

What Is AliExpress Plus

Carbon Offset Initiative: Alibaba Group, AliExpress’ parent company, aims for carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030. The initiative focuses on reducing carbon emissions and promoting ecological balance.

AliExpress Plus combines convenience, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction, making it an advantageous program for shoppers seeking high-quality products and excellent service.


AliExpress Plus’s range of features demonstrates its commitment to satisfying shoppers’ needs. From guaranteeing high-quality brands and great feedback ratings, to fast shipping within 72 hours and 7-day delivery guarantee, the platform prioritizes timeliness and reliability. In addition, our commitment to customer protection, represented by our money-back guarantee and interest-free installment plans, reflects our proactive approach to ensuring a safe and satisfying shopping experience.

In addition, AliExpress, through its parent company Alibaba Group, responded to the call for global environmental management and launched a carbon offset program to emphasize its commitment to sustainable development and ecological balance. Whether it’s quality assurance, fast delivery, strong customer protection or a commitment to a green future, AliExpress Plus has the online shopping world covered.

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