Why Does AliExpress Take So Long to Deliver? Insights 2023

Waiting for your AliExpress orders to arrive can sometimes feel like a test of patience. If you’ve ever wondered why AliExpress takes longer to deliver compared to other online retailers, you’re not alone. The delivery time is a common concern among shoppers.

So why does AliExpress take so long to deliver? In this article, we’ll dive into the factors contributing to the extended delivery times on AliExpress. Understanding the reasons behind these delays will help you manage your expectations and make informed choices when shopping on this popular e-commerce platform. So, let’s unravel the mysteries of AliExpress delivery times together.

Why Does AliExpress Take So Long to Deliver?

Why Does AliExpress Take So Long to Deliver

One of the primary concerns for AliExpress shoppers is the shipping time. In contrast to eCommerce giants like Amazon, which boasts numerous warehouses for swift order processing, AliExpress relies on individual sellers to send their items to their facilities. While this approach enables a wide range of product availability, it can introduce delays in the shipping process.

Seller Delays

One of the prominent factors contributing to extended AliExpress shipping times is the occasional occurrence of seller-related delays. Unlike Amazon, which often has products pre-stocked in its warehouses, AliExpress has to wait for sellers to send their items after an order is placed. This process bottleneck can lead to delays, as the shipment cannot begin until the product reaches AliExpress. Various reasons can contribute to these delays, such as the size of the delivery, waiting for an available carrier capable of handling larger items, or even the seller’s workload and schedule constraints. If you are interested in how to cancel an order on AliExpress, check this guide here!

Popular Use of AliExpress

The popularity of AliExpress in certain countries can be a double-edged sword when it comes to shipping times. In regions where AliExpress is widely adopted, the marketplace has established robust local connections and fine-tuned its logistics, resulting in faster shipping times. These countries benefit from well-established partnerships and solutions that address common issues. Conversely, in areas where AliExpress is less popular, the shipping process may encounter more challenges. The lack of local partnerships and streamlined processes can lead to additional delays in shipment and delivery.

In regions where AliExpress is widely adopted and well-connected locally, shipping times are typically efficient, but issues like AliExpress Shipment Cancelled can still arise, leading to delays in less popular areas with less established logistics. Check our guide to learn how to solve this problem.

Country’s Postal Service Efficiency

Why Does AliExpress Take So Long to Deliver

AliExpress prides itself on serving a global customer base, including countries with varying levels of postal service efficiency. If you reside in an area with an already sluggish postal service, your AliExpress package may take even longer to arrive. In such cases, the local postal service must allocate time and resources to accommodate AliExpress packages, potentially leading to delays. Furthermore, coordinating with external carriers can also introduce delays, as schedules may not always align seamlessly. These factors collectively contribute to extended shipping times.


The holiday season presents a significant challenge for AliExpress shipping. During peak shopping periods, such as Christmas, the eCommerce industry experiences an exponential increase in orders. Shoppers prefer the convenience of online purchases to navigating crowded stores. However, this surge in demand places a considerable strain on eCommerce businesses. Many of them operate with a lean workforce outside of the holiday season and rely on their employees to work overtime to process the influx of packages.

AliExpress is no exception to this trend. The sudden surge in orders means an increased workload for sellers and AliExpress alike. If the volume becomes overwhelming, it may take sellers longer to dispatch packages to AliExpress. The platform then has to coordinate with carriers worldwide, some of which may already be grappling with a high volume of domestic packages. This congestion can further extend the delivery times during holiday periods.

Why Does AliExpress Take So Long to Deliver

Type of Travel for Shipping

The choice of shipping method significantly influences AliExpress shipping times. AliExpress offers various shipping options, including sea, ground, and air transport. Sea travel is the most economical but also the slowest. Ships make frequent stops at ports for cargo handling, customs checks, and resupply, adding days to the journey. Ground travel, while faster than sea travel, still involves time-consuming aspects like navigating roadways. Air travel stands out as the fastest option, offering direct routes and high-speed transportation. Depending on the shipping method chosen, the AliExpress package’s delivery time may vary considerably.

How to Make Your AliExpress Package Arrive Faster?

While AliExpress shipping times can be extensive, there are effective strategies to expedite the arrival of your package:

1. Choose AliExpress Premium Shipping

Opting for AliExpress Premium Shipping is the most reliable method to expedite delivery. This shipping option often includes air travel, dramatically reducing delivery times. Though it comes at a higher cost, it provides a premium service ensuring swift delivery to your doorstep.

2. Utilize Private Carriers

Private carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL offer expedited delivery options on AliExpress. These carriers maintain robust logistics systems to guarantee swift delivery, albeit at a premium cost compared to standard shipping methods. The peace of mind and speed they offer may justify the additional expense for some customers.

3. Consider ePacket

ePacket, once a favored AliExpress shipping option known for relatively quick delivery (typically 12-20 days), may soon become available again despite previous interruptions. If accessible, ePacket can be an excellent choice for customers seeking a balance between cost and speed.

How to Deal With Long Shipping Times While Drop-Shipping?

Why Does AliExpress Take So Long to Deliver

For drop shippers navigating extended AliExpress shipping times, here are effective strategies to manage customer expectations and enhance their shopping experience:

  • Choose the Right AliExpress Shipping Methods

While drop shippers may not have direct control over shipping times, they can strategically select AliExpress shipping services with shorter delivery estimates. Whenever possible, consider partnering with local suppliers to reduce shipping distances and expedite delivery.

  • Look at the Estimated Delivery Time of the AliExpress Supplier

In dropshipping, the choice of a reliable supplier is pivotal. Seek out local suppliers who maintain stock in your target market. This approach not only streamlines order fulfillment but also contributes to faster shipping times. To ensure supplier reliability, thorough testing and assessment are essential. Evaluate factors such as delivery prices, additional shipping costs, average delivery times, and the quality of AliExpress shipping methods offered by potential suppliers.

  • Don’t Make Your Shipping Times a Mystery

Transparency and honesty are cornerstones of successful dropshipping. Providing clear and detailed information about expected shipping times, tracking options, and potential delays can earn the trust of customers. By openly communicating shipping expectations, you establish credibility and foster positive customer relationships.

Explore our comprehensive guide on the top dropshipping products for achieving success. These carefully selected items are the cornerstone of your online retail prosperity.

Why Does AliExpress Take So Long to Deliver
  • Prioritize Customer Service

Distinguishing your online store from AliExpress vendors can be achieved through exceptional customer service. Responsive and effective customer support can resolve inquiries and concerns promptly, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Building trust and loyalty among your clientele can lead to increased conversions and repeat business.

  • Dropship From the Country You Are Selling In

Whenever feasible, consider sourcing products from local dropshipping suppliers within the country where you are selling. This strategic choice significantly reduces shipping times, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can also find more information about how to dropship from AliExpress with our guide!


In conclusion, while AliExpress may take longer to deliver compared to some other online retailers, it’s essential to recognize that several factors come into play. From international shipping to customs clearance and even order processing, these variables contribute to the overall delivery time. By staying informed and taking advantage of AliExpress’ various shipping options, you can make more informed decisions about your purchases and expectations. Remember, the thrill of receiving your long-awaited items makes the wait worthwhile.

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