Why is Aliexpress So Cheap – The Real Reasons

Because Aliexpress delivers goods directly from Chinese manufacturers to final consumers, its prices are so low. A low price that other shops typically cannot match is what Aliexpress can offer when combined with China’s well-known low-cost labor and supply chain. Having said that, even if you can discover some amazing deals on AliExpress internationally, it’s crucial to keep your expectations in check and be aware of the costs involved.

Is It Safe to Buy on Aliexpress?

Yes, it’s safe to buy on Aliexpress worldwide because Aliexpress is Ethical and legal. In fact, the company even offers a buyer protection plan to protect you when your product arrives in poor condition or when it is not the product you ordered.

To submit a buyer protection claim, perform the following steps:

Contact Aliexpress customer support. The seller will receive the notice and have the opportunity to solve the problem by itself.

If the seller is unwilling to rectify, it can raise a dispute with Aliexpress.

If the problem is not solved within a certain period of time, Aliexpress will refund your money.

You usually get your money back within two weeks.

It is important to submit your buyer protection claim before the last date listed on the guaranteed delivery window. If you wait until later, the claim will be rejected.

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Why is Aliexpress So Cheap?

  1. Purchase Directly from the Manufacturer

The price of Aliexpress in the world is very low because China has a very business-friendly ecosystem. Encourage business and competition. Supply chain efficiency is high.

For example, some cities in China are famous for similar products. The component manufacturer transports parts to nearby components. Factories, manufacturers, and supplier networks can produce goods quickly on a small scale.

The Chinese government imposes low tax rates and tariffs on business owners. Many manufacturers are exempt from value-added tax (VAT) when exporting products. Manufacturers are happy to produce more products and are encouraged to maintain lower sales costs. Compared with Europe or the United States, labor costs are relatively low, which reduces manufacturers’ costs and increases profits.

The usual sales chain is from manufacturer to wholesaler, retailer, and finally to the final buyer. When a product is passed from one middleman to another, every middleman makes a profit. When the product reaches the customers, the price almost doubles.

Aliexpress eliminates middlemen and sells directly to customers. As a shipper, you buy from manufacturers that keep prices low. Therefore, combined with the supplier-friendly ecosystem in China and the D2C (direct to customer) Aliexpress model, you will understand why Aliexpress products are very cheap.

2. Suppliers Try to Stand Out

China accounts for more than 28% of the world’s manufactured goods. This makes it the largest manufacturing country. This also means that thousands of manufacturers are seeking the attention of buyers. In order to stand out, they reduced the price.

Think about the fact that there are hundreds of millions of products on Aliexpress. Suppliers know that competition is fierce.

If you are a kitchen enthusiast like me and search for “plate set”, there will be more than 3600 results. As a consumer, you will scroll through and decide which supplier to buy from.

You may look at the photos first, and then the price. As long as the comment is positive, you may choose one of the cheaper ones. This is what many Aliexpress suppliers think when pricing their products.

People may impulsively add low-priced goods to their shopping carts. After all, it’s just an extra dollar or two. Law of demand: The lower the price, the greater the demand.

3. Suppliers Offer Bulk Discounts

Many distributors use Aliexpress because almost all suppliers offer volume discounts. If you buy many products at one time, the supplier will give you an extra price reduction.

It’s also easy to get this special discount. Some suppliers include batch transactions on the product page. You said you would buy a lot and automatically apply your discount.

Some suppliers encourage you to contact bulk purchase. Some people will not post any information about mass sales, but you are welcome to this idea when you contact them.

Thousands of Aliexpress suppliers worldwide work regularly with retailers and distributors. They are very willing to establish a long-term business relationship.

In addition to volume discounts, millions of Aliexpress products are sold at discounted prices or provide free delivery services. User bonuses feature high-discount products.

4. Low or Free Freight

It is common to find Aliexpress suppliers that provide free shipping. However, when you look at the price, it is still very low. Take this set of Japanese dishes as an example. If you are like me, the former me, you may think that there is nothing better than free delivery. You think the supplier adds the freight to the product cost and says “free delivery.” There is a free delivery service on Aliexpress. Actual freight free. The Chinese government encourages exports, which helps subsidize the shipping costs, leading to AliExpress shipping delays explanation. It provides funds for China Post, which is a standard mode of transportation.

When Aliexpress suppliers export goods, they will receive huge freight subsidies. This will only happen if the supplier uses China Post or Hong Kong Post and ships it to a country that has signed a trade agreement with China. For example, the United States.

Thanks to subsidies and incentives for exports, Aliexpress suppliers can afford free shipping.

5. Some Products are Inferior in Quality and Fake

Out of curiosity, I found the latest iPhone 13 on Aliexpress. You know, for a better price. Believe it or not, some suppliers offer the latest “phone13 Pro Max” for less than $100. If you are new to Aliexpress, you may think this is a real iPhone. Indeed, you can buy a real iPhone 13 at nearly two grand prices from Aliexpress suppliers around the world. However, many (not most, but many) sell fake brand products. The only simple way to avoid being cheated is to read the product name and description carefully. Global Aliexpress reviews products sold through the platform. This means that suppliers cannot claim to sell the real iPhone 13, and they do not. Always check the product description carefully.

You should avoid buying branded products from Aliexpress. Although some brands such as Xiaomi have global Aliexpress official stores, the platform is for small and medium-sized manufacturers who want to integrate with the international market. TLDR, Some low prices on Aliexpress are placed by swindlers, who hope you don’t know the situation.

As mentioned earlier, China is famous for the speed with which it moves its products in the supply chain. At least part of the reason can be attributed to low-quality control standards. Therefore, although similar products are constrained by quality control in the U.S. supply chain, they may have been sold in the Chinese market. Although this will undoubtedly lead to cheaper products on the cash register, it may also lead to “cheaper” products in overall quality. This is why it is very important to submit the buyer’s production claim within a given window when dealing with Aliexpress. The product may wear out in a few days. But this does not always mean that you are “ripped off”, it just means that you get the price you pay – a cheap, low-quality product.


6. Aliexpress Serves Ordinary Customers

As I pointed out, Aliexpress cuts off middlemen and connects customers directly with manufacturers. It runs on the D2C model. This will automatically reduce the product price. Another thing is that you can’t get brands or customized products on Aliexpress. At least not by default. In addition to the liars who try to cheat you out of money, only a few Aliexpress suppliers sell Dell, Gucci or iPhone 13. Most suppliers sell products that are mass-produced in their factories – generic products without well-known brands.

As a shipper, you may be dissatisfied with this. You may want to sell products with brand characteristics to stand out. Well, if you want to sell Givenchy-branded clothes, you must contact Givenchy directly. If you want to sell products with your brand or label, please contact Aliexpress suppliers for direct sales, and customize products with labels and packaging for your customers. It is not easy to find the ideal supplier. 84% of e-commerce retailers claim that finding a good supplier is the biggest obstacle to their business.

After all, you need a reliable supplier that can produce high-quality products, batch discount prices, and expand the scale as your business expands. Sometimes, you will find a supplier who produces excellent products but does not customize packaging or fulfill orders. We will make this partnership work.

In addition to finding the best supplier for your business, we also conduct quality inspections, customize packaging products, and take professional product photos. We allow you to store your products in our 3000 square meter warehouse and fulfill your order when it comes in.

The process is simple.

How to Avoid Being Cheated on Aliexpress?

Those who have just come into contact with Aliexpress are easily cheated. Here, I share some tips to help you stay away from such fraud and get an amazing shopping experience. Let’s have a look!

  1. Think twice about products with low prices

One of the most common tricks used by fraudsters is that they advertise their products at unbelievably low prices. Customers are often victims of such tricks.

Before purchasing products, please check other websites to compare their prices to ensure that the prices on the global Aliexpress page are not suspiciously low. If the price is too low, the product is likely to be a Chinese counterfeit.

  1. Avoid buying branded goods on aliexpress

You should absolutely avoid buying any expensive brand goods on Aliexpress worldwide. Most countries in the world provide special protection for brands.

When you buy a brand product at an incredibly low price, you may not care whether it is genuine or a Chinese imitation. But if customs officials find the product illegal, they will seize it.

However, this only applies to brands outside China, such as Apple, Nokia, Sennheiser, etc. But Chinese brands are the exception to this rule. They usually have an official Aliexpress store. You will buy their products absolutely safely.

  1. Buy only from established sellers

Although most sellers on Aliexpress worldwide are legal, there are a few bad apples. Therefore, it is a good idea to check whether the seller is legal before buying from them. Find the seller’s rating on Aliexpress’s website. The higher the score, the better. In addition, we can know whether they have received the same product as the advertisement through the feedback of customers. Finally, check how long the seller’s store has been on aliexpress. In addition, check the seller badge on the product page, such as “highest rated seller”, “feedback score”, “positive feedback” and “order quantity”.

  1. Read the complete product description

Browsing the product description section is always a best practice. You may find some very useful information there. Never buy a product just by looking at its name and photo. For example, the seller may describe the quality and function of the product in the description section, or whether it is an original product or just a copy. You will also get answers to questions about refund / exchange policies and transportation information here. These are very important information that every customer should know before buying.

  1. Communicate with the seller before purchase to eliminate all your doubts

If you have any questions about the product, please contact the seller and ask them directly. Sometimes, you may not be able to find any information about products in their product details section. These items may be genuine cheap knockoffs. In this case, you can contact the seller for product details, functions and transportation information. In addition, confirm whether the product is a replica.

  1. Check the product carefully before confirming receipt

After receiving the product, please ensure that you have received all the fees you have paid. Do not confirm that you have received the product before doing so. Mark the goods as received when you are sure that you have ordered them from aliexpress worldwide and are satisfied with the quality of the products. After that, you will have 15 days to dispute the goods received.

FAQs of Aliexpress

  • Who is pricing on Aliexpress worldwide?

The price is set by the seller – private entrepreneurs and companies from China, France, Brazil, Spain, and Turkey. Only they decide the price of the products they sell to you.

  • If Aliexpress is so cheap, is there a high-quality product?

Of course. On this website, you can buy almost any product at a lower price than other online stores. Even big companies do this – they buy goods in China and sell them to you. But it’s already a lot more expensive.

  • Are the prices of all Aliexpress so low?

No, the prices there are different. It happens that the same product is sold by different sellers. Therefore, its price in different stores may vary greatly. You need to search and check the price before buying.

  • Is it possible to further reduce the price of Aliexpress?

Yes, you can bargain with every seller. Sometimes they agree and give discounts. Or offer coupons. If you buy more than one product, be sure to bargain and ask for a discount.

  • Is there a website as cheap as Aliexpress?

There are no more like this. Only Amazon can compete in terms of product quantity and delivery time. But it’s more expensive there. Other competitors’ prices may sometimes be lower than aliexpress. But then either pay the freight or provide you with fake products.

Last Word

Everything on aliexpress worldwide is cheap because the platform ships all products directly from Chinese manufacturers to end consumers. This eliminates the costs associated with middlemen and transportation. Global aliexpress can also use China’s affordable supply chain to maintain low prices Aliexpress has high-quality and legal products. You can get them at very low prices, free shipping and volume discounts. You must be wise when browsing the platform and make sure you don’t buy “fake” products. You can do this by viewing product titles, descriptions, and customer reviews.

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