Where Does AliExpress Ship From? Locations Revealed

AliExpress is a hub known for its wide supplier base, shipping mostly from China. In this comprehensive article, we dissect common misconceptions about AliExpress warehouses in the US, UK, Europe or Australia. An in-depth study of the logistics of AliExpress shipments from various countries revealed that most products mainly rely on Chinese origin.

Additionally, we delve into the importance of service delivery time and its impact on customer satisfaction in the highly competitive dropshipping world. We explain how the platform’s shipping times can boost business and build customer loyalty, such as faster delivery to Spain in just 7 days.

Our article also explores the complexities of dropshipping from AliExpress using domestic warehouses, revealing the challenges associated with limited inventory and disruption to quality shipping routes during peak seasons, among other things of interest to you.

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Where Does AliExpress Ship From?

Where Does AliExpress Ship From

AliExpress, recognized for its multitude of suppliers, predominantly dispatches goods from China. While a minority of suppliers may leverage fulfillment services outside China, the overwhelming majority of products labeled as shipping from various countries invariably originate from Chinese origins.

Speculations about AliExpress housing a network of worldwide warehouses in the US, UK, Europe, or Australia are largely unsubstantiated. Establishing and maintaining such an extensive network would demand intricate inventory management and a considerable workforce, which doesn’t align with AliExpress’s business model.

AliExpress does offer select warehousing outside China, but it’s not commonplace. This is crucial to comprehend when exploring shipping practices, exemplified aptly when considering the UK or any other country.

Does AliExpress Have Warehouses in the UK and Europe?

Where Does AliExpress Ship From

When a customer selects shipping from the UK on AliExpress, the tracking journey typically commences with a Chinese carrier’s tracking number. Subsequently, it generates a Royal Mail tracking code—referred to as the last-mile tracking code—after leaving China, allowing customers to track their orders.

However, it’s essential to note that AliExpress suppliers often delay sharing tracking details until the Royal Mail code is generated, ostensibly buying time. This strategic delay creates a perception of UK-originated shipping while the product is en route from China.

Upon arrival in the UK, the package transits through a local warehouse where a Royal Mail label is affixed, fostering the illusion of dispatch from a UK-based facility.

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Why Does the Service Delivery Time Matter?

Efficient delivery times present a competitive edge in the dropshipping business. While customers often tolerate longer shipping durations from China, a reduction in shipping times can significantly elevate customer satisfaction.

Imagine patrons in Spain receiving their orders within 7 days instead of enduring a month-long wait from China. Such improvements can distinguish businesses and garner customer loyalty.

Where Does AliExpress Ship From

Pros & Cons of Buying From AliExpress

Buying from AliExpress has its share of pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Pros of buying from AliExpress:

  • Affordability: Products on AliExpress often come with prices lower than many other platforms, making it a budget-friendly choice for buyers.
  • Wide Product Range: The platform boasts an extensive array of products, providing buyers with diverse options and categories to explore.
  • No Minimum Order Requirements: Buyers can make purchases without being bound by minimum order quantities, reducing the initial cost of buying items.
  • Buyer Protection Program: AliExpress offers an effective buyer protection program, mitigating the risk of scams and ensuring a safer shopping experience for customers.

Cons of buying from AliExpress:

  • Product Inconsistencies: There may be variations or inconsistencies between the advertised product and the received item, leading to dissatisfaction among buyers.
  • Minimal Quality Control: AliExpress lacks stringent quality control measures, allowing for potential variations in product quality from different sellers.
  • Discrepancies in Listed Items: Sometimes, the actual received products may differ from their descriptions or images displayed on the website, resulting in mismatched expectations for buyers.

Should You Dropship From AliExpress Using Domestic Warehouses?

Where Does AliExpress Ship From

Procuring from suppliers claiming stock in European countries might seem advantageous for dropshipping. Yet, the reality often reveals limited stock, posing challenges when scaling operations. Bulk shipments managed through fulfillment centers could present more viable alternatives.

Opting for premium shipping lines from China, disguised as local EU shipping, can lead to unforeseen delays during peak seasons. Awareness of actual shipping origins enables better contingency planning for potential disruptions.

How to Find an AliExpress Supplier to Ship from the USA

Targeting the US market in dropshipping necessitates competitiveness against e-commerce giants like Amazon, especially in terms of shipping times. While Chinese shipping typically lags, many AliExpress sellers maintain US-based stocks, offering a significant advantage in delivery speed.

Utilizing filters on AliExpress or leveraging tools like the AliDropship plugin streamlines the process of identifying suppliers with US-based warehouses. These tools facilitate access to products stored domestically, thereby reducing shipping times considerably.


Understanding the nuances of AliExpress shipping unravels the myths surrounding its origins and sheds light on strategies to expedite deliveries. The landscape of dropshipping evolves continuously, demanding astute navigation and informed decisions. AliExpress, while predominantly rooted in Chinese shipping, harbors opportunities for expedited deliveries through select global warehousing. Acumen in discerning actual shipping origins and leveraging localized stocks can substantially impact dropshipping operations. In the pursuit of faster shipping, knowledge remains paramount.

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